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Season 1

Season 1, Episode 1: How to Hide an Oak Tree

3 May 2010
All OAKLEY wants to do is join in with his friends' game of hide-and-seek. There's just the small issue of OAKLEY'S enormous size and obvious visibility. Not even a touch of BLUEBIRD'S magic can help hide OAKLEY, so ROSIE, RAGGLES and their friends set about trying to make OAKLEY disappear. Will they succeed in making him just a little bit invisible?

Season 1, Episode 2: Ala-Kalama-Kazagaza-Zoom

4 May 2010
Everyone is amazed, none more so than Bluebird when her vanishing trick actually seems to have worked. They are all convinced that Bluebird has made Raggles disappear before their very eyes. Having never before managed such a trick Bluebird has no idea as to how she can make Raggles reappear.

Season 1, Episode 3: How Will Got His Wings

5 May 2010
WILL is convinced he can fly - It's just that his arms aren't feathery enough to pass as wings. BLUEBIRD tries to magic him some, alas without success. Not being one to admit he needs help, WILL eventually turns to ROSIE who has a plan to enable Will's wish to come true.

Season 1, Episode 4: How to Teach a Bear to Meet the Queen

6 May 2010
BIG BEAR is worried. He's received an invitation to have tea with the Queen; he has been on plenty of picnics, but never tea... So in best Pygmalion style, ROSIE and RAGGLES teach him 'going to tea' etiquette. Of course the invitation is a prank by ROSIE and RAGGLES invite a disappointed BIG BEAR to have tea with them, which he does in style.

Season 1, Episode 5: From Little Acorns Great Oakleys Will Sleep

7 May 2010
Oakley hasn't had a good night's sleep for weeks - all because his Little Acorns keep him awake with their chattering - they just love a good chit chat. So Rosie gets the idea to get them into shape as a choir, teaching them a beautiful lullaby... and pretty soon, Oakley is having the soundest sleep he's ever had...

Season 1, Episode 6: The Curious Story of Holly and the Four Bears

10 May 2010
ROSIE turns director when everyone wants to put on a play - The Three Bears! ROSIE decides that HOLLY will make the perfect Goldilocks... and RAGGLES, BIG BEAR and WILL make great three bears... OAKLEY is the narrator... But what about BLUEBIRD? Bluebird is put out so ROSIE decides to adapt the story to fit all her friends... Cue - HOLLY and the Four Bears...

Season 1, Episode 7: Raggles the Reporter

11 May 2010
RAGGLES wants to start his own newsletter and so becomes a reporter... But he is stuck for exciting stories... hungry for some big scoops, RAGGLES decides to make some up - which proves to be very upsetting for everyone. RAGGLES soon discovers that it's the little stories that count! When he finally reports on the real goings on of everyone's day, it turns out he had all the exciting news he wanted all along!

Season 1, Episode 8: Things That Go Glug in the Night

12 May 2010
It's night time and no one can get to sleep... There's a deep rumbling noise coming from outside. Whatever it is, it's keeping everyone awake and making them all a little scared! So much so that BIG BEAR and BLUEBIRD descend on ROSIE'S house. Now she must find out what it ROSIE and RAGGLES set out in search of the strange noise...

Season 1, Episode 9: Little Bear

13 May 2010
BIG BEAR'S nephew LITTLE BEAR has come to visit.... He's very cute, but very cheeky and soon he is wreaking havoc everywhere he goes. BLUEBIRD is jealous of all the attention BIG BEAR is giving LITTLE BEAR and decides she wants a special friend too... so she magics up an imaginary friend. LITTLE BEAR soon becomes too much of a handful for BIG BEAR, so ROSIE suggests he needs some help looking after LITTLE BEAR... but who else is up to the job?

Season 1, Episode 10: The Mystery of the Four Feathers

14 May 2010
After a dynamic race between ROSIE on her Twooter and WILL on his Go-Speeder, ROSIE realises that her beloved hair button is missing. When she and RAGGLES retrace her steps, all they find is a paper package. The mystery deepens when other special items start to disappear... BIG BEAR oversleeps when his favourite alarm clock goes missing and HOLLY is very upset when her teddy disappears... in their place are left paper packages! It's down to ROSIE and RAGGLES to get to the bottom of the mystery...

Season 1, Episode 11: How Rosie Mislaid Her Raggles

17 May 2010
When RAGGLES is inspired by a large bowl of delicious strawberries to play his very own game of 'Hide and Eat' Rosie is happy to go along with him. RAGGLES is quick to dash off to hide in the Maze whilst ROSIE starts counting. However ROSIE is distracted when Will's asks her help him break his speed record in the Go Speeder and soon after Big Bear needs her help to find his missing toffee apple. It is only when Rosie is helping Holly finish her picture that she realises she has forgotten all about Raggles. How will she find him and will he forgive her?

Season 1, Episode 12: How Holly Got Her Groove Back

18 May 2010
HOLLY has a crisis of confidence, culminating in her natural dancing ability disappearing. ROSIE tries to help her dance again by boosting her confidence but even ROSIE can't help HOLLY get moving again. It is only when OAKLEY offers to teach her a few of his favourite dance moves that HOLLY'S dancing inhibitions dissolve.

Season 1, Episode 13: The Slowest Race That Ever There Was

19 May 2010
When Raggles boasts to will that he has beaten Rosie in a race he doesn't know that Rosie let him win. Buoyed up with his achievement Raggles challenges Will to a race... Will is convinced he will win... Rosie is secretly worried Raggles will lose. Rosie decides to help Raggles with his training and much to Will's disappointment, Bluebird volunteers to be his trainer. When it comes to the race both Will and Raggles are tired out with training. Rosie declares the race a draw when neither Will nor Raggles reach the finishing line!

