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Big School will please those who can appreciate eccentric, true British comedy.

Author: Jan-Peter Scheffer from Netherlands
30 August 2013

The present, ridiculously low score prompted me to write a short review.

The setting, the story, the characters of Big School are both typically British and universal, and though each character is well defined by their role, each actor in the very talented cast is allowed to show their individual craft, sometimes genius, a freedom that, especially in the experienced hands of David Walliams, Catherine Tate and Philip Glenister, produces some high quality comedic characterizations of the archetypal figures that we encounter in the odd, but equally classic school setting that they populate.

I can't fault this production, having very much enjoyed the first two episodes, and I'm rather looking forward to seeing the rest of this well-thought-out, well-produced new BBC series.

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Fantastic Comedy

Author: ellie_tully2
15 September 2013

Hilarious. Very clever, smart comedy! Has me literally laughing out loud every episode, the acting is superb. There is a continuous story line with every episode which is very engaging, the situations are hilarious and the jokes and comments are simply hilarious. Humor is subjective but I think this show is a total winner. I can't wait until its release on DVD! And I am really hoping for future seasons of this show. Tate is just amazing in this show, and all the actors are great. Love the characters they have come up with.....just hilarious! Good job to the creators and I really hope that there are going to be many more seasons.

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I love it!

Author: edfilmsuk from United Kingdom
5 September 2013

So the BBC released a promo for this show, and two comedians who I like very much (Walliams and Tate) were featured in it. I thought, "I should watch it". I missed the first three episodes but caught up on iPlayer, and may I say I'm glad I did.

This show is underrated by other reviewers on IMDb, it really is a good 30 minutes of British TV. The characters are good and the episodes are entertaining and funny on most occasions. It's not THE BEST comedy show there is, but it really is on my top list for the moment. I recommend trying the series on iPlayer, it's worth it. Walliams and Tate work well together on screen, and despite having some sadly true moments, it has very laugh out loud comical moments.

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More Please Sir!

Author: lynnylulu from United Kingdom
22 September 2013

Having read the "bad" reviews by people who'd seen the FIRST episode only - made me write this review out of disgust! I really enjoyed this series, it's well written, laugh out loud funny, even touching and the acting & characterisation is excellent. Well you can't please everyone when it comes to humour but I think they've done a very good job of this one. One of the best sitcoms I've seen for years. In the tradition of Porridge and Faulty Towers, yes, it's in the old school but I think there's a lot of us out there wanting to see something fresh but classic. I can't be the only person out there who's fed up with so called comedy where they're so scared of making an ism that there's no comedy left just "laughs" based on bodily fluids and rude words for body parts. I left THAT kind of humour behind when I left primary school. So well done BBC, please can we have more Sir?

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Very funny, set to be a classic

Author: istara from Sydney
9 September 2013

Big School is a win for comedy fans. Drawing inspiration from The Office, Alan Partridge, and even older comedies such as Dear John (Philip Glenister's character channels Kirk St Moritz, especially in Episode 4), there are some incredibly funny scenes.

Better still, because it is character-based - much like The Office and others (Partridge, Frasier) that feature anti-hero cringe characters - it improves on repeat viewing. Familiarity with Big School's characters only makes them funnier.

For some reason Big School has attracted many lukewarm and even highly critical reviews. I recommend that new viewers give it a chance and watch at least a couple of episodes, preferably re-watching them, before dismissing it.

After all, would Frances De La Tour pick a turkey?

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More English allure

Author: Jon Death from United States
30 September 2013

I have known my share of Brits both online and IRL. It's funny to me how some of their shows are only a slightly exaggerated fiction of how the culture and a lot of the people are. IMO this is one of those shows. I like the dry, silly, subtle humor that is sometimes taken over the top. The characters are delightful. They're people I would want to work with and socialize in real life. The scenarios are believable even though it's fictional comedy.

I think the UK has a lot of comedy to offer. With most of what we're exposed to in America constantly trying so hard to be so in your face, the subtle, silly humor of the English which is often hilarious or consistently funny from one joke to the next is a great change of pace. The crowding and rush of America is always apparent in American television. I think the humble paced, sensibly spaced configuration of English living comes through in a lot of their film and television.

