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Season 2

Big Baby/Perfect Anniversary
Henry's friend Estelle Enormomonster has a new baby brother, and all the Hugglemonsters visit the Enormo house to meet him.
Where's Beckett?/Huggleflight
It's up to the Hugglemonster clan to find Beckett after he goes missing! Then, while Henry is doing some flying tricks, his friends Gertie and Denzel wish they could fly too.
Knit-O-Bot/Scouts vs. Scouts
Henry and Cobby create a Knit-O-Bot, a robot that knits really fast, to help with the knitted playground. It's Scout's Game Day, and the Roarers compete against their rival troop.
13 Feb. 2015
Monsterly Ever After/The Roarsome Foursome
Summer makes Roartonio and Matilide's wedding all about her and not the happy couple. While Henry and Denzel are busily writing a song together, they decide to start a boy band!
The Do-It-Yourself Sleepover/Roarsville Rules
Henry crashes Summer's sleepover party in various surprising ways. When the new Mayor of Roarsville goes out of town for an emergency meeting, she leaves Henry in charge.
Cobby and the Brain/Robo-Friend
It's the school science fair, and Henry is convinced that Cobby's invention is the best. When Henry and Denzel fight, Henry asks Cobby to build him a robot to replace Denzel.
Henry Time/Rock, Rattle and Roller Practice
Henry tries to convince Gertie to forget her strict schedule and give 'Henry Time' a try. Momma promises to learn to skate in time for the Roller Boogie, if Henry practices piano.
On the Huggleroad
Henry, Cobby and Summer surprise Grando and Nan-oh with tickets to the Sonic Growl's reunion concert. On their way, they discover the Sonic Growl and their stranded tour bus.
7 Jun. 2015
Roddy the Hero/Never Enough Henrys
Henry is mistaken for the hero when bad boy Roddy rescues Milo./Henry replicates himself using the Cobby Copytron when he realizes he has three playdates all at the same time.
Roar-Plane Racing/Hugglemonster and Son
Henry competes in the Roarsville bi-annual Roar-Plane Race with Captain Hollander. It's time for the annual parent and child Monster-A-Muck Contest, and Henry gets to compete!
2 Oct. 2015
Huggleween Moon
While Cobby gets ready to host his first big Huggleween party, Henry accidentally blasts the Hugglemonster house into outer space ands it lands on the monster moon!
Monster Scare Fair/Roarsville Rovers
Henry and his friends go on a school outing to the Monster Scare Fair and everyone is excited but Denzel. It's Roarball season and Henry's team, must learn to be good sports.
26 Oct. 2015
Monster in the Middle/The Good, the Bad, and the Monsterly
Summer and Denzel to assist Henry with a magic show for Estelle's birthday, but they accidentally get tied together and must work a team to get free./Henry introduces a new, yet large three eyed classmate, Rhett, and everyone is afraid of him based only on his looks. When Rhett grabs Mr. Duggles, Estelle thinks the toy is broken and Gertie thinks Denzel has post-roarmatic stress.
Scout's Honor/Home Sweet Hugglehome
On Henry's first ever Wilderness Quest, the troop must pick a new scout leader. When Henry learns how different everything is at Denzel's house, he wants to do a monster kid-swap.
16 Nov. 2015
Ivory's Birthday Bash/Huggle Bubbles
It's Ivor's first birthday and he wants a big bug party. The during spring-cleaning day in Roarsville, everyone is doing their part to spruce up the town.
28 Nov. 2015
Abominable Snowball/The Very Special Henry Hugglemas
The Hugglemonsters are having a snow day with the Enormomonsters, when things turn competitive. It's Hugglemas in Roarsville and Henry is hosting a Hugglemas TV special.
30 Nov. 2015
Is a Fella Isabella?/Dudes' Day Off with Daddo
Henry is excited to have a play date with Denzel, but bad boy Roddy comes and creates problems. Henry pretends to have monster bumps so he can have a dudes' day with Daddo.

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