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Sex & Nudity

Violence & Gore

  • The storm smashes into a bar and a Ferris wheel, making it smash into a building.
  • We see one side of a woman's house collapse to the ground.
  • A man splits a flying shark in half with a chainsaw.
  • A female surfer is attacked by several sharks and is pulled under, blood starts to appear where she was and her body appears on the beach minutes later.
  • A young man shows a young woman a scar on the side and says he got it when he fell off a slide when he was two and it hurt like hell.
  • A man is crushed by one of the giant letters from the Hollywood sign, some blood splatter on the letter.
  • A young woman stabs a shark in the head with a cue stick.
  • A news reporter announces that the storm killed several people.
  • A man hits a shark with a barstool on a pier.
  • A man says he smells gas, everyone quickly escapes the car and it then explodes no-one is harmed.
  • A young woman shoots a shark in the head six times with a shotgun.
  • A shark bursts through a manhole and a young woman shoots and kills it.
  • We see a shark's severed head on the road, a car then runs over it.
  • A flying shark bites a man's arm of when he's running, he falls to the ground and the shark starts biting his leg, he then dies and another shark falls onto top of him.
  • A man with a chainsaw jumps into the mouth of a shark flying towards him, we then see him chainsaw his way out of it's belly covered in blood and he pulls a young woman out, also covered in blood.
  • A man pulls out a small pistol and shoots five flying sharks in the head.
  • A flying shark smashes through a giant billboard and another smashes through a giant hotel sign.
  • A young woman throws one bomb into a tornado, she does the same with the other two tornados.
  • The violence throughout the film is cheesy, fake and comedic.


  • One use of strong language (shit) and many uses of mild language (hell, ass and God.)

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A man drinks a glass of beer in a bar.
  • A man holds a bottle of beer in his hand at a bar, he then takes a drink from it.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • It's a cartoonishly over-the-top gorefest, and the violence\action is much more cheesy and cartoony than actually frightening.

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