Season 1, Episode 14: Bossy Bluebird

20 May 2010
Rosie finds unrest in the garden... Raggles is being tetchy with Rosie because his penny whistle is missing... WILL has been told off for swinging too high... Big Bear has been told to tiptoe quietly through the woods... and as for Oakley, he's been told to stop creaking and rustling ... but who's behind all these bossy orders? Bluebird! Rosie gets to the bottom of the problem... Bluebird can't sing her dawn chorus due to all the noise in the garden, so she has decided to take matters into her own wings and stop everyone making any noise! Thankfully, Rosie comes up with a solution which makes everyone happy...

Season 1, Episode 15: The Call of the Wild

21 May 2010
Something has happened to BLUEBIRD, she doesn't seem herself. All she does is sit in OAKLEY'S branches and looks to the sky, watching all the other birds emigrate. Sensing BLUEBIRD may leave them, ROSIE and the others set out to show her what wonders their little world has to offer. This ends in disaster but BLUEBIRD realises what effort her friends put in to make her want to stay....and that's special enough.

Season 1, Episode 16: Oakley and the Big Sneeze

24 May 2010
It's morning and ROSIE and RAGGLES' Playhouse is rattling from the sound of an enormous sneeze... You see, something is getting up OAKLEY'S nose and he can't stop sneezing... The poor LITTLE ACORNS keep flying down the hill... and no-one can help OAKLEY because every time they attempt to climb to the top of the hill, he sneezes and blows them all the way to the bottom again... When Little Bear is carried away on a kite after one of Oakley's giant sneezes, ROSIE is determined to find out what is making OAKLEY sneeze?

Season 1, Episode 17: Skipping Bears, Talking Trees & Knitted Nests

25 May 2010
Saffie would like the Little Acorns over for a sleepover? Only problem is Saffie and Oakley are so far apart that Saffie cannot ask Oakley herself and is relying on Rosie and Raggles driving to and fro in the Twooter. Will Saffie's message reach Oakley or will Rosie and Raggles find a better solution? Bluebird can't help as she is too busy creating the newest designer nest and Holly and Will are supposed to be helping Big Bear to skip, problem is he is just too big for their skipping rope!

Season 1, Episode 18: Looking After Little Bear

26 May 2010
Big Bear decides to build Little Bear his first scooter as a surprise, so Rosie and Raggles volunteer to look after Little Bear to keep him out of the way. But looking after Little Bear proves to be quite a handful and when it comes to the time for Big Bear to present the scooter, they are all exhausted and spark out, asleep. Thanks to RAGGLE'S initiative he rallies his friends just in time and LITTLE BEAR gets to test run his first ever scooter...

Season 1, Episode 19: Superwill

27 May 2010
WILL decides to become a superhero and customises his Go Speeder as his superhero vehicle. Trouble is no one needs his help so WILL decides he will have to create a situation so he can save the day. WILL takes RAGGLES' kite flying on the back of his Go Speeder intentionally to get it caught in OAKLEY'S branches. When RAGGLES kite is ripped and torn Will feels terrible - how can he make up for his mistake? It is only when LITTLE BEAR goes missing that a real hero is required...

Season 1, Episode 20: When Did You Last See Your Nest?

27 May 2010
BLUEBIRD thinks her nest has been stolen. She accuses WILL of taking it, and when she catches BIG BEAR with a big pile of sticks she's convinced he's the culprit. They all decide to make BLUEBIRD a replacement nest... But when Bluebirds nest is discovered in a similar looking tree to where Bluebird said she last saw it, with a little help from The ACORNS, we discover that BLUEBIRD has in fact forgotten the tree she put her nest in...

Season 1, Episode 21: The Greatest Show in the Garden

21 June 2010
Holly wants to go to the circus.... but of course the circus isn't in town. Despite Rosie's efforts to convince her otherwise Holly has her heart set on visiting the big top... So, Rosie hangs colourful drapes on Oakley's branches, Oakley becomes ring master for the day and Rosie and her friends perform their special circus acts to give Holly her very own circus!

Season 1, Episode 22: It's Time To Let It Go Little Bear

22 June 2010
Little Bear finds a Fluffy Bug with a hurt wing. He picks it up and takes it in, nurturing it, feeding it, loving it... Little Bear even takes Fluffy Bug to the Playground, they swing together on the swings but when Little Bear goes on the trampoline and leaves Bluebird to look after Fluffy Bug he is devastated when he comes back to find that Fluffy Bug has disappeared. Little Bear is so upset, everyone goes off in search of Fluffy Bug, only for Fluffy Bug (and some of his friends) to show up when they are least expected!

Season 1, Episode 23: The Last Snowball

23 June 2010
The sun is shining and the day's snow is melting when Big Bear awakes from a long sleep and he's ready to play... But when he hears about all the fun everyone has had in the snow he feels he's missed... Rosie remembers that there are some last remnants of the snowman they made on Oakley's Hill... Maybe there's enough for one last snowball for Big Bear... But they'll have to be quick - it's melting fast.

Season 1, Episode 24: Whoops!

24 June 2010
BIG BEAR is in a panic after he ruins a picture book he borrowed from RAGGLES making a Bozberry pie for LITTLE BEAR... what is he going to do now RAGGLES wants it back? He tries to mend it but only makes it worse.... He tries to get BLUEBIRD to conjure a new one, without any luck of course... In desperation, he makes a replacement picture book by hand with ROSIE... But will RAGGLES like it, and will he forgive him?

Season 1, Episode 25: Rosie's Swap Shop

25 June 2010
The Playhouse is a complete mess, but RAGGLES doesn't care, he wants to play shops with ROSIE.... ROSIE has an idea how to play shops and clean up at the same time. She sets up a shop outside the playhouse and in return for smoothies, people swap chores! Business is soon booming and when WILL sees the success of the shop he decides to set up his own chore exchange, after all his very dirty Go Speeder could do with a clean... WILL quickly learns that to join forces makes better business sense and soon everyone is reaping the rewards of WILL and ROSIE's combined efforts.

