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Season 1

4 Feb. 2013
Paula and her sons visit Eileen but she is nowhere to be seen,the holiday album has been ransacked and a picture frame broken. Paula panics and rings her mother but gets no reply as Eileen is in Liverpool,visiting the World Museum with her phone switched off. Paula eventually realizes this and follows her but Eileen has moved on to a super-market where she passes the time of day with a lonely old man. By the time Paula gets through to her Eileen has returned home. Meanwhile Mandy's relaxing bubble bath is interrupted when her kids set fire to the garden shed but by ...
11 Feb. 2013
Feeling sorry for the homeless Eileen invites the ragged Dave home for a bath,a bed for the night and some of her late husband's clothes. Paula is incensed and feels Eileen is being taken for a ride. However when Pete's children Etahan and Melissa 'kidnap' the toy rabbit given to Paula's son Liam to cure his fur phobia it is Dave to proves to be the hero of the hour. Unfortunately,through no fault of his own,he is also not what he seems to be.
18 Feb. 2013
Ay Carumba
Learning that Ethan is a possible Olympic contender at judo Pete puts him through a tough training regime though it soon takes its toll on them both. Paula and Mandy compete to win the approval of Carlos,the sexy dance teacher who is showing them how to set up their own Ay Carumba Latin American dance tutorials whilst Eileen joins a group of other elderly widows who meet in each other's houses. However she is dismayed by their negative outlook and the fact that they seem afraid if group leader Maureen knows they are going out. In order to teach them to have a good ...
25 Feb. 2013
Discovering her old Teach Yourself Spanish tape Eileen decides to carry on learning the language but is beset by interruptions. Ray,seeking to sell his otherwise pristine Monopoly game, needs to get the set of instructions from Eileen's board game in the attic to complete the deal and soon the family is playing Monopoly on the landing,driving Eileen out to the shed to learn her Spanish. Ray's sale does not go well and Eileen could also do without Mandy trying to sell stolen food from her freezer. A misunderstanding on the part of the grandchildren leads Paula and Pete...
4 Mar. 2013
When Eileen's shower breaks down Pete offers to replace it,leading to a day out at the local D.I.Y. store for the whole family. Mandy is annoyed as she thought they were going to buy her dream bathroom and her efforts to secure the bath of her choice brings a series of run-ins with a zealous security guard. Paula and Ray marvel at the power tools on board while the kids get bored and Eileen feels everybody is ignoring her. Then she helps a brow-beaten young assistant thwart a scam and win him promotion. He also picks just the shower that she wants.
11 Mar. 2013
Liam is being given a pirate-themed birthday party but when Paula drills through a water-pipe putting up a porthole the party is moved,along with Ray's huge,home-made pirate ship,to a reluctant Eileen's house. Paula gets hysterical that things will not be ready on time so Eileen gives her a whiskey and asks her friends round to help with the organization. When one of them gives Paula a tranquillizer the effect,mixed with the drink makes her very hyper and frightens the guests whilst Liam,scared of pirates,locks himself in the bathroom and Ray bemoans his parents' ...

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