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Season 2

8 Mar. 2015
Back to the Digital World! Hot Time in Dragon Land
Mikey and Shoutmon return to the Digital World but discover it has been completely taken over by the evil Bagra Empire and divided into seven lands, ruled by seven Dark Generals who all have the power to Digi-fuse.
8 Mar. 2015
Take a Stand Christopher! Fusion Fighters Rescue Mission
Christopher and Metal Greymon's strength is put to the test when they join Mikey and Shoutmon on a rescue mission to save the rest of the Fusion Fighters from being deleted at the hands of the Dark General Dorbickmon.
15 Mar. 2015
Vampire Land and the Moonlight General!
Now a united group, teams Blue Flare and the Fusion Fighters head to Vampire Land, where they discover a group of helpless Digimon being kidnapped by the fearsome vampire Dark General NeoMyotismon.
15 Mar. 2015
Hang on, Greymon! The Rise of Shoutmon DX
When Metal Greymon is absorbed by NeoMyotismon, Mikey and Shoutmon search for the legendary White Lopmon, who may be the key to defeating NeoMyotismon and freeing their friend.
22 Mar. 2015
The Power Drain: The Hunters of Honeyland
The Fusion Fighters travel to Honeyland, where innocent Digimon are being drained of their energy in order to make digi-honey. They also meet a potential new ally named Mervamon, but her extremely narrow-minded focus on defeating the Dark General and inability to work with the team alienates several of the Fusion Fighters.
22 Mar. 2015
Sweet Revenge: The Horrors of Honeyland!
Zamielmon, the Dark General of Honeyland, invites Mikey and the Fusion Fighters to a day of horrors in his own personal theme park. Can they survive the 'fun' long enough to defeat him?
29 Mar. 2015
Ewan and the Land of Illusion
Nene's search for her little brother Ewan finally comes to an end, but she is devastated to discover that Ewan is a General for Lord Bagra and her brother thinks the Digital World and Digi-Fusion is just a glorified game with no consequences.
29 Mar. 2015
Psyche-Out in Cyberland!
As the team enters Cyber Land, they discover a friendly little girl named Luca who is only too eager to join their team. Only Dorulumon is suspicious of her intentions, but can he prove that Luca is up to no good?
5 Apr. 2015
The Water Tiger's Slippery Trap
The evil shape-shifting Dark General of Cyber Land continues his work to divide and conquer Mikey, Shoutmon and their friends with a series of impersonations and traps. Can they see through the ruse and work together to stop him?
5 Apr. 2015
Gold Land and the Irate Pirate!
Mikey and the Fusion Fighters must fight for their friends when the Dark General of Gold Land casts a spell on Shoutmon and several of the team members, forcing them to join his pirate crew.
5 Apr. 2015
Ballistamon's Bad News Blast from the Past!
With Baillistamon's evil form, Dark Volumon, revealed and Nene and Mikey kidnapped by Olegmon, Shoutmon must team up with Christopher and Team Blue Flare to save their friends and return Ballistamon to his true self.
5 Jul. 2015
Deep Trouble in Canyon Land!
Christopher's competitive nature gets the better of him when he insists on defeating the Dark General of Canyon Land by himself, with disastrous results.
5 Jul. 2015
Great Fusion! The Power of Friendship
The Fusion Fighters are left reeling when they are betrayed by Christopher, who is determined to prove his strength by defeating Mikey and Shoutmon once and for all.
12 Jul. 2015
Regeneration Frustration!
The Fusion Fighters pour their energy into the fight against Dark General Gravimon, who in addition to his fearsome army and ability to re-constitute his body, has set his sights on taking the power of X7 for himself.
12 Jul. 2015
Dark Side of the Sun
The Fusion Fighters are divided on whether or not they can trust Apollomon, the Dark General of Bright Land, who claims he is secretly on their side and needs their help to defeat Lord Bagra.
19 Jul. 2015
The Dark Side of Bright Land
Trapped in a nightmare of a place called the Underworld, Mikey and his friends are challenged to a final battle by Ewan, who intends to annihilate the Fusion Fighters.
19 Jul. 2015
The Battle of the Young Generals
While Christopher, Nene and the other Fusion Fighters battle Apollomon Whispered and his evil comrades, it's up to Mikey to convince Ewan that the Digital World isn't a game and that losing has real world consequences.
26 Jul. 2015
Beelzemon's Revenge
As Ewan finally comes to grips with the idea that the Digital World isn't a game, Mikey and the Fusion Fighters must find a way to escape the Underworld before they are trapped there forever.
26 Jul. 2015
The Darkest Dark General of All!
As the dark side of Apollomon, Apollomon Whispered, grows stronger, Mikey must come to terms with the fact that his ally may be lost to him forever. With a new sense of teamwork and dedication to each other, the Fusion Fighters regroup in order to try and defeat the last Dark General.
2 Aug. 2015
Prison Land
With all seven Dark Generals destroyed, the Fusion Fighters finally arrive at Lord Bagra's castle. There, they come face to face with AxeKnightmon and all seven of the Dark Generals, regenerated to fight against them!
2 Aug. 2015
Rotten to the Digi-Core!
In an attempt to save his friends, Mikey allows Axeknightmon to extract his Digi-Core and is sent to the dreaded Holding Cell of Prison Land. There, he comes face to face with the cores of the seven Dark Generals, who are only too happy to band together and defeat the Fusion Fighter General.
9 Aug. 2015
D5 and the Brotherhood of Evil
After escaping Prison Land, Mikey and the Fusion Fighters finally come face to face with Lord Bagra. But when he personally absorbs the Dark Code Crown, he becomes stronger than they ever could have imagined, and set to take over not only the Digital World but the Human World as well!
9 Aug. 2015
The Darkness Before the Dawn
After witnessing Axeknightmon's treachery, the Fusion Fighters fear all hope is lost as they battle the newly fused and immensely powerful Darkest Axeknightmon and receive some unexpected help from a pair of old friends.
16 Aug. 2015
Final Fusion - The Fight for Earth!
With both the Human and the Digital Worlds invaded by MegaDarkness Bagramon, the Fusion Fighters have one last hope - the Order of the Knights! With their help, Mikey sets on a desperate mission to save Shoutmon, while both good and evil Digimon clash in one last epic battle for the future of both worlds.

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