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"Elementary" Snow Angels (2013)

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"Elementary" - "Snow Angels" - April 4, 2013

A security guard reads a book as he listens to a report of a Nor'easter bearing down. A woman outside on the ground cries for help. He helps her and she pulls a gun on him and shoots him. Two male cohorts join her and drag the body behind the counter. But he was only playing dead and gets another shot off at the thieves.

Watson comes home from stocking up for the storm. She sees a woman at the Holmes house. Her names is Ms. Hudson and she's in tears. She asks for tea. According to Sherlock she's an auto-didact who has helped him with jobs in the past. He explains she has worked as a "muse" to several creative types. She is also a transvestite. She has recently been the kept "woman" of a Davis Renkin and his wife didn't care for that so for now she is their new roommate. Watson points out it would've been polite to ask her first.

They get a call from Capt. Gregson and head over to the scene of the robbery/homicide. The guard, Mr. Dempster, ended up dying. Sherlock and Watson work out what happened, which is what we saw. The thieves stole a number of hot new phones about to go on sale. Sherlock is unimpressed by the case. And then the lights go out --all over the city--and he's intrigued by having to solve the case without the benefit of electricity.

Gregson and a FEMA employee coordinate the emergency response. The electricity being out is hampering the phone/murder investigation but Sherlock finds a tweet that gives the thieves' location away. They track down a homeless man who says he "found" the phones at a bakery, in the dumpster. He says a couple of big white dudes dropped them. Sherlock gives him money to get himself a room. He leaves the phones since he deduces the robbery was a distraction from whatever the killers were really after.

They head back to the scene of the crime and realize they must've gone upstairs. They head up to the 12th floor and an architectural firm. An employee of the firm is standing his ground in the office in case of looting. It turns out that they stole blueprints, and the phone theft was a feint. They grab some corresponding schematics to help figure out what blueprints were stolen.

Back at the homestead Ms. Hudson is bemoaning her lost relationship and Davis comes banging on the door to find her. He promises this time he will leave his wife.

Upstairs Sherlock is working on the electrical schematics and can't figure out what the thieves are after since there aren't many interesting clients.

The next morning Sherlock wakes Watson and says it's time to get going even though there's a blizzard on. Sherlock realized the real prize the thieves were after, the blueprints for the New York Federal Reserve, they were waiting for a storm like this one to use as a cover. They have no way to contact the police and Sherlock says they have to stop the robbery, in East Rutherford, themselves.

They bump into a plow truck which is on standby and ask to come in to warm up. He asks the lady driver - Pam - to raise the police in the 11th precinct. He sends Gregson a message about the robbery but he doesn't know if Gregson will get the message so he decides they must get there themselves and they try to commandeer Pam's plow truck to make it happen. And then when that doesn't work he bribes her.

Bell goes to a hospital to check on a gunshot victim from the robbery. He finds a woman who claims she was stabbed. She's checking out against medical advice claiming she doesn't have insurance. She asks if Bell found the mugger who stabbed her. He says no, he's here on a different matter. He asks her what happened. She starts telling her story and he notices the blond hair from her wig on her coat. He busts her. He tries to convince her to confess and then Gregson enters and asks about East Rutherford.

Pam drives Joan and Sherlock and she asks them questions but Sherlock doesn't want to do small talk. Joan gets a bar on her phone and calls home to check on Ms. Hudson and Davis but Sherlock forgot to pay the bill so the phone is out, not because of the storm. They arrive at the Federal Reserve building and an imperious man says there's no way they're getting in since they can't raise the police to confirm who they are and there's no chance to get into their vaults directly anyway. But then the imperious guy notices a strange sort of information on the computer screen. They discover that the thieves got in, looped the security footage, and shredded fake paper to cover their theft of $30 million.

Sherlock finds the point of entry/exit, a faraway door that leads to a tunnel. Sherlock notices a trail in the snow into the woods and says they haven't been gone for more than an hour. They think it's not too late to catch them.

Bell and Gregson continue to investigate the woman who has worked many larcenies with her Russian husband. They ask her to give him up or else she'll face a murder charge alone. Sherlock finally gets in touch with them via Pam's radio. Sherlock deduces that even though they were planning to go to non-extradition countries they had to clean the money, they think they decided to do it through a race track.

Watson, Holmes, and Bell stake out the house of the race track employee. The ambulance they're carrying the money in arrives. They descend on the house and ambulance and... they're wrong. Sherlock realizes they've been duped yet again, like with the phones.

Pam drops them off and says it was fun and to call them if they need a plow for hire ever again. At home the house has been cleaned to spotlessness by Ms. Hudson. She has even arranged Sherlock's books to his liking. She reports that she and Davis did break up and she has to take another look at that "kept woman" thing.

Sherlock tries to work out how the thieves got by them in their ambulance while the city was locked down. Sherlock figures it out and takes his theory to Gregson, how they created a hole in the checkpoints which means they have a high level player on the inside, like perhaps the new FEMA official.

Bell goes back to the female thief and says they are putting her away for life for murder. The lights start flickering and they stage what looks like jailbreak because of the power flicker. They make the woman believe that she might be able to escape with the help of her high level accomplice, and wait to see who that person is. It turns out they were right, it is the FEMA woman.

Ms. Hudson takes off but has agreed to clean their house weekly and Sherlock forces Watson to split the cost with him 50/50. Pam arrives to give her a ride to her new place.


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