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Absolutely brilliant
crowlers18 February 2013
Went to the world premiere of this movie as part of the Jameson Dubln International Film Fest last night and I have never laughed so much in my life.

Despite never being a massive fan of the you tube show or then the TV show I thought this movie was one of the funniest things I have seen in a long long time. It tells the tale of the boys trip to Poland for Euro 2012 and inevitably they get into some bother in "the Dam" along the way. The scenes in Poznan brought back some beautiful memories of the Euros.

Go see this even if not a fan of TV show as it is a piece of comedy gold and possibly the most Irish movie ever made!
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Get half locked, room full of lads & you're set.
patsybadvideo27 July 2013
Don't listen to the monumental gimp above. Who the f*** watches a two second graphic of a 2 dimensional van full of drunks that's only there to save time and gets upset because there isn't a union flag up in Northern Ireland. Absolutely f*** off you t**t.

All things besides I thought this having a bigger budget would take the lovely painful grubby reality out of it but it's pretty much hilarious the whole way through. It does sag a touch towards the end but this is an extremely common problem with a lot of movie length comedies. The plot is standard gear but again, with comedy it's sometimes not that important. If you're laughing it really doesn't matter. Have to say too that all the lads have gotten pretty decent at acting. A few uneven bits like but for the amateurs they are they really did well.

Only thing that confuses me is why Chris Tordoff isn't listed ad a writer. Was he only involved in the acting side? I was under the impression it was half his creation, perhaps he's moved on. He makes other good stuff anyways.

These damn reviews won't let you swear, some bizarre prohibited words. Shc*terring like? How do they know that one?
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Irish humor at it's best
CailinAlainn28 September 2014
From never having seen any of the television series and vaguely hearing of it, I luckily Stumbled across this movie by sheer chance as my other half was engrossed in golf. He ended up coming in and watching it with me as I was laughing so much. Speaking as a female with no interest in football I found this movie to be absolutely super. It's by far the best laugh I've had in years. The humor is truly Irish and will have the tears rolling down your face. It's no Shakespearean work of art by any means but it's addictive watching and some of the one liners are etched in my brain forever. It's just gas craic altogether! I just loved it and I will definitely watch it again.
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Conor947 August 2013
I'm a big fan of the internet episodes, but Hardy Bucks has just gone downhill since. The internet series was what made most people love the Hardy Bucks and those fans are going to be seriously disappointed by this movie. The RTÉ TV series was OK, nowhere near as good as the internet series, but still fair. This movie, though, was weak. Weak jokes and a badly written plot. Weak acting too. It was cringe-worthy at times. It seems like it was nothing more than a cash in. I did laugh a couple of times but it just didn't live up to the standard I expect from the Hardy Bucks crew. As a fan, I was so disappointed by this offering. I'd give this movie a 4/10. Don't bother watching this if you're a fan of the Hardy Bucks because you'll only be disappointed like I was.
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Poor plot line development & amateurish acting
David L19 July 2013
The film begins slowly, but builds towards an interesting plot line.

Unfortunately the story become cyclical and predictable, eventually losing its pacing towards the final act.

It's also bothersome for us "Nordies" as the graphics department have taken it into their own hands to reclaim Northern Ireland! (Island of Ireland is represented on a map, throughout the movie, using only the Flag of Ireland, no Union Flag for us Northerners).

Also for ten lines: "The Hardy Bucks Movie isn't revolutionary. It's not a work of comedy genius for the ages. Quite a lot of it feels overly familiar, an Irish spin on the "young men go wild abroad" sub-genre that has proved popular in the past number of years. And yet, despite that, there's a quaint charm to The Hardy Bucks Movie that makes it reasonably entertaining. The lads from Castletown has survived the transition to the big screen with their dignity – such that it is – intact."
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