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I am actually writing a review on IMDb for this show... It's THAT GOOD!
heathernicki02065 November 2013
I really liked this show going in - even though it was slow for some people. As I watch each episode, I am more and more hooked, to the point that I have to watch the previous episodes again! (This is from someone who doesn't normally do things like that.) I think this show has something for everyone, and it definitely isn't just a "chick" show. The mob, family issues, affairs, romance, blackmail, etc, etc make for really great TV. They have chosen fantastic actors and the plot twists will leave your jaw on the floor.

Give it a chance... You won't be disappointed. I guarantee it's a lot better than most of the junk on TV now! Let me just say, it is so good, I am actually writing a review on IMDb. I mean, who does that?! ;)
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I loved the first episode
ungerbug5 October 2013
I really enjoyed the first episode and I am not one to watch much television on local stations. I find most of it boring. I can't understand why the critics are so hard in their reviews. Maybe they should ask the viewer for their opinions or at least sit back and see what happens with the ratings. This series has a lot going on in the story line. I have not been excited in a series for a long time. I can't wait for the next episode. The actors really nailed their parts and I loved the night shots of Chicago. This show is the perfect escape from reality, yet it is believable. It's about time that we can get something interesting on regular television. I am going to stay with it.
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Love this new show!
dawnblakeney16 October 2013
I have never written a review before, and I had to even take time to set up an account in order to post a review. This is a GREAT new show. It is well written and the actors do a wonderful job. There are several actors I'm not familiar, but definitely have added them to my favorite list. The show is not fake in any way, and could happen to anyone on any given day. The show is not only about Betrayal, but has an exciting story line. If you haven't had a chance to watch it I encourage everyone to just give it a try. I was hooked on it from the first episode. Its not to late, I look forward to Sunday nights just to watch it. I hope the critics change their mind and come over to the peoples view. Love this new show!!!
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Love It
leBratPrincess8 October 2013
I love the show.

If your interested in an affair type show - then its for you. If your interested in a 'crime family' type show - then its for you. If your interested in both - then it's DEFINITELY for you.

Its fast paced, it doesn't lag. The cast is simply beautiful and so is the filming location. Something/one for everyone to look at.

The critics have been hard on it, but really who needs to listen to them to form your own opinion. Give it a try, I was really surprised to come to like it so much personally.

I know a lot of people have viewing parties for it, I just wish I could get one rounded up for my house.
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review for this excellent show!!!!
javedizza21 October 2013
I can't believe this show is an hour long. It seems like it only 30 mins lol. I'm always disappointed when it's over. I really like Sara with Jack. There's definitely something there, when he looks at her his expression softens but his eyes show peace. I love it!! I know it's wrong to encourage cheating but I like their chemistry together.

must watch!!! I love this show....gaining momentum I see which is a good thing...but we need to keep it going!!! spread the word people...spread the word...great show...PLEASE don't cancel the show!!! It's one of my favorites and I need to see more of Jack and Sarah!!! At least they should give the show a second chance. They should know some of us are busy and might night be able to tune in when the show is on.
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Relaxing, low energy, low involvement, but nice after a hard day.
AnnaShade3 October 2013
My opinion on the pilot was that it was nice and entertaining in a certain way. I think it helps that I went in with the specific expectations that it would not be amazing but would be diverting in kind of a soap opera sort of way. That was exactly what I got, so I'm pleased with it.

It's a show I might watch on Sundays to relax before going back to work. It's fairly brainless, so I can just take it easy, and it's not bad visually. Don't expect it to be crazy smart and high energy - it's an evening soap opera. It's like expecting Breaking Bad to be mostly a romantic comedy.

The show is a bit like floating on the Lazy River at a water park. Relaxing, low energy, low involvement, but nice after a hard day.

UPDATE: I enjoyed the pilot, but now after seeing 2 or 3 more episodes, I'm beyond bored. The two main characters rarely if ever interact. It's not building tension, it's making me lose interest. For the pilot, I give it 8/10 for enjoyment, for the rest it's like a 5/10 at best.
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Great New Show. Love it
sasso58515 October 2013
I love this new show. The Cast is excellent. It's fast paced and leaves you wanting more. Lead charterers are great to look at. I'm not a fan of Scandal or Revenge but this show has me hooked.

If you like affair type shows this is for you. Can't get enough of sexy dramas. Love Sarah and Jack. They have great chemistry. The story line is very interesting. I tell all my friends to watch it. I needed a Sunday night show. I was hooked on the first episode. I'm not sure why critics are so hard on it. Everyone I know that watches it loves it. Excited for Sunday night again.

