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Author: Denniz Ohlsson from Uppsala, Sweden
27 November 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I am glad they brought up this disease since not many people knows about it , As what the other reviews said.

This episode was pretty good, I liked how they put Angela undercover so we could see a bit more of her. She is a great actress and you could really tell that in this episode.

I also liked how we wont know what Booth has yet, it makes you wanna keep watching for the next episode.

I did not like the beginning, when the two cops arrived and saw the body, his screams were pretty bad, I mean you could tell that it was fake, anyway we all react differently.

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Thank you for helping raise awareness about NF and the Children's Tumour Fiundation

Author: Shelleyroberts from New Zealand
22 April 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This doesn't really contain a spoiler as far as I'm concerned but just a couple things might spoil it a bit I guess.

Thank you so much for helping to raise awareness about NF. This is a very real and difficult condition for many people, and parents like me struggle to explain this condition to our friends and family. While someone else has reviewed this episode and noted that NF2 is the more severe condition, they are incorrect in stating that NF1 doesn't present with severe conditions. My own child has Tibial Pseudarthosis as part of this condition, which is a broken, unhealing bone. He has to be monitored for tumours of the optic nerve, and many other conditions. He has a friend currently in hospital, who has a large plexiform neurofibromas (branching Tumour) and Liver cancer. We have shed many a tear for other NF angels who have lost their lives fighting this disorder. It is true that NF can be very mild, but it can cause numerous tumours, some of which can be extremely complicated. Bone deformities and learning difficulties are also associated.

While it's true a little more information could have been given, for example the facts that it doesn't necessarily cause tumours, I understand that you have a particular following and audience to get this information out to in a limited time, and don't want to bore the audience either. I think you handled the story well, inspiring sympathy without boring with details, and I thank you for not creating an evil NF character, or making them a murder victim which I as a parent of a child with NF would have been upset by.

Thanks too for the Nod to the Children's Tumour Foundation. They do amazing work and this is the website I would also direct anyone seeking more NF information to. Not sure if it was put up in the US, but I would have loved to have seen another nod to the CTF at the end and a reminder to check their website for more information.

Love the show. Loved your efforts to raise awareness. Hopefully one day we will have a cure or better treatment options and it is only with help from the likes of your team that we can achieve this.

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About NF in Bones

Author: lizziewitch91 from UK
11 April 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is not really a spoiler but putting it as one if you don't want to find out before you watch the episode.

They don't really say that he has it or if he his being a charitable guy but Booth my have Neurofibromatosis.

I didn't really like how they portrayed Neurofibromatosis (NF) in bones. In the show they made it sound a horrible disease to live with, and some times it is. But in a lot it isn't. There are 2 types NF1 and NF2. NF 2 is the less common but more extreme one which can result in brain tumors and deafness. Which was shown in the episode. NF1 which I have, is the more common which affects 1 in 3,000 people and is the less extreme one. NF1 may result in having small lumps under the skin, called Neurofibromas and having café Au lait patches on the skin.

They should have put a message on at the end, of the episode, telling you a website you can go, if you want to learn more about NF, or if you or your child has NF. This will tell you what you want to know and what signs to look out for.

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NF type 2

Author: mikerfield from Canada
9 July 2013

While I have a disagree that people are somehow luckier to have type 1 or it is not bad. I have had 28 surgeries for mine. I have had to both elbows and wrists re-constructed because the tumours on the nerves were so large the could not removed. Prior to these surgeries I was losing the use of my hands.

I have had a tumour the size of a grapefruit on my left buttock that has required 5 surgeries, including one that had a massive hemorrhage resulting in emergency blood transfusions.

Additionally, NF has been shown to be link to cancer. I had stage 3 testicular cancer, plus several basil-cell carcinomas.

I am glad you've had a smooth ride lizzywitch91. However as you get older, you will likely end up like me, needing dozens of surgeries, and possibly developing cancer. I pray you are spared.

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