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Very bad writing, good acting by Summer Glau

Author: marin1977 from Croatia
21 August 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I am just adding to the other reviews here and will focus on a very bad blunder by the writers.

The fight scene between Maggie Hoapili (Summer Glau) and Kat Carrigan (can't find her name in credits) is horribly written.

Simply put, if you throw a cold fighter into a pit against a warmed up and fully prepared one of equal skill, the fight is going to be a curb stomp.

This situation is even worse since Hoapili has been tied to a chair previously. Predictably, has gets her shoulder dislocated within 10 seconds from start of the fight (!).

The obvious plot hole here is that people apparently paid quite a bit of money to watch this and I can't imagine a 10 second fight is in any way satisfying to watch.

To make it worse, Carrigan then lets her opponent go and proceeds to lose the fight even though she is apparently a skilled fighter and her opponent is a cripple?! Cringe worthy.

Seriously, the whole "return from the brink of defeat" thing is old and dead and with these two actresses the fight scene could have been epic (SG is incredible in fight scenes and I assume the other girl has some kind of fighting skill for which she was cast).

*** This is not a criticism of the actresses, presumably they had no influence over the scenario.

As for the rest or the episode, Summer Glau does a fine job with her role and the rest of the cast is pretty decent. I found the Lahti/Williams scenes pretty funny to watch.

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Summer Glau and Grace Park

Author: Joe_Stretch_Paul from United States
19 February 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Summer Glau and Grace Park on the same episode of a TV show! My nerd heart is beating out of my chest! On those credentials alone this should be the greatest episode of all time! Alas, McGarrett and Danno lose credibility when they don't arrest the shrimp truck guy, even after they catch him with a gun. Treat Williams could be a fantastic guest star but he basically chews scenery with Christine Lahti as he portrays a private investigator (as a Magnum PI fan I will never say private eye) trying to get info out of Lahti as McGarrett's mom. So McGarrett lets the shrimp truck guy off the hook and he can't even confront his own mother? Where's Jack Lord when you need him? Just when it starts to really drag they finally have Grace and Summer share a scene. Unfortunately the other detective has way too much dialogue and arrests Summer's character. She could have resisted arrest and then Grace would of had to wrestled her to the ground in a clothes tearing catfight, but no, denied! Chin Ho and Kono investigate Summer's character's father's fight club and then they watch fight films with McGarrett. The fights in the film look more staged than a WWE match. They can afford Treat Williams but can't get better fight footage? Fortunately Grace Park has now been on screen for a good 10 minutes straight (seven of those minutes included Summer) so I'm still watching at this point. An unseen assailant hits Summer with a stun gun. It was her father's assistant, and apparently he was disgruntled at being in Summer's father's shadow. They make Summer fight another woman in an empty swimming pool while drunks watch. Summer totally beats her ass. She hasn't kicked this much ass since the Serenity movie. The 5-0 come to save her. The main goon pulls a knife on McGarrett, who responds by shooting him in the leg. Although story wise it would have been better to see McGarrett best the goon in combat, shooting him in the leg was probably the only realistic moment of this entire episode. Treat Williams and Christine Lahti return in the final scene for some comic relief. If you get a great guest star like Treat Williams you can do a lot more with him than that. I should rate this episode a 3, but Summer Glau and Grace Park being on the same episode bring it back up to a 7. I try hard to like this show but I really hate the way that the 5-0 is totally dependent on computers. I also hate when they finish each others sentences. It takes 5 people to relay dialogue that 2 actors could easily handle and make more interesting (Scott Caan is the only one who avoids this pitfall).

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3.16 **1/2

Author: edwagreen from United States
13 February 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

One of the weakest episodes of this usually very good series aired this week.

Christine Lahti seems to be wearing out her welcome as Steve's clandestine mother. Is she or isn't she involved in a covert action? Steve hires Private Investigator, Treat Williams, to tail his mother. You know that romance will invariably occur between the two. Why not confront his mother with regard to what is going on?

The main story concerned itself with the killing of The Shrimp Man's cousin. One exciting part was that the heavy set guy is actually a suspect in the killing of a cousin who did a lot for him. That being eliminated, the victim's very innocent daughter isn't as innocent as she appeared to be. Suddenly, she is thrust into fighting in a ring with another woman. That's when the story fell apart.

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