Season 1, Episode 26: How to Catch an Echo

28 June 2010
OAKLEY is playing with his echo... Everytime OAKLEY blows a raspberry the echo cheekily blows one back. ROSIE and RAGGLES soon realise that other strange things seem to be happening - the TWOOTER mysteriously moves, BIG BEAR wakes up with chalk glasses drawn on his face and BLUEBIRD's Bozberries seem to have a life of their own. ROSIE suspects WILL is up to no good - but is WILL responsible for all the pranks or does the echo really want to come out and play?

Season 2

Season 2, Episode 1: How to Give Away Your Toys and Keep Them

23 May 2011
Raggles has got too many toys to fit in his hammock, so Rosie suggests he gives some away. Raggles gets so carried away that he even gives Bluebird his favourite Penny Whistle! He soon regrets this, but when he asks for it back, Bluebird refuses, giving Raggles her old Kazoo instead... Raggles gets even more upset when he sees everyone swapping the toys he gave to them - he wishes he could have his toys back! Saffie tells Rosie she has so many treasures herself she has to let them free into the world which gives Rosie an idea... Taking a bejewelled box from one of Saffie's low branches, Rosie collects up the toys Raggles gave away with some extras from everyone and presents it to Raggles as a play box that they can all share, whenever they want. As for the Penny Whistle, when Bluebird hears Raggles play her Kazoo, she can't wait to swap it back and they perform a wonderful duet together.

Season 2, Episode 2: Never Play Tennis with an Egg

24 May 2011
Rosie and Raggles are playing tennis with Will and Holly... It's great fun, but when Will and Holly are about to win, Raggles delivers a super serve that sends the ball flying high into the air out of sight. Little do they realise that the tennis ball has landed inside Bluebird's nest! Oakley convinces Bluebird that it's an egg - so she reluctantly sits on it. Word quickly spreads and soon Bluebird is being pampered for all she's worth! Meanwhile, the tennis match is resumed using an orange instead of the missing ball and everyone goes off to watch the game, leaving a bored Bluebird on her egg. Raggles performs his wonder serve again, sending the orange back into Oakley's branches... It knocks Bluebird out of her nest and her egg falls to the ground, caught by Rosie who discovers that it's the missing tennis ball! Thankfully Bluebird sees the funny side...

Season 2, Episode 3: Let's Go to the Fluffy Bug Ball

25 May 2011
Raggles is in his hammock nursing a cold, but tonight it's the Fluffy Bug Ball where everyone dresses up to witness the annual display of colour and light by the Fluffy Bugs. It's unmissable... unless you are ill in your hammock! Raggles is determined to see the Fluffy Bugs and tries to convince Rosie that he feels better. Holly arrives to look after Raggles and it doesn't take him long to convince Holly that they should collect the sticky buds for the Fluffy Bug Ball... Saffie is also disappointed because the fluffy Bugs only display at the Showground - and she's too far away to see it! Back at the Playhouse, Raggles moans it's not fair he and Saffie can't see the Fluffy Bugs... If only they could fly over the garden! This gives Rosie a brilliant idea... Using the sticky buds as a lure, Rosie and the others dance in their costumes in a procession, leading the Fluffy Bugs around the garden, past the playhouse where Raggles watches and past Saffie, before they finally light up the sky!

Season 2, Episode 4: Big Bear's Little Café

26 May 2011
After great success with his pancakes, Big Bear is encouraged to open his own café for all his friends. But Holly is sad when she realises that Oakley isn't going to be able to join them. Oakley tells Holly he's got lots of friends so is never alone, but she is determined to have a picnic with him to keep him company... Big Bear's Little Café opens with pomp and ceremony, but Little Bear proves to be more of a hindrance than a help as he waits on the tables and messes up orders! When Holly leaves her picnic with Oakley, Teal and Manny eat all the food - to Oakley's horror! Meanwhile, Big Bear's café is a disaster and he concedes defeat. Everyone is disappointed and hungry, until Holly tells them about her picnic. Unfortunately Teal and Manny have helped themselves to the lot, but this gives Rosie a brilliant idea and soon everyone is helping themselves at Big Bear's Little Help Yourself Café...

Season 2, Episode 5: Bubble Trouble

27 May 2011
Rosie and Raggles are having a wonderful time blowing bubbles from the playhouse balcony and everyone down below is having a wonderful time popping them! But Will is determined to show everyone he is the best bubble blower around. With the use of Holly's hula-hoop and Big Bear's paddling pool, he creates the biggest bubble anyone has ever seen! Triumph turns to disaster, however, when Bluebird gets stuck inside it and bounces around the garden. Chaos ensues as the bubble nearly flattens Holly's painting easel, and ruins Big Bear's washing. As Will, Holly, Rosie and Raggles take chase, the bubble bounces so high it gets cushioned on one of Saffie's branches... How will they free Bluebird now...?

Season 2, Episode 6: Holly to the Rescue

30 May 2011
Holly really wants to be a nurse. She has the uniform and the bandage box and she's been practising on poor Raggles for days. Now she needs a proper patient to look after. But when she realises that to have a patient, one of her friends must be hurt, she has second thoughts. She wouldn't like that at all. But now she's really disappointed. Thanks to Rosie she discovers there are other things that need special care too. Like Big Bear's droopy sunflower and the hole in Bluebird's nest! And when one of her friends really does need her help after all, Holly knows exactly what to do...

Season 2, Episode 7: Follow That Cloud

31 May 2011
After cloud watching on Oakley's Hill, Raggles decides he wants his friends to help him catch a cloud of his own. And he's not joking! But how do you catch a cloud? Bluebird tries magic. And Will discovers that a kite covered in glue isn't the answer. Rosie's baffled until Saffie's words of wisdom remind her what a cloud actually is....

