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Enjoyable - has some lighter moments, but not a comedy...
tg_jad21 April 2013
Just finished watching it on TV and enjoyed it very much. Had some minor elements in common with 50 First Dates, but definitely not the same premise. The two main actors did a wonderful job and played their parts pretty much perfect. While it has some lighter moments, it is definitely not a comedy. It's not a tear jerking serious drama, but it does keep a very definite romantic drama theme throughout. Overall. if you like romantic movies that keep a serious tone, but don't try to make you cry at every opportunity, then you may like this one.

Give it a 8 out of 10, but has king of an open ending which is not my favorite way of finishing a movie.
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servantshepherd21 April 2013
Remember Sunday. A touching story very well done. Encouraging to those suffering memory loss illness and encouraging to those families, caretakers, friends and all affected by someone struggling with memory loss. My step Mom had Alzheimer's and the short term memory was affected so I could relate to this storyline personally. The struggle of a family or a person with a mental illness is a real difficult issue to cope with, and this movie showed that struggle in a wonderfully inspirational way. It didn't make light of the illness or give a quick cure and make it seem non relatable to most families struggling with incurable illness. Thank you for a great movie with real substance, hope and encouragement.
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Cute and touching
vchimpanzee22 April 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Every morning at 6, Gus wakes up to real New Orleans jazz on his clock-radio, and a pair of enthusiastic morning hosts (we never see what they do on the radio station on weekends, but anyway). And he sees a note saying he lives in New Orleans, and a file folder with the large message telling him to read it every morning.

Then Gus goes out and jogs, and the fiddle player knows whether he is on time or late. How Gus knows where to jog is never explained.

Gus works in the jewelry store owned by Sam and his wife, who lived next door to him when he was younger. He can remember everything about his life before that terrible day in 2009, and how to do anything he knew how to do before then. But for anything more recent, he must rely on all sorts of reminders, including post-it notes, files, and the ever-present pen that he uses to record messages and reminders, and software on his computer that translates what he records into words that appear on the screen.

Although he was an astronomer who worked with Lauren and others at Mount Wilson Observatory in California, and his work could be compared to Einstein's, Gus had an aneurysm which affected his hippocampus (that's part of his brain) in such a way that every time he goes to sleep, he forgets everything he learned the previous day. Gus had to return home to be close to familiar surroundings and his sister Lucy who can help him. There might be a cure for the condition, but in the future. Also in New Orleans is his best friend since the age of 6, a lawyer named Jerry. Who has to remind Gus every day that he and his wife have split up. There is also Bernadette upstairs from Gus, who cares a lot about him, and has to tell her son Max not to swindle Gus, who does NOT owe him money.

Molly is in college but heavily in debt until the delay in getting her inheritance is resolved. For now, she works as a waitress at a restaurant run by Baptiste, and she shares an apartment with the prettier Jolene. Molly's dream is to own a flower shop.

Gus and Molly meet and there is a connection. Molly sells him a valuable ring that belonged to a relative; she wanted to sell a watch but Gus knows it's a fake. Gus knows he wants to date Molly and gives himself plenty of reminders. Molly likes Gus too. But Gus doesn't dare tell Molly the truth. And his strange behavior makes Jolene suspicious. Especially since Gus, without his memory, thinks Jolene is Molly on several occasions. Jolene blames too many women in Gus' life.

So will it work? What will happen when Molly knows the truth?

When they were still on the air, "Gilmore Girls" and "Chuck" were among my favorite shows. And Alexis Bledel and Zachary Levi each played my favorite character on their respective shows. So this movie has to work, right? It does. Molly is Rory Gilmore without the fancy education or love of books. Such a sweet and intelligent girl, but so frustrated. Gus is brilliant, but scatterbrained at first when interacting socially, much like Chuck Bartowski. He's easy to like.

This sounds like a comedy, and it does have a lot of laughs. And I've seen another movie that does the "Clean Slate" gag for laughs. But it's not all funny. Sometimes it's pretty sad. You want Molly to be happy. You want Gus to be happy. It's just going to be so hard. So many obstacles are in the way. But they're just so cute together.

