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"Doctor Who" The Great Detective (2012)

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Matt Smith and Jenna Coleman are standing among racks of clothes. Matt explains this minisode is the prequel to the Christmas special. He says the doctor is mourning the loss of Rory and Amy, the woman who can never be replaced in his hearts. Jenna appears next to him and says hi. Jenna assures him that "she" (Karen Gillan, who played Amelia Pond) won't be watching because she is in LA. Matt points and says, "Roll the minisode!"


In Victorian London, there are stories of The Great Detective, Madame Vastra (Neve McIntosh), her lovely assistant Jenny Flint (Catrin Stewart), and a hideous henchman, Strax (Dan Starkey). There are rumors of a fourth member of the Paternoster Gang, who is only called upon in direst emergency.

At night on a dim street, Madame Vastra thanks a shadowy figure in a stovepipe hat for meeting them.

The group tries to drum up his interest with feeble happenings that they hope might be interesting to investigate:

- an alien invasion, which is probably just meteors,

- a crazy professor with a diabolical plot, who was probably just drunk, and

- Strax's declaration of war on the moon, although no one lives there.

The Doctor (Matt Smith) steps out of the shadows with a surly look on his face. In a disgusted voice, he chides them for their efforts. He says, "I don't do this anymore. I've retired."

Jenny adds that there's a man with an invisible wife - although he might not have a wife.

The Doctor says they are wasting their time. He trudges away to the distress of his friends, who are afraid that he really means it.


Standing among the racks of clothes, Matt Smith wonders if The Doctor will be persuaded to save everyone from danger. Jenna Coleman firmly says, "Yes." Matt scolds her for ruining the dramatic tension, and mentions the upcoming trailer.


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