Season 2, Episode 8: The Flying Featherettes

1 June 2011
Grab the hottest seat in town! Bluebird, Teal and Manny (The Featherettes) are going to perform an aerial extravaganza at the Show Ground! However, each of them thinks they're an aeronautical ace and vanity and competitiveness are threatening to ground the entire enterprise. It's up to Rosie and Raggles to show them how to work as a team so they can all become stars!

Season 2, Episode 9: Big Bear in a Spin

2 June 2011
Everyone is so excited that Little Bear is coming to stay, they decide to prepare a welcome party. Big Bear can always be relied upon to help his friends but with so much to do, he keeps forgetting what to do next. And he has his own present to make for Little Bear! Soon he is upset that he is letting his friends down and he can't remember all the things he has promised to do? It takes Rosie to realise that Big Bear's memory isn't the real problem and to help Big Bear get everything done in the nick of time.

Season 2, Episode 10: The Time Travelling Tree

3 June 2011
Will's making a time capsule and Oakley invites Will to bury the box among his roots. Everyone's excited and rushes round gathering up their favourite things, until there's no room left for them all. Oakley wishes he could put something in too but doesn't know what - a leaf would shrivel and a twig isn't special enough. Eventually, the time comes to bury the capsule... Big Bear digs... But what's this? There's a very, very old box in the same spot. In the bottom of the old box is a piece of paper but a gust of wind whisks it away... After a big chase, Bluebird finds a very, very old photograph... of a sapling which turns out to be Oakley! Oakley looks at it in wonder - he'd forgotten all about that. Rosie runs for her camera and takes a photo of Oakley "all grown up" - with all his friends around him. Oakley's delighted - he can put something in the capsule after all - and they bury the old and new capsules together.

Season 2, Episode 11: Raggles Stupendous Breakfast Treat

6 June 2011
Big Bear's description of his daily breakfast is amazing! So Raggles is thrilled when Big Bear suggests he might like to stay the night and sample it for himself. Rosie is excited for Raggles too, until back home it dawns on her she'll have to go to sleep without him. Meanwhile Raggles is making Big Bear do all the things Rosie usually does at bedtime. Big Bear's good nature is pushed to the limit as tries to accommodate his increasingly demanding guest. How can Big Bear, Raggles and Rosie all get a good night's sleep?

Season 2, Episode 12: The Art of Rubbish

7 June 2011
When Saffie comments on how wasteful people are compared to trees, Rosie persuades her friends that they should throw nothing away. After all one person's rubbish is another person's treasure! Everyone enthusiastically discards their clutter to be collected by Rosie and Raggles and stored in the Playhouse. Soon they can barely move in there. What can they do? The friends try to make use of the clutter and they all make new things to keep - Holly makes a button and feather bracelet, Raggles a robot and Will a plastic bottle skittle alley - but it barely dents the problem. Rosie has an idea - they should use the rubbish to make something special for Oakley too....

Season 2, Episode 13: Pirate Treasure

8 June 2011
Everyone's excited when Will suggests a game of pirates but Bluebird, Raggles and Will argue about who will be the Pirate Captain. No one will give way so Rosie turns to Saffie for advice. "The Pirate Captain is the one that finds the treasure," Saffie tells her. The competing pirates love the idea of a treasure hunt and agree to let Rosie set one up. Soon the three rivals are dashing round the garden with their teams, competing to crack the clues on the map and earn the right to be Captain. But just when each thinks they're the winner it takes a group effort to recover the treasure chest...

Season 2, Episode 14: Bluebird and the Tootleplinks

9 June 2011
To mark the anniversary of the day she was planted in the garden Saffie invites her friends to help her play 'music on the wind'. Rosie sings, Saffie has her wind chimes, Raggles his whistle and Holly her recorder. Big Bear plays the spoons and Will plays an array of percussion. But Bluebird has a problem with her kazoo so Saffie gives her some panpipes which she can't seem to get the hang of. When the Acorns laugh at the sounds they make she thinks they are laughing at her and decides to leave the band. Somehow Rosie must persuade her back and restore harmony for Saffie's big day. But nothing works until, on the day itself, the wind drops and Saffie can't play her chimes...

Season 2, Episode 15: Big Bear's Big Wobble

10 June 2011
Wide-eyed with wonder at all the things that Big Bear can do, Little Bear puts him on a pedestal. But when Will decides to build an obstacle course using various locations in the garden Big Bear won't have a go. Everyone else loves it so why is Big Bear making excuses? Eventually Rosie discovers that he doesn't want to let Little Bear down by falling off the balance bar. Can his friends help build his confidence?

Season 2, Episode 16: The Little Girl Who Wants to Be a Tree

4 July 2011
After hearing about Oakley's life as a young sapling, Holly decides she wants to be a tree too... She wants to feel the wind in her leaves and look down on the world from the top of a hill just like Oakley! Soon Holly is standing in her very own tree costume, complete with nest and dangly leaves. However as she watches everyone playing down below she yearns to be down there too... When Holly does come down from the hill she discovers everything has changed. She has inspired everyone to be someone else - Raggles is Big Bear...Will is Rosie... and Rosie is Will... It's chaos, so Holly goes to see Saffie. She tells Holly that being yourself is the best way to be. She wouldn't swap being a Cedar for all the riches in the world. So Holly returns to Oakley's Hill as Holly... She feels the breeze in her hair and watches her friends as they too realise that being themselves really is the best way to be!

