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Season 1

13 Apr. 2013
Hentai-san to warawanai neko
It means that "A Pervert and the stony cat" shortly written as Henneko in Japanese. It's a story involving a school boy who wants to fantasize women and girls openly and a girl who thinks that she expresses too much of her emotions to other people. They both strike a bargain with a stony cat who is known to give them what they need by taking what they are willing to give up about them. This TV series is all about trying to gain back what they have renounced to the cat.
20 Apr. 2013
Yôsei-san wa okoranai
Youto Yokodera and Tsukiko Tsutsukakushi go to a Japanese-style animal cafe, when at the cafe they find Azusa Azuki working there as a maid. Youto Yokodera later asks Azusa Azuki on a date and shows her how much fun the commoner's life is.
27 Apr. 2013
Kanishimu mae ni koe wo dase
Youto Yokodera apologizes to Azusa Azuki and manages to get his facade back. Azusa Azuki asks if Youto Yokodera could go somewhere with her and just the two of them. Tsukiko Tsutsukakushi remembers a time she met Youto Yokodera.
4 May 2013
Kiraku na ô no heishihô
Youto challenges Tsukiko's sister, Tsukushi to a duel and announces his love for Tsukiko but as a little sister. Youto discovers that his house is gone.
11 May 2013
Sayonara mai hômu
Azusa is waiting for Youto at the beach. After seeing that his house disappeared Youto stays at Tsukiko and Tsukushi's house, meanwhile, Azusa is spending time with Morii and Moriya.
18 May 2013
Yôkoso mai furendo
Youto tells Tsukushi to seduce his twin brother although he hasn't got one. Youto wishes to see Azusa in a bikini, so she is transported to his location. Tsukushi tries to seduce Youto thinking that it's his twin brother but he stops her.
25 May 2013
Itsuka wa mai famirî
Tsukiko wishes for a typhoon so that she can spend time with everyone. Youto tries to tell Tsukushi that he doesn't have a younger twin brother but she doesn't get it.
1 Jun. 2013
100% no onna no ko
Emanuela gets shown around the school by Youto. Emanuela makes a few wishes which lead to everyone calling Youto, Prince, the girl's school uniform changes to swimsuits and the school becomes fun.
8 May 2013
Kôfuku na ôji
About a 17 year old pervy boy who hide behind a facade. On eventful night, He sacrifices his facade to a cat shaped stone.He meets a girl who sacrifices her expression to the cat as well. Going on an adventure to get back the sacrifices after things go wrong, they find love, deceit, revenge, comedy, romance, suprises and more along the way!
15 Jun. 2013
Ichiban nagai to iu koto
Tsukiko throws away some of Youto's stuff. Youto and Tsukushi talk about Tsukushi and Tsukiko's mother.
22 Jun. 2013
Tsutsukakushi-san no ie no naka
Youto and Tsukiko go back in time and meet a young Youto as well as Tsukiko's mother. Youto then meets a young Tsukiko and a young Tsukushi.
29 Jun. 2013
Hentai ouji to kioku no soto
Tsukiko and Tsukushi's mother is dying and they go to see her. A young Youto gives his memories to a young Tsukushi.

 Season 1 

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