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  • To prove she's not rushing into marriage with Pete, he and bride Penny compete with both other couples to prove how well they now each)other and do much better then embarrassed Brad and furiously frustrated Jane. Offered a job in a well-reputed restaurant building, superstitious Dave wants to consult a psychic advise, only to conclude he's more psychically gifted himself, offering his services to the gang, and following his gut to decline and keep his food truck. Max can't resist sex with his 'stalker' Scotty. Realizing 'losers' Brad and Jane are still much tighter then Pete and she, Penny calls off the wedding.

  • To prove how well she and her fiancé Pete know each other, Penny (Casey Wilson) challenges her friends to a couples' game night. A job offer at a brick and mortar restaurant leads Dave (Zachary Knighton) to seek a psychic's advice.


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  • The good news is, Max (Adam Pally) finally broke the unbreakable pinata, thanks to throwing it down to the street and having a car crash into it. (the car received more damage than the pinata) While everybody was binging on questionable candy (BRAD: I think there's glass in my Senior Mints...and my Sophomore Mints.), Dave (Zachary Knighton) told everyone he got a job offer to work at a restaurant called Knife, but he didn't know if he should take the job or keep his food truck. Alex (Elisha Cuthbert) wants him to take it. (ALEX: I love that restaurant. They have a lot of food there.) Jane (Eliza Coupe) offered to make a pros/cons list for him, while Brad (Damon Wayans Jr.) offered to do the financials. Not to be nice: those things got them horny. But Dave had that covered; he would go to his psychic, Tammy. Now all he needs to do is convince Tammy to come out of retrirement from Phoenix.

    Penny (Casey Wilson) runs into an old friend, Daphne, on the streets. Daphne couldn't get over Penny getting married, which apparently Penny translated into thinking she's going to fast by marrying Pete. And the more Max and Jane tried to convince her that wasn't the case, the crazier she got. So crazy, she actually thought she and Pete (Nick Zano) knew each other better than Brad and Jane. Uh-oh. Jane has that little Monica Gellar streak inside of her. That set the stage for Couple's Game Night. And all you had to do to get Max on board was tell him he wasn't invited. He even brought a ringer. Scotty knew a lot about Max from stalking him, although he prefers to be called Obsessive-American. The first round is easy enough: what is your mate's favorite color? Pete correctly guesses Penny's favorite color is purple, Scotty correctly guessed red for Max, and Jane correctly guessed Brad's favorite color was green. Except it's blue. Jane claimed it was green, but when Brad met her, he discovered he could get into her pants faster by just agreeing with everything she said. Oops, this was going to be a long night.

    Meanwhile, Dave couldn't make up his mind about the job and didn't know whom to ask for advice. Alex had a good idea; pick someone close to him. Maybe someone who lived with him. But Dave decided on a Tarot card reader instead. But no matter how much the cards pointed to Dave taking the job at Knife, he dismissed it. The reader was sick and tired of him, and it turns out Tammy went into retirement because she was sick and tired of Dave, too. Finally, Alex gives him the best advice. He knew his answer; he had been hinting at it all night. He just had to say it, and he finally did. He was going to stick with the truck. He knew the whole time.

    DAVE: That's what you're saying; that I've been my own psychic the whole time!

    Brad and Jane's night was going from bad to worse. (although you had to like the matching jogging suits and the trash talking they were doing) Team Jenga was a disaster, as was passing oranges. (Loved the music from The Karate Kid (1984), very 80s.) Although to be fair, Scotty had stolen Parkinson's medication from his grandmother's medicine cabinet, so that's how he was staying calm. When all was said and done, Penny had taken down Brad and Jane. And Jane was freaking out about Brad not knowing anything about her. And slipping on the crushed oranges on the ground. (JANE: Damn you, Floormalade!) Penny apologized for what the game did to them, but Jane reassured her she was just mad for now and would never let a stupid game decide if Brad was right for her. Now Penny was having second thoughts about marrying Pete. Unlike Jane, Penny couldn't picture herself forty or fifty years down the line and being married to Pete.

    Jane took Penny into the bathroom, and Penny admitted something Daphne said earlier struck a nerve. She needed the Game Night to prove to herself she was wrong and wasn't marrying Pete in a whirlwind of romance. But she was. And Brad agreed. Max also did, but he really needed to use the bathrom. (and Scotty 'borrowed' all of the prescription medication) Penny tells Pete how sorry she was and he takes off. The gang goes to comfort her, even Scotty. (JANE: Tushies are not in play!)

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