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3.14 ****
edwagreen9 February 2013
Warning: Spoilers
For people who have been severely persecuted throughout their history, we see a lot of intolerance exhibited by the Hassidic community in this episode.

When the Grand Rabbi dies, his son is murdered the same day and suspicion immediately falls on the dead son's brother. The father had to choose one of them to lead the community.

See Fyvush Finkel in a scene stealer as someone in the community who sells religious hats.

Notice how non-Jews and those who left the group, in this case a current police officer, are treated by the community.

In a sidebar story, the former mayor's cocky daughter is arrested for smoking pot and she tries to throw her influence around. Nothing like her father wising up in the end.
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Very inaccurate, and prejudiced.
htrubin-011 January 2016
This episode highlights the complete lack of understanding the secular world has of Hassidic Jewry. As someone who knows many Hassidic Jews, though not one myself, I found the episode to be very inaccurate and negative in its depiction. Viewers should understand that Hasidim do not talk like that or act like that, and most of the religious customs depicted are untrue.

Considering the sensitivity in which Blue Bloods has attempted to portray other religions, including voodoo, I found it offensive that they seemingly couldn't even be bothered to hire a Hassidic consultant to ensure accuracy.
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Closed world
bkoganbing1 September 2016
It's curious indeed that while seeing and then writing about this episode concerning a murder in the Hassidic Jewish community a real life story broke about how the NYPD broke a case involving two Hassidic men assaulting a gay black man in Williamsburg in Brooklyn. Some downright trickery was used to get the truth there.

Donnie Wahlberg has to use a few tricks of his own to get inside the closed world of the Hassidim. The Grand Rebbe of a certain sect who was a friend of his grandfather Len Cariou names the younger of the brothers his successor violating tradition. At the funeral where Cariou is in attendance the new Grand Rebbe is stabbed to death.

These people are very used to taking care of their own, but homicide has been done and that's a matter for the Goyim police. As it turns out it's for the oldest of motives.

Tom Selleck's former adversary when mayor Bruce Altman has his spoiled daughter arrested for smoking weed openly in public. The arresting officer is Will Estes. The fathers kind of circle the wagons to protect their offspring. But it all works out well in that situation also.

The traditional Reagan family dinner is the subject of some amusement as Jewish cuisine is substituted by a grateful community member. Nicely done story.
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I enjoyed this
mudenbiz24 April 2016
This reminded me of the movie "A Stranger Among Us" from 1992. The supposedly "holy order" could have some secret sins, as would be expected. Even extremely religious Jews could have some bad apples. So, one immediately begins suspecting those who live in the community. It was a good plot choice. Since it is Hollywood, they can take artistic license to depict this community as they choose, but I didn't think it made you disrespect Jews or the Hasidic community. The Reagan family is considerate of Jews as they are of all people, just not people who have a bent towards crime. The friendship between the Rebbe and the grandfather in the family adds something to your appreciation of the family.
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