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One star for the show + One star for his body = 2 stars.

Author: byebyeanthony
1 May 2013

For their next reality show I suggest that the E network comb the United States in search of a person born in the 1980s capable of human thought. It would be a long, on-going series because, if this Lochte show is any indication, there are none. He's the sort of guy Jay Leno would stop on the sidewalk for a Jaywalking segment and ask him questions about general knowledge. He would get them wrong.

When Lochte talks about swimming and when you see him do his exercises, you can see he's in his element and it's of moderate interest. But the rest of his life, which is 95% of this reality show, is one long snore-fest. He is just plain boring. The only saving grace for women and gay men is knowing that at some point in every episode Lochte will remove his shirt and show off his chest. If it weren't for the nipple-fest there would be no reason for this program's existence.

Lochte has spent a good part of his life in the water, he's a bit backward socially and shy. It's refreshing in a way, but I can't imagine building a whole series about it. I don't think that Lochte is much dumber than the average fellow his age. It's just that he's ill-equipped for this gig and the folks at E know it. And it's a shame because he does appear to be a genuine person (he even tears up at one point during an interview). There is more than one time in the first program that the E network made fun of him, more than happy to show Lochte's lack of knowledge and comment on it with a little bit of underlying wise-guy music here or there. Talk about kicking a guy when he's down!

I watched the first show laughing at first at how dumb everyone was (his date never heard of "wontons"), but I didn't laugh for long. I enjoyed Lochte's half-naked body that was constantly being paraded around, but even that wore off before the show was over (THANK GOD this is not a 60 minute show)!

Ryan Lochte was so much more attractive at the start of the show before he opened his mouth. By the end of the 30 minutes he seemed still-born.

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Almost Abusive

Author: callye from New Zealand
2 June 2013

This is not so much entertainment as a classic example of why everyone involved in reality TV needs a really good agent and a really good lawyer. This is a show exploiting a phenomenally simple/uneducated guy, manipulating him into doing and saying what E! thinks will make money. It's pretty near adult-abuse.

A previous reviewer says: "Anyone who complains about this show clearly expects waay too much out of it. Coming in, I knew it was just something light-hearted that's not meant to raise anyone's IQ...and I was okay with that." To that I reply: it is highly unlikely that anyone at all viewed this show with high expectations. Most will have heard his promo TV interview wherein he was asked by way of warming up: "So what would Ryan Lochte do?" and he couldn't answer. I watched it with this in mind so no, my expectations weren't too high, and I held little hope of "raising my IQ". I do, however, have a basic standard for "light entertainment" - as you should - and this is not that. This is a train crash where you either cringe and change the channel (if you have any decency), you keep watching and revel in the gore (if you're into laughing at others' misfortune/inadequacy), or you simply relate to brain-dead low-IQ interactions and you enjoy it because it's on your level.

If you're into train crashes or lobotomies, this if for you. Othewise, take the quick route, watch Lochte's promo interview for this show on You Tube then use the time watching paint dry instead (you're unlikely to increase your IQ, but unlike watching this show, you're probably not going to lose any either).

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Keeping it real, Ryan Lochte Rocks! "JEAH!"

Author: mickeya13 from Ormond Beach, Fl, United States
15 February 2014

its a shame people feel the need to be so negative...First of all, this is a reality show. Real people make mistakes..don't always use proper English, or misuse a word. There are many forms of intelligence. Success is not always being an eloquent speaker. Being true to who you are is what character is all about. I believe Ryan Lochte is an inspiration. He sets an example of how he balances being a top world athlete, along side being a son, brother, and friend friend. Also, how many families this big, get along so well? and Ryan is young, look at what he has accomplished. In my opinion he is kind, honest, funny, charming, athletic, loyal,hardworking, and loving. He surrounds himself with good people..and he is having fun, while accomplishing his dreams...I don't think people understand the kind of hard work it takes to be the fastest swimmer in the world...

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It's a fun little show

Author: sparklyglitz from United States
6 May 2013

Anyone who complains about this show clearly expects waay too much out of it. Coming in, I knew it was just something light-hearted that's not meant to raise anyone's IQ...and I was okay with that. Turn off your brain and it could be a very fun experience. I found Ryan to be quite a catch. Even if he doesn't seem like the brightest person in the room, he still comes across as a rather sweet and fun guy (there's no need to hate). He's just a kid at heart and the things he says (like the "jumping banana") are pretty stupid that they're cute and funny. There are moments when you want to go, "Did he seriously just do/say that?" But they're what makes the show.

Bottom line, don't expect too much. This show is a perfect one for those easy Sunday nights.

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