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Plot Summary

  • Julia hears a TV broadcast and learns the military has set up a 10 mile quarantine zone around the dome. The residents of Chester's Mill receive visitors however - friends and family who can at least see them from the other side of the dome. Norrie has a surprise waiting for her. For others, the reunions are bittersweet. Barbie learns from one of the soldiers that the army is pulling out. Rev. Coggins thinks he's receiving messages from God but his hearing aid is playing a role. He keeps hearing the word MOAB which he thinks is a biblical reference. Barbie knows otherwise. Big Jim finds Angie in his old bomb shelter and frees her. Junior isn't finished with her yet.

    - Written by garykmcd
  • Junior proudly steps up when new deputies are clearly needed. Father Big Jim lets him, despite discovering and freeing from their shelter his cuffed girl, who accepts he only meant to protect her. Townpeople cheerfully flock when the army arranges a meeting with loved-ones at the dome. Barbie however uses his veteran hero status to learn from a private that it's meant as a goodbye as the Us's largest non-nuclear bomb MOAB is to be thrown onto the dome. Everyone seeks shelter, but the damage is done outside and the dome still stands, albeit no longer causing shocks or fits.

    - Written by KGF Vissers
  • Joe and Norrie find many butterflies covering part of the dome. The military bring family and friends from outside the dome to visit people in Chester Mill in a The Visitor's Day and Barbie finds it strange. Norrie learns that her father is alive. Big Jim Angie locked in the shelter but he does not release her; when he leaves the place, Reverend Lester visits him and tells that he is receiving the word MOAB from God. Then he preaches for the population and orders Big Jim to confess his sins. Barbie learns that the military intends to bomb the dome, and the Visitor's Day is not to say hello to the families but farewell. Now they intend to bring the residents to the Sanders' cement factory. Big Jim releases Angie and he tells her that they all are all going to die on that day. However the powerful bomb does not affect the dome.

    - Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • When friends and family from outside the dome come to visit, Barbie learns the military plan to destroy the dome with a missile.

    - Written by ab1995


Joe gets Norrie up early, with a theory. He thinks they're human receivers for the dome, but when they get too close together they get feedback. He takes her to see a giant swarm of Monarch butterflies flocking to the dome...

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