There's a lot of annoying music that I assume is intended to please women. It's not that bad, but just not my taste. I prefer the New Orleans jazz that starts each day for Gus, the good country song that was playing in Molly's restaurant, and that fiddle player--who is a talented actor as well as musician. Oh, and "Dancing Queen" by ABBA in the skating rink. Okay, that's not GOOD music ...

Baptiste is a curmudgeon who really does care about Molly. Sam is a caring father figure. Jolene looks good, but she's kind of mean.

And there's nothing that would make this inappropriate for family viewing. Gus' problems are kind of intense to deal with, but that's about it. And a couple of off-color comments about relationships by Jolene don't really pass the kid-friendly test, but we can forget those.

I wasn't totally convinced this was worthy of the title "Hallmark Hall of Fame". But toward the end it becomes more than just a cute Lifetime romance. This movie really does mean something.
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I really enjoyed this
JACCO200823 April 2013
I'm not generally one to like these Hallmark movies. My mom watches them all the time and usually I think they're stupid. But this one actually caught my attention enough that I stopped doing homework to it down and watch it.

I think it was the characters. Obviously Alexis Bledel is pretty and talented and this character could easily be a "grown up" Rory, however the writing was good enough that it kept her from sinking into that familiar role too much. She was still quirky weird, but in an endearing way that made me care about the character. The guy, who I've never seen before in anything, was convincing enough as his character, Gus.

This was an interesting take on a familiar formula and played out as more of a drama than anything. To be honest, I'm not sure why I liked this movie so much. But I recommend it in any case since it's just a feel-good all around movie.
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Writing & Acting is great, post-production suffers
Sara Torok28 April 2013
I love a good love story about imperfect people. This one is among the better ones, well-acted by leads Zachary Levi and Alexis Bledel, and a terrific supporting cast. Here's where it lost two stars for me. First, the writing is great, but I found the open ending unsatisfying. It feels kind of like the beginning all over again. I s'pose this type of ending works well with the overall theme of the movie, but...let's put it this way: with an ending like that, one can only hope there'll be a sequel!

Second, it suffers a problem which is common among many Hallmark movies - the soundtrack is intrusive. Rather than setting the mood, it distracts, at times. I really don't need an orchestra to tell me when the emotion is building. The actors do just FINE telling the story all on their own! Other Hallmark movies suffer far worse from this problem than this one does, so if I could, I would have deducted only a half- star for this problem.

Overall, a thoroughly enjoyable movie!
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Double Takes
tieman647 February 2014
Warning: Spoilers
A cross between "Memento" and "Fifty First Dates", "Remember Sunday" stars Zachary Levi as Gus, a talented astrophysicist who has suffered a brain aneurysm. This has left him with no short term memory.

Whilst "Sunday" indulges in some clichés, its central metaphor is very clever. Here director Jeff Bleckner turns Gus' memory problems into the lover's desire for continuity and permanence. Gus, we learn, wishes to be with Molly (Alexis Bledel), a young florist. His problem? Every time Gus meets and falls in love with Molly for the "first time", his memory of her is wiped away 24 hours later. This sets up a clever double bind: the lover always wants nothing more than to fall repeatedly in love "for the very first time", and yet simultaneously always desires for the banal permanences which exist beyond puppy love. This tension – impermanence vs permanence – runs throughout the film.

"Sunday" was written by Barry Morrow, most famous for his "Rain Man" screenplay.

8/10 – Worth one viewing.
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rather cliché romantic story but perceptive presentation.
Reeya Moreno7 May 2014
50 first dates + the vow. Can't help the comparison. but, in fairness, this movie has a more sound morale.

