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'Grimm' Season Two
PrivateBozz16 June 2013
Warning: Spoilers
'Grimm' is a good show, solid and with heart, its major asset being the numerous likable and interesting characters and the diverse dynamics of their interactions. 'Grimm' is one of few shows that treats its own creations, be it characters or the world it establishes, with respect. And Season 2 does well in expanding the show's mytharc, which has been dormant for the most part of S1, and enhances the show by adding a fascinating background with a nice adventurous vibe to it. All this plus the high-quality acting and the well written dialogue that always rings natural, make this a show that is entertaining, yet can be taken seriously.

There's one big issue I have, though: I believe this show would benefit a lot from interspersing it with episodes that don't feature a case but take the time to focus on the mytharc and the characters. A lot of episodes feel rushed and crammed, many interesting interactions get interrupted by an incident (most often by a phone call), scenes are cut short when imo it would be more effective to linger on a certain topic. This is a feeling I had a lot while watching S2, and in the end it was hard for me to enjoy either MOTW or mytharc, because each took away time and focus from the other. The cases themselves are smart and original, and they are an important element of 'Grimm', but not every episode needs a new case to solve, especially not in S2 where the mytharc becomes more important.

Some other opinions about S2:

I liked Monroe more in S1, and I found the dynamic of the Nick/Monroe relationship much more entertaining when it was this secret liaison, but I know of course that things have to evolve and can't stay the same forever. So in some way I feel it's good where they are now.

Hank is a great character, but sadly most of the credit for that belongs to the actor who plays him. Apart from the story arc where he's struggling with his sanity this character has been completely underused, even more so since he's been briefed in S2. Before he'd been a part of the unaware world that most 'normal' people in 'Grimm' live in, a world that though not showing the complete picture, is the reality for a large part of 'Grimm's society. That's important, and bringing Hank over to the 'other side' has screwed with the show's balance in some way. I only need to look at the police station to see that something's off now, with Sgt. Wu being the only regular there who doesn't have a clue and Nick, Hank and Renard having their secret circle chats. It's not really a complaint, though, because when I ignore the big picture and look at the character of Hank himself I see that it had to happen sooner or later. It's the journey that makes sense for him, and he's also an important part of Nick's life, so it wouldn't be right to exclude him forever.

The same goes for Juliette. There were moments when I thought it was ridiculous how long they dragged out the 'not-telling-her', and I'm really glad it's done now, even though that too influences the show's balance in an unfavorable way. But I loved how she got back her memories, all those Nicks in and around the house was a funny, original and yet totally plausible way of portraying this.

A third revelation in S2 - this time one that has done 'Grimm' overall good - is Nick finding out about who Captain Renard is. Developing the relationship between Nick and Renard is one of the aspects that I'm most curious about at the moment, and I hope that S3 will focus a little on this constellation. Renard has become a fascinating character in S2, and right now he's probably the one I'm most interested in.

I love Nick. Every scene, no matter how insignificant, is fun for me to watch because D. Giuntoli nails it each time with his natural approach, never overdoing it, and by now I see Nick almost as a real being. But Nick in S2 was a mixed experience for me, especially in the second half, because this character, like the show itself, seemed to suffer a little from the lack of attention. It really is my main complaint: please ease it up, writers, let the dogs from the leash so they can run and sniffle around a bit. You created these amazing characters and this appealing world they live in, and I want to explore this for a while and delve deeper into it.

All in all I'm really glad that I gave this show a chance (especially since I thought the pilot was extremely weak), and I can't wait for S3 to start.

A big heartfelt Thank You! to everyone involved.
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Great finish to the season!
reeseslightning20 July 2013
Grimm is one of my favorite shows because it has such a dark twist to the fairy tales. Season 1 was all about finding out Nick's abilities and going through the complicated world of wesen for the first time. I really felt like season 2 - the latter half especially - really delved deeper into the mythology and how it affects the characters. By the end of the season, it's almost a completely different show in comparison to the first season (in a good way). It wasn't perfect but it was extremely engaging in multiple ways.

Here's what I hated: Juliette. Such a boring character even with the memory loss. It's almost like the writers tried to force her likability on viewers by making her seem sympathetic. But Bitsie is relatively wooden actress; a sharp contrast to her coworkers. Rosalee and Monroe are a great couple to watch for all sorts of reasons but mostly because they have natural chemistry - something Bitsie and David lack. Her memory loss just amplified the flaws of this character and showed just how unneeded she actually is.

Here's what I loved:

Everyone is in the loop now. The first half of the season was rather boring in comparison to the second half. Hank being included was bound to happen and in fact, it gives the show a little more humor since he is neither wesen nor a Grimm yet aware of both. Now that everyone knows Renard is who he is, it brings everyone together and having such different personalities in the same room gives viewers some great moments.

Nick has really grown as a Grimm and he relies heavily on his mismatched friends. Though 'Muse' was not my favorite episode, it gave a great insight into how well balanced the group actually is.

Rosalee/Monroe. Gah! This couple is so adorable I could watch their scenes all day.

Overall, it was a great second season that was carried mostly by the action and revelations in the second half. I can't wait till season 3!!!!
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