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The best of the longer segments is "Steve," a piece of Pinter light starring Firth as a passive-aggressive neighbor from hell who repeatedly turns up at the door of a bickering couple (Knightley and Tom Mison) to register a series of baseless complaints.
The performances in tandem with the writing take most of these seven movies to interesting places.
Its most consistent pleasures derive more from its performances than from storytelling.
This assemblage of star-filled shorts makes for a generally rewarding grab bag.
Village Voice
Sequencing is crucial to any anthology, and Stars in Shorts wisely opens with two of the strongest films.
None of the seven shorts here is worth a single, well-made feature. But there are a few amusing moments to be found.
Say what you will about this collection of less-than-feature-length films: There’s truth in its advertising. The sketchlike movies here are indeed shorts, and stars do lend their presence.
Slant Magazine
Generally, these shorts do little to advance their own arguments, but then again, they don't need to; if the short film is the arena of students, amateurs, and small-timers, then these are overdogs from frame one, coming off every bit as expensive and banal as their makers allow them to be.

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