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"Elementary" Step Nine (2013)

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"Elementary" - "Step Nine" - September 26, 2013

At a cemetery in London, a grumpy man shows up to a graveside funeral with a grenade. He's a former detective with Scotland Yard. He was ruined by the dearly departed. He claims the man's son killed his own wife. His name is Lestrade, and he used to work with Sherlock before his reputation was ruined and he apparently went insane. He rants and raves at the son while waving the grenade around, scattering the mourners.

Watson meets Sherlock in the park. Sherlock has had a breakthrough on a case that they're working on. Some US attorneys have been killed by a syndicate of pirates. They couldn't figure out how they were communicating until Sherlock deduced they were using carrier pigeons. They nab their suspect in the park.

Sherlock gets the call to go help Lestrade in London. He tells Watson that he and Lestrade were not particularly close but Sherlock solved most of their cases and let Lestrade take the credit. He got used to the spotlight. When Sherlock left he was exposed as the merely adequate detective that he was.

She wonders how it will be for him to go back since he left in disgrace. But he says he's a different man and London is a different city, it always is.

When they arrive Watson notes this might be a good time for him to start step 9, making amends.

They arrive at Scotland Yard and meet the man in charge and get the lowdown. Lestrade has been on the lam since the funeral. It turns out what drove him insane was a case. The man whose funeral he disrupted was a Rupert Murdoch-like newspaper titan named Pendry. Lestrade was convinced that Pendry's son Lawrence killed his own wife, but couldn't prove it, and the papers ruined his reputation. After the funeral incident he's been suspended and on the run.

Sherlock meets Lawrence Pendry, who says he is impressed by Sherlock after researching his career, knowing he's to credit for most of Lestrade's busts. Pendry thinks his wife's real killer would be in prison if Sherlock had been on the case.

Watson and Sherlock head to his old flat, 221B Baker Street, and are surprised to discover that Sherlock's brother Mycroft now lives there. What's more, he has given Sherlock's things to thrift shops. The brothers apparently have a very contentious relationship, based in part on Sherlock's addictions and also Sherlock's unfortunate sexual experiences with Mycroft's ex-girlfriend. (Sherlock claims he was just trying to prove that Mycroft's girl was after the family fortune, not love, and he did prove it.) Although they are grumpy with each other, Mycroft extends an invitation to stay and asks Joan to dinner.

Sherlock finds Lestrade in a pub near one of his old hidden money caches, which Lestrade has obviously been using for his own. He blames Sherlock for not allowing him to find his own muse. He asks to team up one last time.

Mycroft charms Joan and when she meets up with Sherlock he thinks she plans to sleep with Mycroft in a classic case of transference. She dismisses this possibility. As she, Sherlock, and Lestrade look at evidence they notice something amiss on one of Pendry's walls and in his fridge.

They deduce that, with the help of a 3D printer, he made a plastic gun and then melted it down into a bottle to make it look like milk. He then disposed of the nail he used as a firing pin by hanging a mask on the wall. They decide to try and get back into the house.

Sherlock and Joan go to a major park covered by many security cameras. He holds up cue cards asking the powers that be to get him a list of people who have purchased 3 D printers. A few hours later, someone surreptitiously drops off a list.

Joan heads off to have dinner with Mycroft, who reveals he was very sick and had a bone marrow transplant. He hopes to reconcile his relationship with Sherlock, his one regret in life.

As they go over the printer list, Sherlock attempts to makes amends to Lestrade but then they discover the name of Pendry's handyman on the list. When they go to the man's house, he is dead. Sherlock deduces that Pendry made another gun but the plan went awry this time and he ended up having to stab the guy as a means of tying up loose ends. Lestrade says if Sherlock really wants to make amends he just needs to let him take credit this one last time.

Sherlock denies him this saying he's not going to enable him and is withdrawing his drug of choice. Lestrade takes the credit on TV anyway. Sherlock notes watching the man take credit engenders odd feelings. Joan welcomes Sherlock into the club of people who care about addicts.

Before they depart London, Sherlock meets Mycroft. Mycroft admits out that he didn't really sell Sherlock's things; he stored them in a facility behind them. He then pulls out a detonator and blows up Sherlock's stuff. He says that he now considers them even and he forgives him for everything. Appropriately, Sherlock really seems to appreciate the gesture.


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