Zachary Levi played a good leading man in the movie, along with the appealing leading lady, rightful for romantic movies girls can swoon over.

practically, the flow has a stereotypical romantic movie storyline. but, i like how there was sound presentation and development of the different views and characters of the two subjects; how their inclination also reflect their perspective. how each choice was reasonable relative to the character. and the circumstances in the movie were practical.

teaches you how love is a choice. sweet movie.
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Levi and Bledel make a good romantic couple in Remember Sunday
tavm21 April 2013
Zachary Levi is Gus, a former astronomer who suffers from a malady that causes him to lose memory of recent events but still know of what he did before he got that way. Alexis Bledel is Molly, a waitress who's been unlucky in love and is waiting for her inheritance to come so she can open up a flower shop. Taking place and filmed in New Orleans, which is a two-hour drive from where I live, I thought this was quite a touching drama with occasionally some good humor that also took a realistic look at how heartbreaking Levi's character can be when he makes Ms. Bledel promise something because of his condition. My favorite scene was when they were at the skating rink and ABBA's "Dancing Queen" was being played there. It was just such a nice surprise to hear that song being played in a "Hallmark Hall of Fame" TV movie. So on that note, Remember Sunday is recommended.
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pretty good TV romance
SnoopyStyle23 August 2013
Molly (Alexis Bledel) is a lonely waitress who tries her luck with Gus (Zachary Levi) a jeweler's assistant. Gus is absent-minded, preoccupied, suffering a brain aneurysm which rob him of his short-term memory. He loses his short term memory every morning and must relearn everything that has happened to him. He keeps this a secret from Molly which leads to a misunderstanding.

This is a Hallmark Hall of Fame movie. So don't expect edgy. This delivers the expected romantic love story. Alexis Bledel and Zachary Levi are both TV veterans. They're both likable actors. Also included are other good actors like Merritt Wever, Barry Shabaka Henley and Valerie Azlynn. Keep your expectations low and you'll be fine.
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Sweet, but not great.
hhouser17 August 2013
I really love Zach Levi, and I love romance films, so I just had to watch this one. The first time I watched it, I thought "That wasn't too bad for a TV movie" and truly, it isn't bad, it's just not great.

The acting is great, (of course!), the characters were interesting and sympathetic, but the writing was mediocre at best, in my opinion.

The strongest part of the whole film was the premise and the plot - except I felt the reveal was badly done - Alexis's character reacted so unrealistically that they really should have thought of a better way to do the reveal.

I wish I could watch this movie done with a strong script, and I'm sure I'd give it 10 stars. As is, 6 is as high as I can go...
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Zachary Levi does it again!
Brian Wustmann1 June 2013
Zachary Levi's performance is real.What I mean by this is that Zachary is able to convey emotion in a way that unifies his character with us, the viewers. His frustration, passion, and love resembles the similar emotions faced in real life. It's not corny sob stories or a cheesy romantic rubbish. It's pure, realistic emotions which grab our attentions. His performance pulls us in as if we were experiencing his struggle, his triumphs, his life.

Levi's performance in " Remember Sunday" reminds me of his days as a nerdy computer geek in "Chuck"(I highly recommend watching it).

Please don't be turned off by this movie being a Hallmark film. Most Hallmark movies come off as having bad actors and repetitive story lines. "Remember Me" is different. I loved it!
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Quite frankly a real surprise but you gotta love Zachary Levi here
lisafordeay1 May 2013
Warning: Spoilers
SO I saw this on a free channel a few days ago actually on a Sunday I saw this movie and the real reason why I watched it was because it featured Zachary Levi whom you may know featured in my favorite movie of ALL time Tangled as the voice of Flynn Rider aka Eugene Fitzherbert.

In Remember Sunday the hottie plays Gus Gil Water,who suffers from a memory loss condition that he can only remember the past but not what happens now as for every morning at 6:00 am when he wakes up,he finds a folder saying read me and he carries what looks like a ballpoint pen to help him remember what happened that specific day. Problem arises when he meets a girl called Molly played by Alexis Biedel from Tuck Everlasting who has had a string of men in her life and she never met the right guy to be with. So she serves Gus his coffee and notices that his been acting funny as she has no idea that he has memory loss. So you can probably guess that they are going to fall in love so let me point out what I liked about it. First is the chemistry between Levi and Biedel which was so cute,second was the story which was in my surprise very endearing,the third thing was Zachary Levi who played his charcther so well you gotta give him credit for that and I kept wishing that he should star in more romantic movies and he did so I hope he keeps up the good work and people should take this guy seriously his a great actor and I have to thank Tangled for making me become a fan of his.

Now to the bad part the ending. Im not going to give it away but BOY did it suck so bad in the end. Overall than that I quite enjoyed it and if I catch it on TV I will watch it again.

