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There are numerous cult symbols hidden throughout the movie.
While filming the church scenes, production was shut down various times for a tornado, a possible fire and a power outage.
The cast and crew shot 27 locations in 4 1/2 days while in the Dominican Republic.
The filmmakers have said they approached the movie as a "creepy thriller" and "unsettling love story" rather than a horror movie, which is how the film was marketed by Fox.
The characters, Officer Miska and Detective Zeman, are named after Brad Miska and Zak Zeman, who produced the director's previous work on V/H/S (2012).
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The trivia items below may give away important plot points.

The McCall's missing ultrasound can be seen on the desk of the CCTV monitors in the Anderson House.
After Zach discovers the video feed in the Anderson House, you can hear Samantha kill the dog off screen on the cults' hidden closed-circuit cameras.
The faces of only four members of the cult are visible in the film. In order of appearance: the cab driver, the cult "leader" (who can be seen in the psychic shop, in the neighborhood they walk through on the way to the club, and inside the underground club speaking with the cab driver), the man watching from across the street when they return home, and the couple's second doctor (Dr. Dylan).
The decision was made by the filmmakers to move the movie away from the previous "found footage" tropes (such as the use of a framing device, a linear narrative and a non-recognizable cast) and into a story "told through cameras that exist in the world of the characters" much like Chronicle. This is demonstrated throughout, including the deliberate absence of a framing device, the use of an animated opening quote, a recognizable cast, a non-chronological narrative structure and a final music cue that is playing in the taxi becomes the end-credits song.

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