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No, it is a direct continuation of the last episode of Transformers Prime. You'll only understand the movie's events if you have watched all three seasons of that show.

Yes, the movie introduces two new Predacon characters, Skylynx and Darksteel.

Autobots: Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Arcee, Bulkhead, Ratchet, Smokescreen, Ultra Magnus, and Wheeljack.

Decepticons: Megatron, Starscream, Shockwave, Knock Out, Vehicon soldiers.

Predacons: Predaking, Skylynx, Darksteel.

Other: Unicron, Predacon-Terrorcon army, and Primus is represented by Cybertron's core.

Yes. None of the main human characters, that is Jack Darby, Miko Nakadai, Rafael Esquivel, Agent William Fowler and June Darby are featured in any capacity.

Missing Transformer characters include:

* Soundwave and Laserbeak: last seen trapped in another dimension in the series finale

* Airachnid: last seen on one of Cybertron's moons after she became a vampire

* Insecticons: last seen with their leader Airachnid, as she feasted on their Energon, turning them into undead vampires

No, there is no bonus scene.

Despite the show featuring many on-screen character deaths, this movie is surprisingly "light" in that respect.

The only characters to be blatantly shown being killed are a handful of Vehicon foot-soldiers.

Shockwave is overwhelmed by a group of Predacon zombies who turn him over and bite and claw at him, but he miraculously shows up alive in a later scene, only to disappear from the rest of the movie.

The movie does feature two major character deaths, though in a way that could potentially leave room for their return in future series:

Optimus Prime sacrifices himself to restore the AllSpark to Cybertron's core, however his Spark, along with the Sparks of all the deceased or unborn Transformers, is shown flying out and delivering a last message to the Autobots.

Starscream is implied to have been killed by the Predacons, as revenge for his mistreatment of them, but the event happens off-screen.


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