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A captivating story
Gordon-1116 July 2013
This Israeli short film is about a family who goes on a beach holiday, and by chance the husband encounters an old friend.

"Summer Vacation" wastes no time in getting the story going. In the first minute we already see a life threatening incident, and the husband is unexpectedly and surprisingly saved by an old friend he has not met in years. The dynamics between the husband and wife, and between the husband and friend is palpably strong. It takes a bit of brain work before the truth is finally revealed.

The plot is very engaging, it captivated me throughout. It even made me grasp my seat towards the end, hoping my feared scenario does not happen. This is a well made short, and I hope people will have the chance to see it.
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Can't wait to see it again.
enjoey824 July 2013
I recently had the opportunity to see the Israeli film 'Summer Vacation' as part of the 'International Male' short film program at OUTFEST Film Festivl here in Los Angeles... A sold out audience was swept up and taken by it from the start and held it's collective breath through to it's finish. It left us wanting more. More of the story then and on into the future of these sexy, complicated characters... We absolutely loved this film. Beautifully shot at a gorgeous sea side resort made you long for a beach get away. It is smart & sexy with an awesome, beautiful, handsome cast. Really want to see it again. Amazing story told perfectly.
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A complete story told in a short
coventrydude-54-80832610 October 2014
Warning: Spoilers
It's expected that a good film maker can deliver a complete story in 90 minutes of screen time. It's an artist who can deliver that in only 22 minutes. Summer Vacation does that, pulling close your attention in the first minute and never letting go. A family with two adolescent kids take time off visiting the shore. Dad wastes no time getting in trouble, when the tide suddenly places him in peril, even while his kids are close by to try and help. A stranger to the kids rushes over to help, but this good Samaritan is no stranger to dad. The remainder of time is spent watching characters emotions fluctuate, and their assumptions change. Like the short version of the American short version of Dare(eventually made into a feature length film), part of me wanted the tale to go on, and part wanted this short to stand on its own merits. Another fine film experience from Israel, in the tradition begun by Eytan Fox.
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the emotion
Kirpianuscus3 July 2017
it is the only thing who remains after the end of this short film. a ball of emotions. or a state. because the first verdict about it is - a real good film. but it is only a cover for the fascination about a so simple story and its emotional impact. a family. and a stranger. the past. and the truth about a relation who, for too many reasons, must remain secret. and the admirable end. three people on the beach. the silence. the music . and the looks. a film who escapes of a precise genre. and who is real impressive.
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