Season 2, Episode 17: Legend of the Red Panda

5 July 2011
Rosie makes up a bedtime story for Raggles, about a little red panda who wants to be brave so he searches for the Wise Blue Owl. He crawls across deserts, gets lost in dark forests... Raggles is so excited by the story, he can't wait to hear what happens next. When he tells it to Will and Big Bear, they're even more eager to know about the Red Panda's latest adventures. When word spreads to Bluebird, she broadcasts it across the garden. Wherever Rosie goes, Will tears after her or Holly pops up, desperate to find out how the story turns out - even Oakley's hooked! Not wanting to disappoint her friends, Rosie agrees to tell them the final part of the story at the Showground later. But when Holly finds Rosie sitting alone and looking worried, Rosie confesses she can't think of an ending! But Holly has a brainwave... Expectation builds as everyone gathers at the showground. The "Red Panda" appears, but he is very nervous and forgets what he's supposed to say... Rosie hastily borrows Bluebird's feather boa, and bursts on stage as the Wise Blue Owl! Together Rosie and Big Bear act out the conclusion of the story to cheers from the delighted audience.

Season 2, Episode 18: Reaching for the Moon

6 July 2011
Rosie and Raggles love looking at the moon and the stars but Raggles wants to go one better - to visit the moon! Rosie explains it's not that simple but Raggles won't be dissuaded. A puzzled Big Bear tries to help Raggles in an unsuccessful effort to launch into space from the trampoline, and an enthusiastic Bluebird attempts to fly to the moon herself and returns with fanciful tales. Finally, a dubious Will is roped into creating the perfect rocket. Unfortunately, the launch is a disaster with the rocket sliding down Oakley's Hill instead of shooting into the sky. An upset Raggles admits Rosie was right - he'll never visit the moon. Rosie feels bad however Saffie's wise words get her thinking. If Raggles can't get to the moon, maybe the moon can come to Raggles...

Season 2, Episode 19: Now You See Me, Now You Don't

7 July 2011
It's boat race day on the stream and everyone is excited. Oakley always presents the trophy to the winner, Bluebird always performs a magic trick to round off the day and Will ALWAYS wins. When Will hears Raggles telling Holly about his amazing, top-secret new boat design which is sure to win, he gets worried and is desperate to find out what the others have planned. Meanwhile, Rosie discovers Oakley's old friend Archie has come to stay - a very cheeky chameleon! Bluebird is jealous of Archie because he can do real magic. When Will learns about Archie's "magic" ability to blend in, he enlists him to spy on the others, but Archie's not so good at remembering things accurately. Will soon "improves" his own boat into a design disaster. It's up to Rosie to come up with a plan that celebrates the unique talents each of them has and, after a highly unusual boat race, Bluebird performs her best-ever magic trick - thanks to a little help from Archie!

Season 2, Episode 20: Welcome to the Hotel Oakley

8 July 2011
It's a hot day and everyone has been sheltering in Oakley's shade. Oakley chuckles - he could be a hotel for small creatures and Bluebird could be the Hotel Manager! Big Bear and Will rig up some ladders and nests and soon Hotel Oakley is in business - with Raggles as the doorman, Rosie as the waitress, Will as the bell boy, Holly as the housekeeper and Big Bear as the chef. However satisfying everyone is a tough job and Rosie and her friends are soon tied up in knots! Rosie decides the best way to make their guests comfortable is to make them feel like the Hotel is home from home and give them a little present. The animals are delighted with their gifts and grateful for the way they've been looked after. However, they are all tired out and realise they would prefer to be at home in their own beds. Oakley's delighted they've all had fun but understands there is no place quite like home.

Season 2, Episode 21: Raggles Gets the Blues

11 July 2011
Raggles is having a blue day! Everything he wants to do has a blue theme, even down to the food he eats and the blue hat he's borrowed from Bluebird (without asking)... Rosie decides to help Raggles on his "blue quest" so... it's over to the showground for a game of football with his favourite blue ball, followed by some blue Bozberry picking at the Orchard with Big Bear... But the football match ends in disaster when Raggles bursts the ball, then they discover all of the bozberries have disappeared! They don't realise Will has picked them all to make bozberry crush. Raggles is upset - it looks like his blue day is a complete non-starter, until Rosie discovers how bozberry crush is made and volunteers Raggles' services to help Will squash the berries... Looks like it's going to be a blue day after all.

Season 2, Episode 22: Wheels, Wings and Crawly Things

12 July 2011
During a flying chase game with Teal, Bluebird crash lands and her pride is dented. Unhurt but shaken, she decides flying isn't for her anymore and is quick to accept Rosie's offer of a ride home on the Twooter. Meanwhile, Holly is running away from something... Bluebird decides to try wheels to get around and is thrilled with the 'Bird-Board' Will makes her. However, Rosie and Teal are concerned that Bluebird will never fly again and with Will's help, Rosie is able to get Bluebird to face her fears...

Season 2, Episode 23: Will and the Dragon

13 July 2011
When Will sees a picture of a dragon in Rosie's storybook, he dresses up as "Prince Will" and makes his Go-Speeder look like a horse. Now he just needs a dragon to fight and, Raggles takes up the challenge! Determined to turn himself into a ferocious dragon, he takes growling lessons from Big Bear. When Bluebird hears terrible cries coming from the maze, Prince Will thinks there's a real dragon to fight... Will and Rosie rush to the maze and attempt to rescue Raggles only to realise that there is no dragon, just Raggles trapped inside his hand-made costume. Raggles is disappointed; he is the worst dragon ever! Rosie reminds him that the day is not yet over and tells Will to come to the showground later. Will is faced with a dragon bigger than even he had ever imagined... A giant, Chinese-style dragon with everyone inside!

