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Season 3

May 2015
Separation Anxiety
FLUFFY THE FLYING FISH: When they move from Los Angeles to Denver, a family has to decide how to transport their pet goldfish, Fluffy. STEADFAST STANLEY: A faithful dog must journey through the zombie apocalypse to save his best friend. SO YOU'VE GROWN ATTACHED: An imaginary friend is forced to consider retirement when his creator - and best friend - starts to grow up. OWL AND MOUSE: In this wry tale that celebrates the art of stop-motion animation, a curmudgeonly owl must fight his nature when he has to watch over a young mouse for a night.
May 2015
On the Prowl
BANANA TRIP (Hyungjik Lee): Three South Korean college boys head to Florida for spring break hoping to hook up with white girls. APP (Alexander Berman): Desperate to get funding for his groundbreaking new dating app, shy software developer Paul agrees to use the app to seduce a beautiful stranger, but his calculations backfire when he starts to feel a genuine connection.
May 2015
Where Do We Go From Here?
KEEP THE CHANGE (Rachel Israel): David has autism, but he prides himself on not being rigid, "like that movie Rain Man." He enjoys chasing women, offensive humor and "exclusive clubs," but he comes to reevaluate "normal" when he meets a new love interest at a support group. 11-MINUTE MILE (Andrew Wood): When an arrogant young day-trader is delayed at an airport during the Boston Marathon bombing, the threat of tragedy brings a moment of clarity.
Jun. 2015
PAGPAG (John Paul Su): A hard-drinking, rough-edged woman from an impoverished community in the Philippines tries to sell her orphaned granddaughter to an American couple. LATE SPRING (Zachary Kerschberg): During the Libyan Revolution of 2011, a petty clerk at a police station must choose sides when a tortured prisoner asks him for help.
Jun. 2015
Lives in Limbo
BURN TO SEND (Andinh Ha): Amidst Saigon's underground motorcycle racing scene, a young man and woman struggle to define their ambiguous romance.
Jul. 2015
Playing with Power
ABOVE THE SEA (Keola Racela): In the dangerous underworld of 1930s Shanghai, Fei, a young lady of the evening, must decide how far she is willing to go to exact vengeance. UN MUNDO PARA RAUL (Mauro Mueller): When thirteen-year-old Raúl is asked to entertain the local landowner's son, a treacherous game of power and pride unfolds between the boys.
Jul. 2015
Responsible Parties
HUMPTY (Clare Sackler): When Dean finds out his girlfriend Dani is pregnant, he decides to revisit an old high school experiment in his quest to prove his parenting abilities. DISASTER PREPAREDNESS (Melissa Finell): A hurricane pulls a couple out of their comfort zone and drops them at the crossroads of commitment, disaster and the art of being prepared.
Jul. 2015
It's in the Blood
A SERIES OF KINETIC SETS TELL A STORY (Shannon Kohlitz): Beautifully rendered cardboard sets and characters and a seemingly weightless camera capture an astonishing voyage of immigration, love, and World War II in a single take. LAMBING SEASON (Jeannie Donohue): Determined to meet the father who left her before she was born, a woman travels to Ireland, hoping it will help her understand his decision.
Aug. 2015
Express Yourself
LITTLE FAVOUR (Yawen Zheng): Like poetry in motion, a single leaf morphs from clay to pencil to paper as it blows through a series of imaginative worlds. NANI (Justin Tipping): While doing community service, a young graffiti artist befriends an elderly woman and introduces her to the exhilarating rush of tagging.

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