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The plot appears to follow a man who returns to Korea for one night. HE has been away for an extended period of time. At a café, he meets up with a lover he left behind when he left Korea, and the lover reveals he is seeing someone different, and is still hurt by him having left . He claims that he, too, is seeing someone different - "a 35 year old in Germany". Equally wounded, tears begin to form in the eye of the main character, and he abruptly leaves the café without saying goodbye, when his past lover goes back in to make another order. Later in the evening, he is approached by a man in a red jacket. They quickly become acquainted and their communications escalate towards a sexual nature. He notices a scar on the back of the main character's shoulder. The main character becomes tentative and touchy, and decides suddenly he does not want to do anything sexual with the man in red, to the man in red's confusion. However, he still wants his company, and so after some small bickering, ...

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