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  • Someone has been attacking patients at the hospital. A violent wind storm causes a power outage and ghosts suddenly appear - some with good intentions and some bent on revenge.


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  • Stefan tries to convince Elena to give up her "unwavering hatred for a ruthless vampire who's 500 years old," but she's set on killing Katherine.

    Everyone sends out graduation announcements, but Matt explains to Rebekah that he doesn't have any family to send them to. She's continuing to dote on him and he's thawing toward her.

    Caroline also tries, unsuccessfully, to make Elena let her hatred of Katherine go.

    Meanwhile, in the woods with Katherine, Bonnie works on drawing on the expression triangle of where the three massacres took place to lower the veil to reach Qetsiyah, using the power of the tombstone. Katherine gets impatient as she tries to understand how this leads to Bonnie making her immortal. Bonnie wants to ask Qetsiyah how to kill Silas.

    Katherine tries to leave, but Bonnie linked them so that Silas couldn't get in Katherine's head. Where ever Bonnie goes, Katherine goes, and whatever happens to Katherine, happens to them both. If Silas finds out that Bonnie doesn't need a full moon to do the spell, it's all over.

    Sheriff Forbes calls Damon and Stefan to the hospital. Five people have been almost completely drained of blood. They assume it's Silas, powering up before tomorrow night's full moon.

    Bonnie takes Katherine down to the Lockwood cellar to draw on the power of the 12 dead hybrids.

    At the Grill, Rebekah brings Elena a shot to check on her rage. She tells Rebekah their Thelma and Louise moment as pals has passed. Caroline is still hurt about the things Elena said to her when her humanity was off, but Elena won't apologize because if she does, she'll be overwhelmed with guilt, which she won't handle well.

    Suddenly, the power goes out throughout the town as a Bonnie-related weather system blows through.

    At the Young farm, Bonnie links the final massacre spot and is ready to drop the veil.

    With the sheriff, Damon and Stefan realize what Bonnie's up to. Forbes got a tip that someone just saw Bonnie with Elena, but they know she's with Caroline, so it must be Katherine. They head to the center of the expression triangle -- the high school.

    At the school, Damon tells Elena that Bonnie is with Katherine.

    Stefan and Caroline investigate noises in the kitchen and notice water draining through the floor. "I think we're at the right place, just the wrong elevation," Stefan says.

    Below, Katherine hands over the tombstone to Bonnie.

    Damon tells Elena to stay put. He doesn't want her killing Katherine to flood her with emotions and foul up stopping Bonnie. Elena thinks killing Katherine will help her get over her emotional hurdle. She stakes Damon to go try.

    In the cave under the high school, Bonnie channels the expression triangle, lowering the veil.

    Damon comes to and takes the stake out of his gut. Alaric strolls up and lends a hand. Damon is wary that he might be Silas, Alaric proves he's himself by opening a locker with hidden booze. He's flesh and blood inside the expression triangle.

    At the Grill, Rebekah is enjoying the candlelight time with Matt when her dead brother Kol shows up. He wants revenge for his death and since he can't kill dead Jeremy, he's after Elena. He throws a broken bottle into Matt's shoulder before he leaves.

    In the cave, Katherine goes to investigate a noise and runs into Elena. Elena stakes her and burns her, but because they're linked, the same things happen to Bonnie.

    Stefan and Caroline find Bonnie and she tells them to find Katherine. Stefan finds Elena moments before she can kill Katherine. He lets her go.

    Alone at the Grill, Rebekah offers to heal Matt, but he doesn't want to risk turning into a vampire. She goes to find a first aid kit and instead finds Caroline under a spell to repeatedly cut herself. Caroline isn't at the high school.

    With Bonnie, Caroline reveals herself to actually be Silas. He tells her he really can make her see whatever he wants. He poses as the monster, Stefan and Bonnie to taunt her for trying to betray him.

    Stefan tries to convince Elena to allow herself to feel grief, but she just rages at him instead.

    Matt calls Damon to warn him the real Caroline is with them and Kol is coming. She's hallucinating and thinks she has to keep cutting herself. Rebekah can't compel her because she's on vervane, so finally she slaps Caroline instead and breaks the spell.

    Silas turns into Alaric and makes Bonnie gasp for air, trying to force her to drop the veil so he can take the cure and die.

    Elena finds Jeremy's grave and breaks down in tears, saying she can't move on and can't handle him being gone. Kol finds her.

    In the cave, Bonnie's Grams finds her and helps her break free of Silas' spell. She tells Bonnie she's strong enough to defeat Silas using expression.

    Alaric (or Silas) finds Damon and tells him he called Stefan like he asked. Damon throws chains around his neck, knowing the real Alaric couldn't have made it from the school that fast. Bonnie finds them and begins working her magic. She drains Silas' blood and breaks his bones.

    Back at Jeremy's grave, Kol beats the crap out of Elena and is about to kill her when Jeremy shoots a stake at him. Kol stops it and is ready to turn on Jeremy when Stefan runs in and breaks his neck. Elena throws her arms around Jeremy.

    Damon, Stefan and Bonnie try to figure out what to do with Silas' stone body and decide to dump him in the ocean. Elena apologizes to Bonnie for how she acted with no emotions. Bonnie understands, knowing Elena wasn't herself. Jeremy hugs Bonnie and she promises to give them as much time as she can before she puts the veil back up.

    Elena takes turns apologizing (wordlessly, by way of meaningful stares) to Stefan and Damon, but Damon tells her to take time to say good bye to Jeremy instead.

    Stefan joins Caroline at the Grill, feeling morose. There was someone he thought he'd see today and he didn't. Then Lexie shows up to say hi.

    Damon and real Alaric put stone Silas in the trunk and share a flask. Alaric gives Damon the cure he found on Silas. "Get the girl," Alaric tells him.

    Stefan and Lexi take a stroll and she teases him for replacing her with Caroline.

    Back in the cave, Bonnie waits to replace the veil, wanting to bring Jeremy back first. Her Gram tries to tell her it's against nature and there's no magic strong enough, but she won't listen. Bonnie channels everything, but collapses.

    Walking out of the Grill, Rebekah sees her dead ex-boyfriend Alexander, the vampire hunter. She turns to run, but is stopped by two other hunters, Connor and the guy from the island - all dead.

    Bonnie comes to in the cave. She sees her Grams, who tells her the spell was too much. Bonnie turns around and sees her own body lying on the ground.

    "Oh my god, I'm dead?" Bonnie says.

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