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Happy Endings Our Best Friend's Wedding
dalydj-918-25517531 January 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Penny has her engagement party but being busy planning she arrives late to it herself. Penny is shown some of her gifts including Jane as a planner. Penny then figures out she forgot to invite Pete then bringing along as everything is not as good as it was. Pete tells Penny he wants to elope and she ends up fainting because it is not what she planned. Jane then invites everyone to go to a wedding expo to help Pete with the idea of a traditional marriage. They all go and are split into groups of two (Dave/Alex, Brad/Max, Pete/Penny with Jane). Pete is showed by Penny and Jane the wedding he could have mixing the reggae with chicken wings and naked women. Brad with Max are made to break up because Max sees a guy flirting with him. Dave and Alex fight over what they look at just as they did last time they were getting married. A wedding planner try's to steal Pete and Penny but when Jane notices the two break out into a fight and Jane gets thrown out of the expo. Everything goes bad and Pete leaves fighting over details with Penny as all the other couples fight with each other. Brad is then made take Max back or get beat. After everyone gets back to happiness including Penny and Pete sharing a kiss. The marriage is back on track and so is the group as a whole. Another funny episode with some individual moments that cracked me up.

EPISODE GRADE: B+ (MVP: Casey Wilson)
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