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All 4 of us liked it!
abshire-987-83556728 April 2014
It had been awhile since we watched a good old-fashioned Western flick. Intrigued by this release, my husband and I snuggled in and watched this movie one night and really enjoyed it! We immediately loaned it to my parents who recalled the original and they enjoyed it too.

We all thought that Trace Adkins did an excellent job. The other actors too. What an imposing figure he makes in this movie! We also thought that the acting roles done by Ron Perlman and Victoria Pratt were well done. The editing made the story line jump a couple times but only one really bothered us. Not enough to ruin the movie by any means. Some of the scenery was really beautiful.
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A rather convincing old style western.
headhunter4628 January 2015
The acting was convincing, and the scenery was quite breathtaking. It offered a clear image of wilderness and wide open spaces. This was a realistic portrayal of what life was probably like in this time period of the old west. It was a bit gritty at times, but I am certain the old west was not as "romantic" as some movies and books try to portray it. The rugged old log buildings certainly looked authentic. There was a surprise ending I did not see coming. I use to have a good time predicting sub plots but this one fooled me completely. I can't give too much info here or it will ruin the story for others. Just trust that most fans of western style movies will enjoy this.
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Simple and realistic like
casper63919 May 2014
If you rent this expecting to see the old Virginian forget it. This a realistic like simple movie of what it may have been like in some areas. The act was very good. As for Adkins I have heard of him, never heard him sing (no singing here) but he was convincing. All acting was quite good. Ron Pearlman gave his typically excellent performance.

The woman playing the teacher was adequate although her part was limited and the man that played the writer was excellent.

Eight may be a bit high but I don't usually like westerns. It's a simple movie with a simple style. I still don't like country/western music.
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As a fan of The Virginian series...
samuelmakela11 May 2014
I guess I had my hopes and expectations up real high, but to me this was really disappointing thing to see.

Some scenes and acting feel really awkward at some points. Steve's whiskey burned voice saves some, but does not make this a great western.

I think that I love The Virginian series as much as I hate this.

This movie:

As just a western - below OK.

As a Virginian - awful.

Don't expect too much with this if you like westerns / The Virginian series.
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The Seventh Version of "The Virginian"
zardoz-1319 April 2015
Warning: Spoilers
If you're counting, director Thomas Makowski's straight-to-video western "The Virginian" is the seventh version of Owen Wister's frontier tale that he wrote back in 1902. If you count the NBC-TV show, then it is the seventh. Anyway, this oater is a little different from most of the previous adaptations. In a sense, Makowski's yarn boasts greater realism. Country music superstar Trace Atkins is nothing like Gary Cooper, Joel McCrea, and Bill Pullman who rode the range in earlier horse operas. For example, Atkins wears his hair down and he hates to be called 'Virginian.' Instead, he prefers to be addressed as 'South.' As in the prior versions, the Virginian works the Sunk Creek Ranch owned by the Judge. Other than Trace Atkins, Ron Pearlman is the only seasoned actor in this western. "Lonesome Dove Church" scenarist Bob Thielke has made several alternations to this classic tale. First, the Virginian hates Trampas and constantly tries to convince the Judge to fire him as well convince himself to kill Trampas. Indeed, the most famous line from the novel remains intact. When Trampas tries to call the Virginian a vile name, the eponymous hero says, ""When you call me that, smile!" Second, Judge Henry has changed considerably. Suffice it to say that he has become a villain. Third, the tenderfoot writer who signs on to work as a ranch hand while writing a book about the frontier proves himself a proficient shot with a revolver. Later, he saves the Virginian's life. Some of the dialogue is memorable. Contemporary westerns aren't very good, but "The Virginian" qualifies as an exception to the rule.
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