Overall I'm giving it a 7 out of 10
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Another one of those cheesy chick flicks...
kelly larsson3 July 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Okay, so if you don't like chick flicks: DO NOT WATCH THIS MOVIE.

Don't get me wrong, I love Zachary Levi and I don't mind watching romance movies once in a while. But this movie was so cheesy it made me cringe. The plot just wasn't realistic to me. I also realised obvious plot holes, like for example: he was engaged before his injury, so when he wakes up he should think he was still engaged. But in the movie he for some reason totally forgets about her, or he remembers but has made a note about it - but that would only make him a cheating bastard so I don't know what would be the best alternative really.

I for some reason find the role of Alexis extremely annoying too and I don't understand what Gus (Zachary) sees in her besides that she's cute. For example the scene when she comes over and freaks out about the pen and won't even listen to him, why would he bother running after her like that? For all he knew she was some crazy chick who wouldn't even bother listening to her boyfriend.

But if you like cheesy romance movies where the characters say cliché stuff like "I wish I could freeze this moment forever" or the guy and the girl just *happen* to both collect the same Star Wars pez toys - this movie is definitely for you.
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Cantug Akkas19 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
First of all,Alexis Bledel and Zachary Levi displays very nice acting. Also,Zachary Levi would be proved successful actor after TV-series career. The film has everything about properties of drama and romance.Hence,i'm sure it will have good time for you. But,I have to say that plot is same as "50 first dates",also fiction is different.Lucy Whitmore's characteristic change with Gus's character.They are same,they have memory problems.They do not remember one day ago.They face this problem and they fight this situation. the subject of this interesting theme supported a beautiful subject and beautiful movie came out.You feel soaking up the romance. I am sure,you will spend a pleasant time.
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Eric Curto22 April 2013
Warning: Spoilers
OK, I wanna point out there that YES, 50 First Dates did it first, but added comedy in it. Now that that is out of the way, let me move on to my review. I enjoyed it tremendously, the film is taken the problem seriously, while adding a touch of romance and even as a guy I felt the chemistry the two actors have in this film. Alexis Biedel is very likable in the film and portrays Molly in a way that makes you believe you could fall for her daily. Zachary Tir(I think that is how you spell his name)is also great in this, you really feel for his dilemma and when things start to dwindle for him you feel bad. This TV Film really does have a potential to be a TV Series but if it never does its still a great TV Film. 5 out of 5 stars
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Some romance, but not as happy as you might think
pottsb2922 April 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I watched this movie when it first came out. The main characters are Gus and Molly. Gus has suffered from a brain aneurysm that destroyed his short-term memory and forced him to give up his old job, so he's moved back to his hometown (New Orleans) where his family can help him. Molly is a lonely waitress who meets Gus and starts to like him, not realizing that he has to write and record things everyday so that he doesn't forget her or things that she has told him (this causes a few conflicts along the way). Although Gus loves her, the absence of short-term memory makes it very difficult to build a relationship. Gus's family eventually reveals the problem to Molly (and the fact that it cannot be fixed), and she learns more about his background. The cycle of Gus forgetting Molly, and falling in love with her again the next day, continues all the way to the abrupt ending (not my favorite way for a movie to end, but it's realistic in this case).
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Surprisingly thoughtful
phd_travel4 March 2015
This surprisingly thoughtful romantic comedy about a brilliant scientist who after a stroke can't keep his memories of that day after a night's sleep.

There is a Groundhog Day humor to his forgetfulness but when things get more serious the plot still works out in a realistic way. Zachary Levi is quite good and handles the role well. It could have come across as annoying but he keeps it likable. Alexis Bledel is winsome here and you root for them to work out.

