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The 3 shown pages of Sherlock's "Discharge Patient Profile" from Dr. Caruso at Hemdale reads as follows (errors included): "Patient 11578-5698 exhibits extraordinary intelligence and has done very well with the recovery process and techniques here at Hemdale. Upon his arrival he was extremely addicted to the opiate, heroin and he was using a number of other narcotics on a regular basis (Please see attached report for full blood report). He also suffers from depression, and refused to be medicated, but did engage in psychotherapy sessions twice a day during his stay at Hemdale. While his prognosis for a continued recovery is quite good, it is the opinion of this report that Patient 11578-5698 would be well advised to be take under the care of a sobriety companion. Aside from the assistance in not returning to regular drug use, it is the opinion of this report that Patient 11578-5698 would benefit greatly from more regular interpersonal interaction. The patient's tendency to self isolate will likely prolong the recovery process, especially once outside of the daily care of the physicians at Hemdale. The patient has been advised to attend regular recovery meetings, on a weekly, or preferably bi-weekly basis. Once again, a sobriety companion would be helpful in assuring that this regiment is established and maintained. The weekly meetings will also assist in getting the patient out and interacting, likely a useful tool in treating the patient's clinical depression. While patient 11578-5698's refusal to take medication to assist with his depression is disconcerting, it is the opinion of this report that will regular psychotherapy sessions as well as the maintenance of daily rituals to continue with sobriety, the patient has a very strong likelihood of continuing to build upon the progress and momentum..."

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