Season 2, Episode 24: Racetrack Rosie

14 July 2011
It's the day of Rosie's Rally Challenge! Raggles wants to take the Twooter but Rosie isn't sure he's ready for racing on it yet. Raggles is dismayed, but Will lends him his old skateboard. Big Bear's dug out his dune-buggy, Holly's trying roller skates, Will's overtaking everyone in the Go-Speeder, even the Little Acorns are darting around Oakley in their mini-dodgems. The traffic's going at such a pace as they practise for the challenge, Holly's teddy takes a bump! Rosie decides it's time for everyone to think about road safety, before someone gets hurt. Holly and Big Bear make (picture) warning signs, but the pair grow over-zealous as they put up more and more signs, which themselves cause more confusion and near-misses! Even Rosie steps out onto a path without looking and a Little Acorn has to slam on his brakes. No one's hurt, but Rosie feels dreadful - it was all her fault! Raggles leads Rosie and her friends around the garden on foot, reminding them to always be alert when there's traffic about. Finally, it's time for Rosie's Rally Challenge. Rosie says Raggles has learnt so much about safety, he can race on the Twooter - Rosie will try the old skateboard and after a very close race, Raggles is the winner!

Season 2, Episode 25: The Great Outdoors

15 July 2011
Rosie chats to Oakley about the night sky. The stars... and best of all, the moon! It's amazing to spend every night beneath them. Doesn't he get lonely out here at night? He chuckles. No, because night creatures keep him company. Rosie's imagination is fired. She wants to sleep beneath the stars with all her friends! They'll go camping! Will teases Raggles - he'll want to go back to his hammock when it's dark. Rosie and the others set up two tents at the Showground - boys in one, girls in the other. The boys can't get to sleep and Bluebird's raucous lullabies aren't helping! Rosie despairs as everyone squabbles. Holly and Rosie go to Oakley for advice on sleeping outdoors but he's concerned that his night-time visitors, the dormice, haven't turned up. Back at the tent, Will's trying to spook Raggles with silly noises but when there's a scratching inside the tent, Will's the one who runs out scared! Brave Raggles discovers it's just Mr Mordy the dormouse and his family. The tent blocks the entrance to their home! Holly's thrilled - Oakley won't be lonely any more and Rosie says she knows how they can make more room... They combine both tents around Oakley's trunk, like an awning, so he gets to sleep "inside" with all his friends.

Season 2, Episode 26: Battle of the Ragglebots

18 July 2011
After sticking boxes together, Raggles decides he'd like a proper robot or better still - a Ragglebot! Will says he'll make the best robot ever and Holly decides to help. But while Will deals with the mechanics, Holly just wants to make sure it looks pretty and poor Raggles is stuck in the middle as they both try to prove whose idea is best! Will and Holly decide they'll each make their own Ragglebot. They soon realise that they each need the other one's skill and equipment to make them work but neither will give in. Instead, Holly turns to Big Bear for help, while Will starts listening to Bluebird's advice, resulting in a series of comically disastrous Ragglebot test runs. When it's time for the unveiling, the Ragglebots start off well but quickly go wrong. Raggles thinks both robots are very funny but Will and Holly feel they've failed. Raggles does a robot dance to cheer everyone up and Rosie has an idea. With her help, Will and Holly create the best remote control robot ever - it looks human and bears an uncanny resemblance to a giggling Holly. (It is Holly!) Raggles thinks it's the best Ragglebot ever... A giggling robot Holly suggests Raggles calls it a Hollybot instead.

Season 3

Season 3, Episode 1: It Came from Up There

18 June 2012
When Raggles sees bright flashing lights through the Playhouse skylight one night, he's convinced he's seen a spaceship! Rosie thinks he's been dreaming until they both see coloured lights beaming up from the direction of Will and Holly's house. Have Rosie and Raggles really discovered a UFO... or has Will been up to his usual tricks?

Season 3, Episode 2: Water, Water Everywhere

19 June 2012
Everyone's gone water-crazy in the hot weather and the friends are having fun in the sun! But disaster strikes when Holly discovers the stream has dried out and declares they have used up ALL THE WATER IN THE WORLD! How did this happen? And just who has taken the twigs from Teal's nest?

Season 3, Episode 3: Me and My Shadow

20 June 2012
As Raggles plays football with Will one morning, he notices the funny shadow shapes Will is making on the ground. Will decides to put on a shadow show for everyone but something is wrong. Will has lost his shadow.

Season 3, Episode 4: Little Lessons

21 June 2012
Holly can't wait until she's old enough to go to Big School so Rosie decides to turn the garden into a school. Unfortunately things don't go quite to plan - until Holly sets out to give some lessons of her own.

Season 3, Episode 5: A Harvest Harmony

22 June 2012
When Big Bear's harvest is damaged by the frost, the friends find some inventive ways to use up the fruit and vegetables. Bring on Big Bear's harvest party where Raggles discovers a hollowed-out carrot makes a brilliant flute.

Season 3, Episode 6: Oakley's Special Delivery

25 June 2012
When Oakley offers to pass on one of Rosie's pictures to Holly, she declares HE'S LIKE A POST BOX TREE! Soon everyone is sending and receiving letters and Manny and Bluebird compete over who is best at delivering them. But will anyone remember to send Oakley a letter...?

Season 3, Episode 7: Mamma Raggles

26 June 2012
It's egg-hatching time for Teal but she needs someone to sit on her nest while she looks for duck weed. Raggles is the perfect choice but when the ducklings hatch they think Raggles is their mummy.

Season 3, Episode 8: Snap Happy Will

27 June 2012
When Rosie lets Will have a go with her camera, he's hooked. Soon he's zooming around cheekily snapping embarrassing pictures of everyone! When Will realises he has upset his friends he is sorry and Rosie has the perfect idea of how he can put the camera to good use after all.

Season 3, Episode 9: Holly Wraps It Up

28 June 2012
Holly has knitted presents for all of her friends, to wear at the ice hockey game, but how can they tell her they don't like them without hurting her feelings? Perhaps Big Bear's pumpkins will offer a solution as how best to use the unwanted knitwear...

