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New Girl Table 34
dalydj-918-2551757 February 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Last week Nick kissed and while he freaks out she cannot sleep. When she try's to talk to him he moonwalks away. Jess tells Cece who at first is shocked. Nick still stresses while Jess tells Cece about the whole incident wanting help to deal with Nick. Cece is going to an Indian marriage seminar that Schmidt is planning to go to with Nick and Winston as well. Cece and Jess go and both must participate in the event. Schmidt and the guys arrive and once again Nick sees Jess is there causing him to moonwalk away. Nick then tells Winston the truth and gets hit because Winston does not want to lose anyone as a roommate. Nick is told to apologise to Jess and he goes to while Cece wants Schmidt to leave as she looks for a nice Indian guy. Nick apologises and the two cannot come to an agree as both say the kiss meant nothing to them. He thinks it meant something to her but she says no. Jess calls in Sam just as everyone sits down to their tables with the wrong people. The bonding exercises then start and Jess try's to pass the hula hope to Sam but the two do not do well as Nick watches smiling. Nick and Jess then fight once again and are made do a binding exercise with paper and tape. The two do so well together showing the chemistry then do have. The next test is to sit down in front of new people with Jess wanting to talk to Sam and Cece coming to the conclusion of what she has in common with Nick. Jess then tells Sam the truth and he walks off. Nick try's to make things better but is punched by Sam and he leaves Jess to deal with the injured Nick. Schmidt takes the Mic getting people to talk to Cece for all the nice words she said about him. Jess is sad while listening to Taylor Swift with Nick trying to make her happy. He is unable and the two are still uncomfortable around each other. Schmidt and Cece have sex together but she still wants to marry and Indian Guy. This was another great episode and Jess/Nick have become such a great pairing like I always wanted. Schmidt and Cece together could be fun again and every character has found their timing making the show great to watch.

EPISODE GRADE: B+ (MVP: Zooey Deschanel)
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