Great show. Great escape on a Sunday night. A must see.
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Love Love Love
perez_lynda5 November 2013
I love this new show, I'm a big fan of drama's with a good story line, and this one has it all, I hope that this show is renewed for more seasons because since the beginning of betrayal it got right into the gritty without any procrastination and has only gotten more interesting, and I would love to see whats next for the new season. I think that its time slot allows for it to be the type of drama only suitable for adults. I love that this show is a sexy crime filled drama with twist and turns, and I'm always anxious and on time for each episode, and I'm always very satisfied with what I see, yet I want more. When the episode comes to an end, I'm always anxious to see whats next on the new episode. This show attracts a lot of the younger crowds like myself who can appreciate a show that is undeniably irresistible! Thank you for a wonderful show ABC, that keeps me coming back for more, I am hooked and you can count on me to be a devoted viewer. Thank you again!
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Getting Better and Better
patty024011 November 2013
Intriguing and suspenseful. Sara and Jack were both unhappy before the affair and now is their chance to have a better life. Elaine didn't take long to have her own affair.

Poor Brandy she was caught in a difficult situation. Perhaps she still might be saved.

Much to work out with both families so that by Sara and Jack. I think Jack married Elaine for what her father could do for them; not necessarily out of love.

ABC should not cancel. They should give Betrayal a longer run.

Many programs get off to a slow start.
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great show . cant wait to see it every Sunday night
perla mejica12 November 2013
i have watch this show since the beginning and i fell in love with Sara and jack.I understand their dilemma and trying to resist the affair but they are so drawn to each other that eventually they let it happen. of course affairs usually ended up in disaster they usually do .But i hope Sara and jack will find a way to be together without destroying their relationship with their respective family.if it can be possible.the plots thickens every episode that i cant wait for Sunday night to come .not once was i disappointed about this show. i watch it over and over again so i can really got the story right..i think iam getting obsessed about this show. It is that good. Stuart Townseed is so hot!!
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Loved it!
shannon-signs9 October 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Really enjoy this new show. Just enough mystery and suspense with a twist of sexy. Want to see more between Jack and Sara though. I love their interaction. Can't wait to see how things evolve. Very good acting. I especially like Mr. Karsten. Also think they did a good job showing some friction in Sara and Drew's relationship, but not enough to think he's a total douche. Love seeing Sara's guilt creep in too after her interactions with Jack. Looking forward to watching more. Love the music! Love the City! Definitely one of my new favorite shows. Right up there with Revenge and Scandal. Can't get enough of the sexy dramas! Love it!
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Just love this show !!
codamax130 October 2013
CJ is just sexy and he and Sarah have chemistry. The storyline is an old one that works but the drama is great !!

I liked Chris on The Warehouse and a few other of his projects.

I hope this series picks up with the same characters/actors of course.

I am curious tho WHY only 6 episodes ????

I guess its just a trial run to see how we like it.

I would be curious to know if the same musical person that does Homeland does this show : ) I look forward to next week the 6th week and I am assuming the last week until then good work !!

Oh and I would love to see McAllisters wife have a fling with the wine boy lol
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Keep BETRAYAL!!!!!! Please HELP with giving it a rating/review
sbennett071414 January 2014
I am so sick to my stomach right now to hear that they may cancel BETRAYAL due to lack of ratings/viewers!! I do NOT know one single person in MY life who does NOT watch this show and does NOT love it!! This series has been the best to hit any Network in as long as I can remember. Something has to be wrong with the viewers counts/ratings??? Please anybody and everybody HELP save BETRAYAL by writing a review and giving it a 10 * RATING that it deserves. We NEED an WANT More BETRAYAL in our lives and if for some reason y'all have been living under a rock and not watched this show ......PLEASE do so and I can PROMISE you this it will NOT be time wasted.

Thank You
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Romanticizing infidelity
Warren Smith23 November 2013
I'm only 1/2 way through episode 6 (have another 2 to catch up with at the time of writing this), however I will say this show has turned out to be a big disappointment.

The first couple of eps were spot on. Love the setting (Chicago is perfect) and it has some recognizable faces, most notably James Cromwell and Chris Johnson, both very strong in their respective roles.

However what completely puts me off is the awful acting by the main lead actress Hannah Ware (Sarah). You can see in the scenes with emotion she simply has none. It's like she hits a barrier in her acting ability and just comes off as a soulless robot.

I find the idea of romanticizing infidelity rather cheap and tacky to begin with, but this show takes it to a whole new level. One minute Sara is kissing the hands of her boyfriend telling him how much she loves him, the next she is doing it to her husband Chris, both with the exact same level of emotion (little to none). Strange.

