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Dark And Moody Procedural Episode Is A Winner
dirtylemons7 March 2013
(No Spoilers)

'Person of Interest' is the best thing on network television, in my opinion, and especially three of the five episodes preceding this one are all clear contenders for best episode of the series so far. All of those episodes really delved into the overall mythology of the series, so I'm always a little wary when they go back to a more-or-less standard procedural episode. But this one is special:

The atmosphere provided by the storm in this episode worked to maximum effect in conjunction with the fairly disturbing plot. The plot itself is very good, I think, and very different from the rest of the procedural episodes, giving me lots of hope for the ways the show could expand on it's original premise without straying too far from it in the future. And although I've pegged this episode one of the 'procedurals', it should be noted that the episode basically goes a long way to show just one of the effects of an incident from a previous episode. I can't stress enough how well the grim setting expresses that sentiment. Also, perhaps it's just me, but this episode and the last ('Relevance') seemed to have even better production values than usual. And that's no small compliment, considering just how great the series' production values are revealed to be on the Blu-ray of the first season. I will say that, even though I award this my highest rating, I was disappointed by the lack of Fusco and somewhat underwhelmed by the revelation of who was behind the 'whodunit' (I thought it was obvious, though maybe that's just me as well). But all in all, I really hope that we can expect every future episode to be this good.
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Trust Issues for Carter amid hurricane!
ShelbyTMItchell9 March 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Really another great show as it shows that the storm was set amid Sandy as Reese and Finch get six numbers as Reese posing as a US Marshal and later with his contacts, Finch posing as a weather exert head out to the eye of the storm.

While Carter who is trying to get over not being accepted in the FBI due to her involvement with Beecher. As he may be a dirty cop with IA busting down his and to a lesser degree, Carter's door.

Meanwhile an FBI agent meets Reese as both and several other people are locked down by the storm. In a small police station. Where one of them is likely to be the killer. Playing a guessing game with one another. But you may guess who is the killer mid-way through but won't give you anymore hints other than that.

Reese and Finch must decide who it is amid the storm before another person gets hurt. While Carter has to fend off Beecher as he may or may not be a dirty cop. As both drive up to where our heroes are at.

Sadly where is Fusco? As really missed him and his sense of humor.
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"A" for effort, "B" for results
A_Different_Drummer26 September 2014
I respect this writing team.

To spend so much time establishing a formula that viewers are hooked on, and then to (occasionally) toss the formula under the bus and go for something new, takes guts. Bully for them.

Here the writers turn an entire episode into a "stranded at the motel" story. Not original. Been done both on the Broadway stage and in Hollywood movies probably dozens of times. But it is fun and new and interesting.

Jim Caviezel looks lost without his suit! Wow. Shows you the power of repetition.

Only reason I did give it a higher rating is that I saw the plot twist before the half way point. But, to be fair, I have seen a lot of film and TV.
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