Worth a watch - it's A list quality both in terms of acting and story for a TV movie.
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a guy named Gus meets a girl which he falls in love with her daily because he has memory problems
Dalia Ehab1 September 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I hate what romance movie do with me this is incredible the way he look at her everyday the way he love her how he talks about his passion how molly memorize his quotes this is what I want someone who knows his passion this is truly an amazing movie with a wonderful story which means sacrifice even though its made just like 50 dates but I think remember Sunday is better the way they look at each other they really know how act dammit ACTors why do you do this to me this movie really shows how love can do a lot to a person i really liked the way he shows the suffer of people who have ammisa its just amazing and those two actress makes great is incredible don't you just love love )
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Great, for a TV film
Newt Rox27 April 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Has Spoilers! This was a simple, corny, straight-ahead TV film, lacking in the crass sex and violence (that I normally like), but it does touch the heartstrings in that old school way.

I enjoyed the likability of both lead actors. Both were Simple, mostly pretty honest and ethical.

Other reviewers mentioned the resemblance here to people suffering from Alzheimer's, but I'm not informed enough to know if the disease in this TV film even exists.

There were a few things in the plot that were hard to believe. For example Molly's reaction to Poor Man's Ben Affleck was a little too over the top. A normally calm person, She wouldn't calm down enough to hear Ben's explanation. Her having submitted Ben's manuscript to the Observatory academics, which had Ben's "Answer To the Universe" thesis, was highly unbelievable. If I recall, he'd been midway through the work when he was afflicted with the aneurysm. I also didn't buy Molly's erasing Ben's reminder to himself to ask Molly to get married. She would have had to have erased all notes referring to her. (or did she?)

About the "dangling" ending, where reviewers here have said Molly and Ben were fated to an eternity of, "Who are you?" "I'm Molly," I don't wholly agree that this is their fate. In that scene near the ending, the always-hopeful and optimistic Molly is sort of testing Ben's memory by dropping a few lines or quotes he himself had uttered before. Ben gets a glimmer in his eye, and seems to almost be pushed into an active, tangible fragment of a memory that he DID retain of that prior day. The kicker of the hopefulness is when Ben asks if Molly can wait until 6pm to "grab some coffee," she answers, "I can wait," framed with an expression that means she can wait until he's cured. The not-complete resolution also leaves the door open for a sequel.

Anyway I cried in parts and thought it was a wonderful celebration of the human spirit. And Hope.

Good job, Hallmark!
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Made a grow man cry
ivan jekic26 March 2017
I watched a TV and this just caught my attention how sweet and intriguing this coupe was. It kept me glued to the screen. The story, the casting, the setting... I don't remember when I watched a film that made me feeling like this.

I was truly moved, touched and teared. Everything about it was so sweet and also heartbreaking, but in a good way at least. Molly is such a sweetheart, it's unbelievable and Gus is... sincere to the bone.

Well I ended up purchasing this film for future watching. I know I will return to it for many many times.

I wholeheartedly recommend this film for everyone! Especially for couples and families - spend some quality time together and maybe you'll learn what's the most important in life - again.
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Exceptional movie. One of the best of this type
KS22 August 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Many people have written very well to describe this movie. Alexis Bledel has been an underrated actress, unfortunately, though she keeps trying to do roles, like this one, that are a bit out of the ordinary.

A point that many reviewers brought up was that the ending was open ended/unsatisfactory. The ending was actually beautiful but a little subtle.


Her last words are "I will wait for you Gus". She uses his name. She had come into the store, she did not introduce herself or tell him that she knew him. But by using his name she is letting him (and the audience) know that she will keep coming back. It is really a very beautiful ending but a little subtle.
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Unrealistic. Just unrealistic. Irritatingly unrealistic.
Michael L.S.16 April 2014
Warning: Spoilers
The underlying premise of the movie is engaging and intriguing. Even though I am not an aficionado of the romance genre, the supposed comedic angle would have made this a watchable and enjoyable picture were it not for a few problems.

1) The quickfire, shoot-from-the-hip, smartassy dialog is absurd. For most of the movie I had a feeling I was watching an outtake from the Gilmore Girls (the couple of episodes of which that I watched I found supremely annoying). (Actually, as I was writing this review, I checked the casts of the two, and it turns out that Molly had indeed "starred" in G.G.!) Producers/scriptwriters, here's a clue for you: NOBODY TALKS LIKE THAT IN REAL LIFE!!!