I must say it's rather amusing to read all the positive reviews on here (the majority by women) about the affair saying how beautiful and passionate it is (yeah right!). Perhaps said reviewers do not understand the true meaning of love and secretly desire for hollow sessions of infidelity too? I'm sure Betrayal is great for them in that regard ;) That aside, I do hope things improve, however I highly doubt they will. In fact I can only see things getting more and more boring as the season goes on. I'd be very surprised if this gets granted another round :) Thanks for reading!
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Betrayal is worth hanging in for the long haul
Kwrwolf27 October 2013
I loved the pilot but thought better if Drew was cast as Sarah's lover rather than Jack. Not a lot of chemistry in the pilot but I'm giving it time as the episodes air the chemistry will build between Sarah and Jack. Hannah Ware is gorgeous and Stuart Townsend is good looking but Chris Johnson is just beyond smoking hot! I love Sarah's relationship with her son Oliver, she's such a mom and the little cute things they do together just make me squeal with delight because I'm a parent myself. James Cromwell plays the evil Karsten patriarch to a "T". Hope ABC explores more of the Jules and Val budding relationship. I don't want to see ABC cancel this show. I know it's up against the Mentalist but if they promote promote promote then it will gain in viewer-ship and bring in a big name star as either a villain or a hero. I used to dread Sundays because that meant the work week was 24 hours away but now I can't wait until Sundays at 10:00 p.m.
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Great multidimensional show
isabel_marcus11 January 2014
The betrayal goes deeper along the way and we love it!

Initially, the betrayal was the simple one in a couple relationship but now it has become multidimensional, about business mixed with family matters. The show has developed some great complexity and subtlety both in its characters and in its story line:

Who is the good guy/who is the bad one in the end?Who is betraying who? who is playing fair and who is not.

Of course, we still remember the first scene when Sarah is being shot and the suspense is more than ever present. We can't wait to see more of Sarah and Jack: we feel for them, for the redemption power of their love story and for the possibility for Jack to finally change his life despite of everything.
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LOVE the show!
Calinicole0930 November 2013
This has easily become my favorite show on television this year! It is my guilty pleasure. I got hooked on the show after the pilot episode and I look forward to watching it every week! The cast and story line are phenomenal. If you haven't watched the show yet, you really should. I created the profile on here just to give it an excellent review because I have heard so many people bashing the show and I also heard rumors that the show may get canceled after the season is over. I think the show is getting better and better with each episode and people are realizing how great it really is. True, this is not how a family should behave but it's a drama, it's supposed to be intriguing and in many ways it shows how REAL people would react in the same situation. I REALLY HOPE this show comes back after season one! It's amazing!! My friend got me hooked on the show and we both NEVER miss it on Sunday nights.
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Lost in translation
monopoly-18 October 2013
I am not against TV show remakes - on the contrary, in many cases I have preferred a remake to the original, and sometimes a remake can bring a fresh new quality to the show ('The Bridge', for example). With that in mind, I was really looking forward to 'Betrayal', having already seen the wonderful original 2011 Dutch series 'Overspel'. Regretfully, none of the original's dramatic vibe and character development and interaction was brought into this remake (even though the storyline is pretty much a carbon copy), which just makes the show a 'wannabe' - i find it dumb, overly melodramatic and, well, boring. The cast is not bad, however, I don't think they exactly know what they are doing in this show - or they have been directed to make the show appear as something the storyline does not allow it to be, so it all looks and feels kind of fake. I doubt I will have the stomach to follow it to its end. Whoever bought the rights to the show, missed a great chance here. I give the show 2 stars simply because of choice of location - I do think Chicago was the perfect pick for filming it. Otherwise, my recommendation would be to find the original 'Overspel', get over the fact that one may need the subtitles turned on, and enjoy seeing what 'Betrayal' might (or was supposed to) have been.
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Betrayal is fantastic.
kathleenk-859-12882918 December 2013
Betrayal is one of the best shows I have seen on television for a long time. The last show I was this excited about was the original NCIS. I love Jack and Sara together !!! They are a super couple. When I heard that ABC was cancelling the show, I wrote them telling them that I and most people I know who watched the show love it. It is suspenseful, the writing and acting are absolutely phenomenal and it is different from most of the tired old cops and robbers shows that are on nowadays. All we can hope for is that ABC will change their minds or as some other people have said that another station will pick it up - one that I can get in Canada preferably. Come on people, the more we clamor for the show, the better chance it has. WE LOVE BETRAYAL!!!!
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Chappy Watched: Betrayal - The Complete Series
Chappy Watched28 May 2016
There's nothing new about the premise of this show.