Season 3, Episode 10: When Dinosaurs Roamed the Garden

29 June 2012
When Raggles thinks he's found a dinosaur bone in the garden, Big Bear doesn't have the heart to tell him it's actually the handle of his old spade! Rosie has an idea to cheer Raggles up... they'll go on their own dinosaur safari, with the help of a few friends.

Season 3, Episode 11: A Right Royal Mess

26 November 2012
Rosie and Will compete to be in charge of the garden and decide to build a castle to see who is best. But when Bluebird gets trapped they must work together to rescue her. Long live King Will and Queen Rosie.

Season 3, Episode 12: Somewhere Under the Rainbow

27 November 2012
When Raggles sees bright flashing lights through the Playhouse skylight one night, he's convinced he's seen a spaceship! Rosie thinks he's been dreaming until they both see coloured lights beaming up from the direction of Will and Holly's house. Have Rosie and Raggles really discovered a UFO... or has Will been up to his usual tricks?

Season 3, Episode 13: Close Encounters of a Fairy Kind

28 November 2012
When Holly loses her first tooth, Rosie tells her about the tooth fairy. Holly has always wanted to meet the tooth fairy and arranges a fairy sleepover. Meanwhile, Bluebird vows never to laugh again after the Mordys complain she is too noisy!

Season 3, Episode 14: The Elephant in the Room

29 November 2012
Holly finds a four-leaf clover and wishes she could make everyone's dreams come true. So Rosie and Raggles secretly get busy helping out but when Will wishes to meet an elephant they fear they've let things go too far.

Season 3, Episode 15: Mini Beast Safari

30 November 2012
Little Bear wants to go on a safari, but is disappointed when he discovers the "animal footprints" in the mud were actually made by Rosie and Raggles. To make it up to him, Big Bear decides to take everyone on a mini-beast safari and soon they are all rushing around to find ants, ladybirds, butterflies, caterpillars and snails.

Season 3, Episode 16: Storm in a Tea Cup

3 December 2012
Oakley is excited when he senses a storm is on the way but Holly wishes she could shelter him. She organises a tea party for all her friends, but when Holly goes missing Rosie discovers that she is actually scared of the thunder and lighting. Rosie helps Holly overcome her fear and everyone has fun recreating another storm for Oakley!

Season 3, Episode 17: A Tall Story

4 December 2012
Raggles wishes he was big like Rosie and tries everything to make himself taller. However, when Archie gets stuck in the rocks by the Showground, Raggles discovers he is the perfect size to rescue him.

Season 3, Episode 18: The Surprise Surprise

5 December 2012
Raggles is planning a party to thank Rosie for being such a special friend. But Rosie's curiosity gets the better of her and she ruins her own surprise. The friends must now think of a way to surprise Rosie without her finding out.

Season 3, Episode 19: Around the World in a Day

6 December 2012
When Oakley wishes he could travel around the world and experience different cultures, Rosie decides to bring the world to Oakley's hill. With a little help from his friends, Oakley meets a tiger, a polar bear, a kangaroo and takes part in a Bollywood extravaganza!

Season 3, Episode 20: Twinkle, Twinkle

7 December 2012
Holly has never seen a shooting star so Rosie organises a sleepover under Oakley to see if they can spot any. Holly, meanwhile, sets out to collect all the 'stars' that have fallen to Earth and asks her friends to help her launch them back into the sky!

Season 3, Episode 21: The Incredible Vanishing Bees

25 March 2013
Big Bear wants to show Raggles how bees make honey but when they go looking for the flowers in the orchard, they are all gone, and there's no sign of any bees either. Can Big Bear solve the mystery of the Incredible Vanishing Bees?

Season 3, Episode 22: Can I Have My Voice Back, Please?

26 March 2013
When Rosie loses her voice, Raggles takes charge - he will do all of Rosie's jobs today! But things don't go quite to plan and Raggles feels like he's let Rosie down. It's up to the friends to help restore Rosie's voice and Raggles' confidence...

Season 3, Episode 23: Space Hippos Secret Mission

27 March 2013
When Will loses his favourite toy, Space Hippo, he pretends he's not bothered. The friends rally round and make Will a replacement toy, but it's not the same. Have Will and Space Hippo really been on their last mission together...?

Season 3, Episode 24: Making Mountains Out of Mysteries

29 March 2013
Mysterious piles of earth are appearing all over the garden. Rosie and Raggles set out to solve the mystery and meet a new friend - Molly the Mole - who has lost her way. Can the friends help Molly find her way back home?

Season 3, Episode 25: Message in a Bozberry Bottle

30 March 2013
It's a sizzling hot day and Rosie is helping Will to deliver bottles of Bozberryade. When the Go-Speeder gets stuck in mud, Will sends out a message in a bottle. The friends don't realise the message is from Will and it's the Beavers - Matt and Nat - who finally come to his rescue.

Season 3, Episode 26: The Abominable Snow Bear

7 December 2012
When Oakley tells the story of the Abominable Snowman, Big Bear and Rosie set out to find him! Meanwhile Will, Holly, Bluebird, Raggles and Archie have fun in the snow, and try to make the biggest snowman ever.

Season 3, Episode 27: Special - When You Wish Upon an Oak

1 January 2014
When Oakley senses an unusual tingling in his leaves, he remembers that today is a very special day - his birthday. The only problem is, Oakley doesn't know how old he is! Rosie and her friends decide to arrange a surprise party that Oakley will never forget - but first they need to do some investigating. They discover that only one other tree knows the truth - the Grand Old Oak who lives far away in the east. With friendship on their side and a set of magical clues and a compass to guide them, Rosie and her fellow explorers set out on an exciting adventure to find out Oakley's age...

