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Season 2

8 Jun. 2016
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23 Jul. 2016
Day 2: 10am - 11am
Three years later; ATU receives a threat that Haroon Sherchan is planning on releasing a deadly contagious virus in Mumbai unless his brother Roshan Sherchan is released out of prison.
24 Jul. 2016
Day 2: 11am - 12pm
Jai informs Roshan that Haroon has sent him to break him out of prison before he is hanged to death. Omkar (Maya's father) disposes of the body of the man Haroon killed earlier and warns Maya not to run away, as he is scared of Haroon thinking he might kill him and Maya as well. Naina visits Aditya and Prithvi in Mumbai and urges him to free Divya as she is family.
30 Jul. 2016
Day 2: 12pm - 1pm
Jai, Gyan and Haroon discuss as to how difficult it is to take out Roshan from jail.
31 Jul. 2016
Day 2: 1pm - 2pm
Maya instigates Haroon and tries to retrieve information about the consignment from him.
6 Aug. 2016
Day 2: 2pm - 3pm
Jai and Roshan are captured by dangerous prison inmates after trying to escape. At ATU, Zaara discovers evidence of Jai being in Pune Central Jail.
7 Aug. 2016
Day 2: 3pm - 4pm
Rathod risks it all to get Roshan out of prison. Rathod 's daughter has an ugly showdown with her neighbors.
13 Aug. 2016
Day 2: 4pm - 5pm
Roshan Sherchan finds it difficult to deal with Jai Singh Rathod and hopes to kill him.
14 Aug. 2016
Day 2: 5pm - 6pm
Mallick faces a lot of flak from the War Council Member as things go out of her control.
20 Aug. 2016
Day 2: 6pm - 7pm
Shibani and Vedant arrive at ATU to analyze the situation regarding Gyan. Naina finds sensitive information regarding Devyani.
21 Aug. 2016
Day 2: 7pm - 8pm
Roshan sees Jai and Maya together and informs Haroon, who then furiously attacks her.
27 Aug. 2016
Day 2: 8pm - 9pm
Jai tells Dhruv that he should think twice before canceling a deal with the Sherchans.
28 Aug. 2016
Day 2: 9pm - 10pm
Dhruv decides to go ahead with the deal but with a condition. Naina agrees to help Prithvi and Aditya on an issue.
3 Sep. 2016
Day 2 10 P.M.- 11 P.M.
Jai, Haroon and Roshan reach at the new site to complete the deal of the virus. Naina warns Mane Shinde regarding his steps. Maya decides to run from the house along with her father.
4 Sep. 2016
Day 2 11 P.M. - 12 A.M.
Jai captures Dhruv and brings him to ATU. Roshan leaves the site and heads to Mumbai. Naina agrees on a deal with Shantaram.
10 Sep. 2016
Day 2 12 A.M. - 1 A.M.
Jai is being interrogated by Abhilasha and Roy. Roshan divides the one tube of virus into 6 parts. Antara has a conversation with Naina.
11 Sep. 2016
Day 2 1 A.M. - 2 A.M.
Shibani and the ATU team get a location as to where the virus would be planted. Naina meets with Antara at Mane Shinde's house. Jai tries to break Balraj to reveal Roshan's location.
17 Sep. 2016
Day 2 2 A.M. - 3 A.M.
Jai and Vedant follow Balraj using the tracker placed in his shoe. The situation at the hotel worsens as people start to show symptoms of the virus. Aditya confronts Devyani regarding Dhruv.
18 Sep. 2016
Day 2 3 A.M. - 4 A.M.
Roshan tells Jai to kill Mallick in order to stop the release of another virus.
24 Sep. 2016
Day 2 4 A.M. - 5 A.M.
A problem arises in the hotel situation. Naina asks Antara to find something for her. Jai begins to follow on a lead with Vedant.
25 Sep. 2016
Day 2 5 A.M. - 6 A.M.
Devyani and her father meet at the hotel while helping others. Jai continuing follows on a lead regarding Anjali Sharma. Siddharth takes help from Kiran regarding an issue.
1 Oct. 2016
Day 2 6 A.M. - 7 A.M.
Jai corners Roshan and his men in the dockyard. Roshan asks Siddharth for help. Prithvi and Naina go to console Antara.
2 Oct. 2016
Day 2 7 A.M. - 8 A.M.
Kiran sees Veer at the hotel. Bhisham and Aditya begin to show symptoms of the virus. Jai goes behind Siddharth as he escapes with Vaidehi.
8 Oct. 2016
Day 2 8 A.M. - 9 A.M.
Jai confronts Roshan and decides to go after the last tube of the virus. Naina and Prithvi meet Aditya at the hospital. The virus begins to spread in the whole city.
9 Oct. 2016
Day 2 9 A.M. - 10 A.M.
Jai, proceeds to completing the mission after killing Roshan on a noose, which provides an ironic ending to Roshans Part in the show. Along with Maddy, Jai tracks the signal to a NGO to ind Mehr and a controversial name among the masterminds of the operation. After tracking down the cure to an unexpected man, Jai is successful in saving Aditya's life but pays a price for shooting Mallick on record, which marks the end of season 2.

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