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The movie had an unconventional shooting schedule. Tom Hardy filmed his part in 6 days, shooting the movie twice per night as it was filmed in a single take. The other actors were in a hotel room, speaking on the phone with Hardy, who was on location.
Ivan Locke's cold was written into the script because actor Tom Hardy had a cold during production.
The BMW used in the film is installed with a "low fuel warning" alert and would make a noise whenever the car was running out of petrol. The noise disrupted Tom Hardy's performance during takes, but director Steven Knight kept the actor's frustrated reactions in the movie and substituted the car's noise with "you have a call waiting" instead.
To spice things up and keep Tom Hardy on his toes, director Steven Knight would tell new things to the actors on the phone to incorporate while shooting the scenes. For example, for some takes he told Ruth Wilson, who plays Katrina Locke, to play her character like she wanted to kick Ivan from the house for a while and now she finally had the opportunity.
The license plate on Locke's car reads "Adios" (playing with numbers as letters) which means goodbye in Spanish and is a recurring theme in the film
The film shot during the course of six nights with three cameras rolling.
According to writer/director Steven Knight, the name Locke is partly a tribute to philosopher John Locke.
Locke is a dialog-driven chamber play consisting of one continuous scene. With the exception of Ivan getting into his car at the beginning, a short overhead shot of the motorway midway and a brief pan-out at the end, the entire movie takes place inside Ivan's car.
During Ivan's drive to London there were 36 phone calls. 13 outgoing, 21 incoming, 1 ignored call and 1 went to voice mail. At least half the calls ended with Ivan being hung up on or Ivan hanging up on the caller.
It can be noticed when you look at Tom's eye bags how he's getting more tired and weary as the film progresses. As if it were a real non-stop one and a half hour drive.
Tom Hardy agreed to star in this film in exchange for Steven Knight being the writer for Hardy's miniseries Taboo (2017).
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At one point Ivan mentions he is at Luton. Tom Hardy plays Bronson in a previous role, a criminal from Luton
In Locke's phone contacts there is a Derek Jarmyn which may be a homage to the late English film director and artist Derek Jarman.
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The trivia item below may give away important plot points.

In this film Ruth Wilson plays a woman whose husband is having an affair while in the TV show The Affair (2014) she plays a married woman having an affair.

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