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The Mindy Project Hooking Up is Hard
dalydj-918-25517523 January 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Mindy has been spending most of her time at the hospital and the advice she gets from Jeremy is to try find someone to have casual sex with. The midwife doctors come into Danny's office because of the leakage coming from Danny's ceiling. Mindy try's to get some help from Shauna about her sex problem with Morgan overhearing just makes the whole conversation awkward. Mindy asks Jeremy for more advice and he tells her to sleep with someone she hates with a passion. Her first choice is Brendan who agrees to it instantly when she asks. Mindy while exercising talks to her girlfriends and they seem OK about telling her to go along with the casual sex. Danny goes out with Eye-Patch Girl to places he has never really gone before. Mindy goes to Brendan's apartment where he is not wearing a shirt which she first misunderstands. Danny leaves his girl on the subway when he feels uncomfortable. While Brendan sings Mindy gets trapped in his shower while wearing all her clothes. Just as Mindy and Brendan are getting comfortable in walks Morgan and the other brother which stops the two. Morgan and Mindy then have a little talk and both seem fine to keep their relationships secret. Eye-Patch returns to Danny's office and is able to forgive him for leaving her behind. Mindy tells Brendan of her problems and he just says they will have sex some time down the line. This was an OK episode with Mindy getting stuck in the shower the funniest scene while Danny's plot did not interest me at all.

EPISODE GRADE: C+ (MVP: Mindy Kalling)
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