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A Light-Hearted Rom-Com!

Author: nama chakravorty from India
18 February 2013

Vinnil Markan's 'Jayantabhai Ki Love Story' is A Light-Hearted Rom-Com, that doesn't disappoint. Its never boring nor is it ever remotely legendary, its quite simply, a smooth one-time watch.

'Jayantabhai Ki Love Story' Synopsis: A down-on-her luck girl falls in love with her neighbor, who happens to be a gangster.

Kiran Kotrial's Screenplay is breezy & enjoyable at most parts. The first-hour is good, but the second-hour could've been stronger, especially the final 20-minutes. Vinnil Markan's Direction is impressive. Cinematography is excellent. Editing is okay. Art & Costume Design are fair. Music by Sachin-Jigar is fabulous.

Performance-Wise: Vivek Oberoi excels as the protagonist. The talented actor plays the lovable-gangster with effortless ease. Neha Sharma suits the part perfectly & performs ably. The on-screen chemistry of Vivek-Neha is exciting. Zakhir Hussain is first-rate, as always. Nassar hams.

On the whole, 'Jayantabhai Ki Love Story' is worth a watch.

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Don't go by the critics,Watch it.Definitely a fun ride

Author: Manav Singh from India(Punjab)
24 February 2013

Jayantabhai ki love story was badly panned by critics..After watching it i failed to understand that why was it critically trashed.

Neha Sharma is at her best.Seriously i have never seen a young actress who has just done a movie or two act like this.She looks gorgeous and does her job with elegance.Her expressions,dialogue delivery will impress anybody who watches this flick.

Vivek oberoi is impressive.He portrays role of a small local gangster with a blend of comic,serious and emotive touch in his character..He too did full justice to it.

Critics i want to ask you what more do you expect from a local gangster who is like any other ordinary simple human being by heart..

Some scenes are really enjoyable.It could have been better if there were more twists and turns in the love story.Everything else is fine.It has everything(comedy,action,emotions,romance and a message)..

So don't think twice.Just go and watch it for Neha and Vivek. I rate it 6 out of 10

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most underrated movie!!

Author: jogesh_thakur_2210
19 August 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Those who didn't watch due to lead actor will start loving him when u see it on TV a cute gangster love story will never disappoints you don't listen to the critics excellent performance by the actors best part of the film comedy,songs impressive...bad part-weak climax but overall lovely sweet movie chemistry looks excellent between the actors looks beautiful full time pass tips films making impresses a lot good movie,good part was that,movie like this with low expectation impresses a lot with a fun one liners from the lead actor(male) and his danger expression looks funny,i think the tips films disappoints a lot with there promotional strategy they should have promoted well this movie there are highly promos coming in TV less promo appearance less buzz makes the movie flop followed by the bad screen timing overall a must watch film!

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A distasteful Rip-Off of a genuinely good Film

Author: shanksinha from India
2 December 2013

This is a scene by scene (even most of the dialogs are mere translation) of the amazingly good Korean film "My Dear Desperado" (2010) and as the creators don't acknowledge the original it is ultimately a product of piracy. While the original movie is delightfully funny and moving, the Indian remake is a watered down, amateurishly stupid version. Vivek Oberoi is miscast and has limited range, Neha Sharma is beautiful but lacks spontaneity. Surprisingly the original Korean film comes closer to Indian ethos than this Mumbai based rip. The director has tried to force certain original settings and sequences in to Indian context and it comes as forced and unreal. The script writer's only original contribution seems to be insertion of some forgettable song and dance sequences in to the story.

Watching the Korean original with English subtitles is highly recommended.

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Adorable despite its flaws

Author: Kaz O from Bangladesh
6 August 2014

You need to remember one thing if you're gonna watch this movie, and that is- you can't take it too seriously.

Some weird stuff happens. And the ending is somewhat...nonsensical.

But can you enjoy this movie despite all that? YES.

If you don't care too much about what's happening exactly why and are just looking to have a good time and quite a few laughs, this movie is definitely worth a watch.

As I've already said, story wise it's not much.

But the movie looks good. Colorful, cute.

It's lighthearted and fun most of the time.

Vivek Oberoi is very, very endearing as Jayanta Bhai.He looks good and does excellently. Neha Sharma looks glamorous. Her performance might not be Oscar-worthy, but it's not too bad either.

And their chemistry is really good.

The songs are excellent.

Some dialogues will definitely make you laugh.

To sum up, this movie is nowhere near perfect, but for a one time watch, don't overthink, just go with this.

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Don't get confused by reading critics reviews.Go for this movie and you will have some good time.

Author: sashwat kumar padhy from India
4 July 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

When i read the reviews of some major critics of Indian cinema i thought not to watch this movie as they all rated it as a bad movie.But then i read reviews and comments of some viewers and to my surprise, most of the reviews and comments were positive.Moreover i am a fan on Vivek.So i decided finally to watch this one.

