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Season 2

15 Nov. 2014
A New Dawn
A year has passed and much has changed. With her father dead, Ariadne is queen and finds herself at war with her old adversary, Pasiphae.
22 Nov. 2014
A New Dawn: Part Two
Pasiphae lays siege to Atlantis and without the Palladium to protect it, the city looks set to fall with the last remaining hope resting on Jason, Hercules and Pythagoras who are facing a battle of their own.
29 Nov. 2014
Ariadne is formally named queen, but with Pasiphae still at large and the city struggling in the aftermath of the battle, Atlantis remains vulnerable
6 Dec. 2014
The Marriage of True Minds
Ariadne must undertake a journey to Telemon's homeland of Aegina. With the kingdom beset by Colcheans, Jason fears for the queens safety.
13 Dec. 2014
The Day of the Dead
The wounded Pasyphae casts a spell, bringing to life an army of dead soldiers who become a ravaging zombie army, turning those whom they bite, including Dion, into the same.
20 Dec. 2014
The Grey Sisters
As Medea escapes Jason takes the wounded Ariadne back to Atlantis, where Orpheus swears that he will retrieve Eurydice from Hades. Unable to cure Ariadne because Medea used a dagger imbued with a magic spell the Oracle directs Jason towards the Grey Sisters, who tell him that only Medea's blood will act as a cure but she must not be killed. Having located Medea and obtained a vial of her blood Jason is captured by Pasiphae, who appears to want reconciliation and asks him about his mother, but he is rescued by Pythagoras and Hercules. They return to Atlantis to revive ...
11 Apr. 2015
A Fate Worse Than Death
Pasiphae is determined to stop Jason's wedding to Ariadne, no matter what the cost.
18 Apr. 2015
The Madness of Hercules
As Jason is due for execution in two days unhappy high priest Melas protests to Pasiphae, who has his adopted daughter Cassandra as her hostage to make him betray Jason. Hercules tries to free Jason but is himself caught and imprisoned with him though Ariadne and her loyal advisor Delmos arrange for their escape, which leads to their own arrest by the traitor Cilix. Pasiphae now prepares to declare herself the ruler of Atlantis and a reluctant Hercules prevails upon Medusa to tell the truth and save them all.
25 Apr. 2015
The Gorgon's Gaze
Learning that the gods have refused to acknowledge her as the rightful ruler of Atlantis Pasiphae tortures Ariadne in an attempt to make her voluntarily declare her step-mother as the true queen. Jason and his friends are in hiding but Medusa persuades Pythagoras to sneak into town and, helped by the inventors Daedalus and Icarus and a repentant Melas, steal Pandora's box. Guilt-ridden for her part in the Oracle's death Medusa uses it to revive the curse on her and turn her hair into snakes and, with her severed head in his hand, Jason enters Atlantis to confront ...
2 May 2015
The Dying of the Light
Jason is on the run with his friends, who are shocked by his recklessness and arrogance - fulfilling the Oracle's view that knowing Pasiphae is his mother would 'blacken his heart'. A worried Pythagoras sneaks back into Atlantis and learns from Melas and Cassandra that Jason's father Aeson can give him the love to counter Pasiphae's baleful influence but he is a leper hiding from society. Pythagoras locates him but before he can meet up with his son Jason is separated from the others and attacked by soldiers - with Medea once more somewhat mysteriously coming to his ...
9 May 2015
Jason is captured and returned to the city but Pasiphae seems reluctant to kill him and is relieved when Cassandra tells her that the gods oppose his execution. Instead he is put into the gladiatorial arena, giving Aeson the chance to rescue him, as lepers traditionally bore away the corpses of the arena dead. Having revealed to Jason that he is his father Aeson escapes with him to rejoin his friends in the woods and although he himself is mortally wounded he is able to return his son to the light.
16 May 2015
The Queen Must Die
Jason is determined rescue his fellow prisoners from the amphitheater, and makes a daring return to Atlantis, which is becoming an even more dangerous realm under Pasiphae's villainous rule. The hero and his friends face treachery at every turn, and come to realise that the only hope for the future is to kill the queen.

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