2) Characters routinely goof up but everything works out great. Missed an alarm or your crummy auto won't start? No problem. Just run through the beautiful morning city, pick (read: steal) a bunch of flowers from a public park, hop on a picturesque tram, and arrive at your destination smelling of apple pie. Meanwhile, most people in the real world would have to contend with inconsiderate drivers, get fined for vandalizing public property, wait a quarter hour for a tram, and at the end they'd be out of breath and reek of sweat for the rest of the day.

Or take Molly's college paper. The first time around she gets a C. She then has a "profound" (*rolls eyes*) roller-coaster experience with Gus, which causes an existential paradigm shift in her, and she scores an A+ on the redo. If ONLY college studies worked like that! Forget spending hours doing laborious and tedious research; just fix to get your heart broken then made whole again, and you're golden!

3) I can't believe the reviews here extolling the acting. The characters are one-dimensional and predictable. They oscillate between Prozac-like ecstasy/effervescence and defeat/disappointment/despondency.

4) Gus was supposed to be another Einstein? Yeah. Right. Because a guy in his, what, late 20s could have become more of an accomplished Einstein than Einstein himself was. And because a fallen Einstein is seemingly abandoned by all his former N.A.S.A. and other colleagues, friends, and acquaintances, bar literally his sister and one best friend. And because a fallen Einstein needs a messed-up college dropout to apprise him of the existence of revolutionary medical treatments to cure his condition.

(5) The cheap, trite muzak does nothing to elevate this picture. They really could have put some more effort into the musical score.

In fairness, the movie does not insult us with a happily-ever-after ending and does make it clear that if Gus and Molly's relationship - such as it is - is to survive, a lot of sacrifice would be needed. That is a commendable message. I just wish it could have been made without an hour and a half-long rigmarole plagued by the problems listed above.

So, yeah.

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Remember Sunday ***1/2
edwagreen16 May 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Sentimental film where a young scientist, with great potential, suffers a brain aneurysm leaving him with a total short-term memory loss. He must rely on recordings and notes so that he doesn't forget recent events in his life.

He meets a young waitress who has just broken up with her boyfriend. Romance and love soon blossoms between the pair-providing he can remember what is going on. Every day is literally a new adventure for him. Naturally, there are the misunderstandings in the film, when our hero doesn't tell the girl about his impairment, and when she sees the recorder, she thinks he is some sort of pervert sending messages about her throughout the internet.

It's really a sad commentary on what can happen to a young person in such a dilemma. It should certainly make us aware of older people stricken with dementia and Alzheimer's Disease.
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Reminds one of '50 First Dates' but as a whole is quite different.
TxMike22 April 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This is a TV movie and as such has different production values, when compared to so-called Hollywood movies. It was filmed mostly in New Orleans, a city I called a second home for most of my life. It includes scenes at Audubon Zoo and the jogging trail in Audubon Park. Watching it felt like I was back there again.

I like Alexis Bledel, and she happens to be a Houstonian. Her establishing role was 'Rory' in the TV series 'Gilmore Girls'. Here she plays almost the same character, grown up a bit. She is Molly , searching for her path in life.

The other main character is played by Zachary Levi (TV series 'Chuck') as Gus , who works in a jewelry repair job. But we find that Gus has a most interesting back-story. He was an Astrophysics genius, some even calling him the next Einstein, when he suffered an aneurysm in a particular part of his brain, which resulted in his losing the ability to form new memories. Thus he can remember his past life, and his scientific work, but when he meets Molly, when he wakes up the next day his memory of her and anything they did or discussed is wiped out.

Gus learns to cope by making notes and taking a few photos. But it is of course frustrating when he meets Molly again each time, he knows she must be his girlfriend, but he has no memory of it. And Molly has to wonder if she can cope with Gus and his disability long-term.

Molly and Gus in most ways seem ideal for each other, but can they cope with Gus's disability? Mostly pleasant movie because of the actors.

SPOILERS: At one point Molly takes Gus on a "field trip". It is back to the Los Angeles area and the observatory where he used to work. She had sent his unfinished notes to them ahead of time, they used the material to complete an astronomical discovery, regarding dark matter in the universe. But Gus still had the issue, he and Molly broke up for a while, but after she established her thriving floral business, and looked up Gus again, it seemed that they would move forward together.
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