Season 4

Season 4, Episode 1: The Wind That Shakes the Plum Tree

2 March 2015
It's a windy day in the garden and Big Bear discovers his favorite plum tree has blown down. With Rosie's help, everyone finds a way to recycle every part of the tree and there are even enough plums left to make a delicious cake for tea.

Season 4, Episode 2: Life Beneath the Waves

3 March 2015
Raggles wants to explore the world of underwater creatures and heads off to find the sea. When Big Bear tells him the sea is too far away, Raggles is disappointed, but with his friends help he might still get to see a shark after all.

Season 4, Episode 3: Holly's Home from Home

4 March 2015
When things start disappearing all over the garden, Raggles sets out to solve the mystery. A frantic chase for Mrs Mordys' hat reveals a brand new friend looking for a home.

Season 4, Episode 4: The Great Jumping Joke

5 March 2015
Will is enjoying playing practical jokes on everyone but Raggles has the last laugh when Archie gives him a mysterious packet containing a special trick all the way from Mexico.

Season 4, Episode 5: The Raggles Express

6 March 2015
Raggles makes his very own cardboard train but there's just one problem - he can't find any passengers.

Season 4, Episode 6: Codebreakers

7 March 2015
Will makes up a new game but refuses to play fair, so Rosie and Raggles devise a secret code of their own in order to outwit Will and Archie.

Season 4, Episode 7: The Licky Sticky Friend

8 March 2015
Holly wants a cuddly pet but the cheeky frog Will finds at the stream isn't quite what she was looking for.

Season 4, Episode 8: Big Bears's Brumba

9 March 2015
Big Bear wants to get fit so Rosie and Raggles set out to help. After trying, and failing, at different exercises Big Bear is ready to give up, until Will's new instrument provides the answer.

Season 4, Episode 9: The Book of Lost and Found

10 March 2015
Raggles is making a book for Holly's new library but he can't think of a story. With Saffie's help, and a trip around the garden, Raggles realizes that 'inspiration is all around you...' you just need to look for it.

Season 4, Episode 10: Twigs, Camera, Action!

11 March 2015
Will sets out to make a film of 'Life in the Garden' but when the camera goes missing, a frantic search ensues to find it in time for Rosie's Movie Night.

Season 4, Episode 11: Will's Magic Moment

12 March 2015
It's the day of the Talent Show and everyone puts on their best performance for the critical judges. Will Archie manage to perfect his act in time for the finale and why are Oakley's jokes so bad...?

Season 4, Episode 12: Try Something New Day

13 March 2015
Will sets out to break his speed record in the Go Speeder and Rosie leans a new musical instrument. Meanwhile Big Bear befriends a little caterpillar who is scared of turning into a butterfly.

Season 4, Episode 13: From Pole to Goal

14 March 2015
It's a snowy day in the garden and the friends set out on an expedition to discover the East Pole, but when a blizzard hits and their tent is blown away they must work together to keep safe, just like real polar explorers.

Season 4, Episode 14: Across the Universe

15 March 2015
The friends are enjoying a star-gazing evening at Big Bear's den learning all about the solar system, until Grandfather Bear's telescope is accidentally broken. Will Big Bear ever be able to see the planets again?

Season 4, Episode 15: Will at the Wheel

16 March 2015
Will has fun converting his old potters wheel in order to make Holly a present, and a mishap with a broken bike produces Will's best invention yet.

Season 4, Episode 16: Full of Beans

17 March 2015
Archie receives a special gift from his family in South America, and is hoping for a big box of chocolate. What he finds inside is not quite what he expects but maybe there is a way Rosie and her friends can make his wish come true.

Season 4, Episode 17: Wakey Wakey

18 March 2015
All is VERY quiet in the garden and everyone has overslept. Could it have something to do with the family of little purple beetles that Holly rescued last night and why is Raggles prowling around wearing an owl mask?

Season 4, Episode 18: When the Boat Comes In

19 March 2015
It's been raining hard in the garden and Raggles can't get outside to try out his new boat. When Mr and Mrs Mordy are separated by a small flood, it's Holly to the rescue and Raggles gets to sail his boat after all.

Season 4, Episode 19: Zip Zap Zip

20 March 2015
Will just can't stop playing his new computer game but when the friends make up a real life game involving aliens from outer space, Will can't resist joining in.

Season 4, Episode 20: The Silliest Scarecrow

1 April 2015
Big Bear is struggling to save his raspberry crop, while the birds have fun with a scarecrow - and why is Raggles being more helpful than usual...?

Season 4, Episode 21: Here We Go Gathering Nuts All Day

2 April 2015
Big Bear is cooking up a storm in his kitchen but the ingredients keep disappearing. Meanwhile Raggles and Will go on a treasure hunt and Rosie discovers a new friend in the garden.

Season 4, Episode 22: Four Seasons in One Day

3 April 2015
Whenever the friends go outside to play it starts to rain, so Rosie builds a weather station so she can predict what the weather will be.

Season 4, Episode 23: The Very Precious Surprise

6 April 2015
When Rosie notices that Raggles old photo album is falling apart, she joins ranks with Will and Holly to make him a new one. But can they trust Archie not to spill the beans?

Season 4, Episode 24: Journey to the Centre of the Earth

7 April 2015
Raggles goes in search of a volcano and Will learns all about science experiments at Big Bears. When Big Bear's oven starts steaming and rumbling like a real eruption, Raggles knows just what to do.

Season 4, Episode 25: The Art of Being Big Bear

8 April 2015
When Big Bear hurts his arm, his friends offer to do his chores for him but when Holly mixes up his fruit tarts and the birds make a mess of his washing, he declares it's "just not the way a bear would do it..."

Season 4, Episode 26: Blooming Lovely

9 April 2015
It's the annual garden festival and everyone wants to win a prize for the best display, but when Will's new gardening machine runs amok it looks like the competition is ruined.

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