A women in a marriage, ignored by her husband who is trying to become a big shot lawyer meets a Man, who is married to the daughter of his father figure/boss and is constantly covering up for their not so legal ways.

The two meet, try to fight the attraction which leads to a down moment in their respective lives and... you guessed it... They act on their attraction.

The characters and their lives that you see in the beginning of the show are not the same that you see towards the end. Relationships, both love and family, have ended, alliances have shifted and just general character growth.

It is well acted with a good cast of known and not so known actors. The stories are well used in these sort of dramas.

Even had it been renewed, it wouldn't have been watching anymore of it.
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Complex and intriguing
weberpr-3725417 December 2015
I'm a late comer to this show now screening on late night television. The subject matter is one of the most complex in human interactions. The emotion and power of love. I've now watched 10 episodes and really enjoyed them all. I find it interesting that other reviewers have either loved the show (majority) or loathed it. The latter for the main part seem to take offence to the affair and betrayal which in a sense is a credit to the writers and actors. I cannot agree at all with critics of the acting as I think they have nailed all of the nuances of regret, guilt, lust and the dizzying affects of falling in love even when it is in conflict with an existing life. Congratulations to all involved.
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Cold Facts
Roxas2315 January 2015
Well it looks like the Executives at ABC don't agree with any of the reviews on here because it was terrible and it was cancelled.....after one season.....yikes

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So good but left hanging
phil-sloan-147-42863131 October 2014
I'd have given this ten out of ten if they'd shown Jack meeting Sara at the end, but for what they did they lose a star. I don't normally watch this romantic drama type series, but the look between the two main characters as he walked down the stairs in the art gallery shot through me like a past reminder of love long lost, and from then on I was hooked. never mind the sub plot with the death of Lou and Karstens empire, the illicit love affair was brilliantly portrayed, Hannah Ware is a babe, she melted my heart like no other actress has in TV or movies. all the comments about her hair didn't matter a jot, she, well, she was awesome. I think a lot of people liked this because it took them back to the first time they fell head over heels in love, that feeling of knowing your life is about to change and you really didn't care only when you were with the "one". I'm not condoning adultery, but when the forces of love strike you, it's so difficult to manage it without hurting someone. Jack and Sara tried, but in the end he copped out. His,and ours, loss.
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What a shame Betrayal has been axed after one season....
frankimunk26 October 2014
I want to know who met Sara at the season end? I felt for the character TJ. I want to know where the guy with a freezer full of money went....and so much more, but it's been AXED already?!

I personally thought Betrayal had great potential, it was fairly well cast, it was a slow burner because so many plots were being weaved and seeds being sown to grow, give these new shows time to establish a following, you can't please all the viewers all of the time, but you can please a few of us who don't necessarily need blood, gore and action. Preferring intrigue, and yeah-maybe love stories. I loved Dirty,Sexy Money-axed Ringer axed Mob City crushed Switched axed Secret Circle great show-axed one season, to name a mere few.

Yet we are subjected to endless Law & Order to name just one example of a dinosaur. Not everyone thought Lost and other similar shows were awesome...and they seem to go on and on and on.....boring to some. It's about variety.

Give new shows a chance for viewers to find them, watch them and get involved. Can't the reviewers posts count for something, so few people bother to post, myself included. I understand how important ratings are but shouldn't we be able to have the chance for New shows we grow to love to be given time to become popular before just cancellation is justified?

Its gutting when a great drama comes along with potential and is axed before it has a chance.

Please....Give some shows longer to establish if they are slow burning intrigue building layers. These all in one episode shows are tedious, each episode covering one story/case as opposed to a season arc building that makes you want to see the Next episode, And not dismissively think it's OK, I'll watch Next time-it's only one show, there'll be another story next week.

It's so frustrating when potentially great shows are axed before they have a fair chance to prove themselves and maybe succeed.

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totally loved it and waiting season 2
iskipariute27 September 2014
Hey, I get so upset that they have canceled season 2. Please visit page "ABC must renew TV series Betrayal for season 2" on social network and sign the petition which you will find on page. I have really enjoyed this awesome TV show. Maybe you enjoyed it also? :) This TV show was really great... Just different and so so so awesome. I just bored of all TV shows about detectives and some stupid stuff. This is real life story, with perfect actors, interesting story. It makes you to stay and to enjoy watching it. Every new episode was like a candy, so I could "eat" tons of it. I really DO hope that ABC will renew TV show "Betrayal" for season 2. Can't other channels do it?eh... Love it anyway <3
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