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Season 1

7 Jun. 2010
Kick Off
Emily knows that the only way to save her grandfather's farm is by sponsoring a winning team in the Dream League. With the help of Roy and Morrie, she forms a soccer team capable of working together.
8 Jun. 2010
Wings of a Dog
The new team has been formed, and Rebecca shows off what she can do.
14 Jun. 2010
Not So Instant Replay
DeSanctis has lost some of his memory about how the game works, meanwhile, Emily forces Roy and Byrne to resolve their issues with each other.
15 Jun. 2010
Anger Management
Morrie gets mad at Emily for not understanding his presentation on plays and moves, and later, he accidentally strands the whole team in the desert when their bus stalls on the way to a game against the camel team.
21 Jun. 2010
The Big Chillax
Sunny Farm FC is about to go up against a team that Roy perceives as being easy, but his gloating gets him in trouble when Maurice the bear rejoins said team.
20 Jun. 2010
Roy vs. Roy
Rebecca gets picked to be in league promotional materials with Sean, a player from another team that Roy has a grudge on. When this is combined with his crush on Rebecca, his gameplay is adversely affected.
28 Jun. 2010
After Peter rejects his audition, Viali Goat joins Sunny Farm FC, thinking he can act his way through soccer. Peter soon finds a way to exploit this to make Sunny Farm look bad.
29 Jun. 2010
Garcia's Lucky Hots
Garcia has a box of "Lucky Hots", spicy green peppers he uses as a lucky charm for goalkeeping. But when Garrick, DeSanctis, and Viali sneak and eat some, they begin to show strange symptoms on the field.
5 Jun. 2010
Roy's Pig Mistake
George is being too much of a pig - figuratively - and his teammates urge him to change. But when he does, he no longer plays soccer effectively.
6 Jul. 2010
Byrne Identity
Byrne reads stories to orphan bunny kids in his spare time, and doesn't want his team to know. When he finds out from his team that he too is adopted, raised by wolves, and also a sheep, he loses his clarity and signs a contract with Peter.
12 Jul. 2010
Leonizing Leo
Roy idolizes Leonardo, a skilled player on a rival team. But when Roy finds out that Leonardo isn't very nice when the cameras aren't around, he reconsiders whether he should still look up to him.

 Season 1 

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