This one is definitely not as bad as it was projected by the critics. I don't know why it was rated so poor.

This movie has got everything to entertain you. It's a light-hearted- romantic-comedy which makes you feel good. Good acting by everyone. Vivek as usual does a great job and justifies his character. Neha sharma ,being a newbie to bollywood has done a tremendous job. Awesome songs and music. It's a family entertainer. Yes it has some lousy moments in the 2nd half. The love story could have been better in order to make it actually emotional. However these things are easily negligible if you wanna have some good time with your family and watch some light heart enjoyable movie.

If you haven't watched it yet,watch it for sure.It's very enjoyable.I don't know whether it will make you laugh/cry but i am sure it will make you smile and feel good.

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This movie surprised me, really worth watching. Much better then Dhoom 3

Author: screwfear from Bangalore, India
1 June 2014

After watching Dhoom3 in the morning I came home disappointed. Switch on my TV and found "Jayantabhai Ki Luv Story" running as free movie of day by cable operator. Really disappointed, thinking what worse can happen I planned to watch this movie. This movie was not new that time but I knew reviews are really really bad. As expected this movie is rom-com but was surprised there was no dull moment in this movie. Story show chemistry between lead actor and actors, but it also shows struggle in their respective career. Movie is really sweet with very little action, all the actors did really superb job. I will not regret by saying, In this movie Vivek Oberoi is much better then Amir Khan in Dhoom3.

Believe it or not I watch this movie three times continuously that day, as it was running continuously on cable operator's movie channel, without advertisements and I didn't have anything better to do.

This movie made me realize, now a day media decide which movie we should watch on theater and which not.

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Author: silvan-desouza from India
14 March 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The promos seem interesting with Vivek with his look from Company but sadly the film though shows potential waters down. There are few funny scenes but nothing out of the world, there are same done to death scenes, same type of love story and things get boring, the ending too is nothing great and why suddenly Naseer speaks in telugu?

Also the film falters badly when it comes to drama especially in second half and things irritate

Direction is okay Music is decent

Vivek Oberoi is better then his recent films and plays his bhai part well, Neha too does well,Naseer is okay, Zakir is typecast rest are okay

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This Is A Balloon!

Author: Tejas Nair from Economic Capital Of India
21 February 2013

Jayantabhai Ki Luv Story is a sweet little movie which one should enjoy with one family. Nothing extraordinary except the prose that might make you laugh.

Vivek & Neha succeed at the beginning to create some chemistry between them,. And the plot starts to develop just like a balloon. Yes, there are hundred of illogical sequences but, it also has some great laughs. Provided you are not too serious about cinema. But, then after the interval, things fall apart and I feel bad about it. I enjoyed the first part more than I did the second part.

Story is straightforward, screenplay is pathetic, direction is cool & performances are great. I think Vivek should stop doing such movies (KLPD) and get into mainstream cinema. Neha Sharma is hot, but lacks charisma. Her expressions are wooden & the supporting people did well, too!

Pretty nice songs & overall, an average flick. For being a critic, I can give it no more than 4 because it lacks substance, strong humor, screenplay, logic or invention.

Can be watched with a typical Indian family? YES

Language: Mediocre | Sex & Nudity: No | Violence: Strong | Gore: Strong | Smoking & Alcohol: Strong

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Love and story, both are in bits and pieces

Author: Dinesh Prakash from Mumbai, India
17 February 2013

Score 4/10 Concept of love between an illiterate Bhai( Goon) and an educated girl was interesting but after development it couldn't come in interesting way. Director Mr. Vinnil Markan was confused to handle the concept. Writer Mr. Kiran Kotrial failed to churn out an interesting script from an interesting idea. Story is so so. Scenes are not innovative or new. Only dialogues enhance it sometimes. Dialogues are almost good. Most of scenes would have fallen flat without the dialogues. There is a love making scenes, one kissing scene and some fight scenes, which do not come convincingly. All looks very forced, just to lure a particular section of audience. Neither their presentation are good not their situations are convincing. Characterization is bad. Vivek Obrai as Jayantabhai ,sometimes becomes a serious goon and sometimes a comical Fattu type of common person. No logic for his oscillation. He does not mind doing fight in a corporate house but very scared when he comes in a Police station. Just before climax they show that an interview is very important to the Simaran (Neha Sharma) while it was just like an usual interview not a appointment letter. Then why do the all things happen. Climax is literally boring. Performance wise Vivek Obrai is OK. Neha Sharma is fairly good. Zakir Hussain as Altaf Bhai, Nasser as Alex and Rahul Singh as Dutta are fine. Music by Sachin –Jigar has one good track, "Piya na mane mera jiya.."

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