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Rumble On WWE!
Sahil Bhatia28 January 2013
Warning: Spoilers
OK, i started watching with the pre-show which was kinda average. 6/10

The first match involving Alberto Del Rio and The Big Show was a last man standing match which made me recount a match of Cena and Batista with the same stipulation. It was still good. 7/10

Moving Onto Team Hell No vs Rhodes Scholars, for how long have we seen these teams battle each other....Some high flying moves, good decent action. 7/10

Next comes the main event : The 30-man rumble match. Started off by Ziggler and the winner though did not amuse me, the actions, the returns, the acrobatic moves made up my day. 9/10

Final main event was almost for 30mins with a strict stipulation that if The Shield interfered, Punk would be stripped of the title had an appearance by Mr. Mcmahon. Best match of the show. Went back and forth. Overall 9/10.

Overall this was a great start to 2013 by WWE!
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