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Megan finally has her father's remains exhumed. But when she opens the casket she finds it empty. She then looks at her father's records but finds that they're gone too. She finds a key and finds it opens a secret compartment in her father's office. And in it is a file about a girl who was killed around the same time her father died. The girl was believed to be one of the victims of a serial killer. So Megan goes to see the man who claims she's not one of his victims. Megan goes over the medical examiner's report on the girl and surmises she wasn't killed by serial killer. And that she may have been killed by a cop because only someone working the case would have known how to make her appear to be one of his victims. So Megan and Tommy talk to the detective who investigated the serial killer and claims he doesn't know what they are talking about. Later the cop is killed.

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