It's to say not all competitions are won by being at the front of the line but slow and steady really can win the race. Consider the success of The Office and Extras. Both are American versions of British shows, both are huge successes and both remained true to that slow, humble pace of British television. Our culture is far more developed by a few decades but their etiquette within their middle class is surely superior.

So why does my review omit any real information about the show? Because it could be about a crew of factory workers in a tuna canning plant. The style of humor, dialog and characters would still be the same. Silly, humble, consistently funny and slowly building to taking it all over the top. I very much prefer this in contrast to American humor typically trying to make every single joke or bit way over the top because it is the standard format.

I wish American art AND culture would veer slightly in the direction of the British.

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Fantastic British Comedy

Author: shedmcnee from France
29 September 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I love this show and so does everyone else I know. It's brilliantly written, the characters are superb. I'm not sure why some people find it so awful but then each to his own. There are loads of so-called comedies on the TV that I find downright terrible and yet others love them. So hey-ho. The teachers in this are brilliantly portrayed. I like all of them but my favourite is played by Phil Glenister. The way he holds his mouth and the way he walks inspire laughs straight away. Perhaps the bad reviewers are taking it all too seriously - maybe they think it is meant to be serious or something. But this is what it is. A very funny play on teachers - making them think and act like competitive children. That's the core of the comedy. I do hope they make another series because I know many people that would love to see it! I think episode five was my favourite.

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Brings back memories

Author: darrhling from United Kingdom
6 October 2013

This is a really great series with marvellous character development. If you went to school in the UK, Big School is definitely worth a watch since there will no doubt be moments which will spark memories (key the science experiments...)

You end up growing fond of the people and actually hoping things will go well for them. Lots of laughs; a play of human weakness and desire and ineptitude and the show we put up to make up for all our shortcomings.

A slightly lighter, prolonged version of The History Boys - and that is basically as good as it gets in my book.

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Big School

Author: Jackson Booth-Millard from United Kingdom
20 September 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I read about this new comedy show in the TV guide, and obviously the cast appealed to me, but also I did not know many British sitcoms set in a school, so I was definitely up for giving it a go, and I'm glad I continued with it. Basically the show is set in Greybridge (secondary) School, and follows the amusing and eccentric activities and relationships between the teachers, and of course their methods of teaching and perhaps ineffective authority over the students. Characters include awkward and disciplined chemistry teacher Mr. Church (David Walliams, also writing), new beautiful French teacher Miss Postern (Catherine Tate) who has secret and unfulfilled feelings for, P.E./sports teacher Mr. Gunn (Philip Glenister) who constantly acts like a filthy and cocky pervert, no nonsense and unusual headmistress Ms M. Baron (Vicious's Frances De La Tour), eccentric and interfering drama teacher Mrs. Janine Klebb (Joanna Scanlan), wannabe songwriter and singing star music teacher Mr. Luke Martin (BT adverts star Daniel Rigby), often depressed and unorganised geography teacher Mr. Barber (Steve Speirs), elderly head of science Mr. Hubble (James Greene) who often has no clue what is going on, strange lab assistant Pat (Julie T. Wallace), and school secretary Daphne (3 Non-Blondes' Jocelyn Jee Esien). Also starring as the students are Joivan Wade as Manyou, Georgia Thompson as Beyonce, Carla Ryan as Tina and Matthew Fenton as Nicholas. I agree with some critics it may seem old-fashioned in some aspects, but you can follow the on-going things, like the arguments between Mr. Church and Mr. Gunn, Mr. Church pathetically trying to prove himself to and gain affection from Miss Postern, and the many unusual events and slapstick moments in the classrooms and hallways, it is a worthwhile and fun comedy series. Good!

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I'm In Utter Disbelief This Was Even Made

Author: suttonpeter
22 September 2013

Well now it's plainly obvious who was the funny one in Little Britain and I'll give you a hint - it wasn't the tall this was even funded to be broadcast I will never know. Honestly, I never usually write reviews but I couldn't sleep just thinking how pathetic this was, it is an absolute insult to intelligence, utterly brainless and boring - I mean, pinch me! who came up with this crap?!!! I also wonder who paid the reviewers who rated it positively? Walliams needs a new job as does Tate (not that she was ever very funny) what a waste of time, seriously this is like one of those French films that just got made to use up a pre-allocated budget.


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