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Barber's barber, Writer's Writer, Return of Jimmy Stewart

Author: A_Different_Drummer from North America
12 November 2016

Enjoyable, engaging, captivating, suspense film.

But of course you did not take the time to look at this review to find out the obvious. You want to know more.

So here we go: Writer/Director Zack Whedon comes from a family where, instead of teaching the boys how to play ball or change a sparkplug, the parents taught their kids how to tell a story. (More on this can can found on the web.) The first breakout star from the siblings was Joss. Joss as in Buffy, Serenity, Cabin In the Woods, the Marvel Library and, for all I know, Genesis and Deuteronomy too.

So, my point, when looking at a Whedon film, if you want to look beyond simple entertainment value, you need to look for "influences." And this one is clear. Except for the last 2 minutes, this effort is the closest thing I have seen to an Alfred Hitchcock "Jimmy Stewart" story in over a half century.

Hitch understood completely - a lesson lost on most modern auteurs, young Whedon notwithstanding -- that the essence of suspense is to layer over it a romantic entanglement so as to get double the kick from the very same arc. All his films were structured this way.

It is a trick that very few have tried to imitate in this era but it works here, and works brilliantly. By the time the viewer realizes this is not a rom-com or relationship movie, this something else entirely, the trap is already baited and the hook is set.

Add to that some odd tricks with time juxtaposition (most of which work well, but not all of them) and you have a very engaging thriller.


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Entertaining but missing something

Author: Kris McCarthy
7 December 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I opted for this movie because of Annabelle Wallis, I liked her in the Tudors and Peaky Blinders.

The movie had a great idea. Girlfriend vanishes but no one seems to help want to find her. She has no background, no family and no backstory. Something only a beautiful woman in a movie can get away with. Boyfriend loves her so starts looking around while "weird things" start to happen.

OK, interesting, keeping my attention. He Forrest Gump's his way through searching for her with a lot of heavy breathing (and not the good kind) while wielding a hammer. Starting to lose me.

All in all not a bad little film but it had no meat. No substance to the story line. Too many questions left unanswered that really would have made the story line work. The movie never answers these questions, and just fades to black with a very predictable ending.

So, I rate it a 5. That's being generous. not bad, semi entertaining. wouldn't buy it or rent it. But meh, not bad.

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Been there done that

Author: darcek from Israel
12 November 2016

First for the Negative: Most of the film just reminded me of many other films,that used the same concept before. The only difference here was the Gender. thou come to think of it there were also movies about man discovering there not who they pretend to be. Also they toy with the concept of switching every 10 min to the past then heading back to the present.This is done so many times it becomes annoying at a point. Think the purpose of this was to give the film some artistic way of viewing the story,but for me it just throw me off the plot.

That said this movie is solid. Aaron Paul does a great job.Also the other actors,the directing,lighting and sound all are up to par.

If you got nothing better to do,grab some popcorn,and have fun.

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A Thriller With Nuance

Author: tonya-jarrett from Portland, Oregon
12 November 2016

What do you call Zach Whedon's little gem of a film? It's part romance, part mystery, and part thriller, and all good and intriguing. It's not a loud film, despite the action sequences; it has nuance, and lovely touches in the Aaron Paul (David) and Annabelle Wallis (Claire) relationship.

The film begins with a misdirection, actually a long-standing motif with David and Claire, which creates tension from the get-go and almost a quality of premonition for the rest of the film. I never watched Breaking Bad but was impressed by how good Aaron Paul's Everyman was, doggedly putting himself though Hell to find an answer when something happens to Claire.

I was equally impressed with how Whedon took David from a Naif out of his element to a little more savvy the deeper he dug, trying to find information along the way on his quasi-detective journey.

Nice acting from everyone involved. You will probably recognize a few actors you've seen before in film and television.

True love WILL make you do the wacky. I really enjoyed this film.

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Author: sepetcenk from Turkey
19 January 2017

A decent mystery crime drama. Very underrated. Big star in a modest film. Story is digging a gem that no action movie did before this deep. Well directed. Minor and acceptable logical errors in the script. Good directing of photography. Music is good enough. Gives the tension to audience and It doesn't come front of the movie. Hoolywood must understand this and have a look at good examples like "Anthropoid" (2016). Casting is OK but Aaron Paul seems a little bit heavy considering rest of the cast. Annabelle Wallis is not the best casting choice but her body language makes her so believable when we need it. Duration of film is approx two hours long but you won't notice. Because the directing and editing is clean, simple and fluent. Should be rated between 6.5 - 7.0

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Author: thejoudblitz
13 January 2017

I'm sure the director thinks he shot the film in a certain "style". He did not, it's just bad craftsmanship. The script goes the same way, it is probably supposed to convey a sense of realism, while actually it is just boring. Watching Aaron Paul stutter on the phone, disjointed scenes of him talking to friends "have you seen her?". Yea, we get it she's missing.

This is one of those movies that could've been done with a total length of 15 minutes, and that would've been better. Because neither Aaron Paul nor the blonde playing his girlfriend have the screen presence to carry a whole movie, despite Aaron Paul being an excellent actor and a true asset to any TV-show.

The opening scene is him and her following each other to the same home address, discovering they both live there, and being surprised by a framed picture of them apparently knowing each other. That story arc caught my interest, but unfortunately was just foreplay role play.

"Come and Find Me", the missing girlfriend story done wrong. If you want this, watch "Gone Girl", solid directing, and solid script that will hold you in suspense.

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Good or Bad, You be the Judge

Author: Pensioner from Cape Town, South Africa
18 January 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I have never written a review for any movie, but this movie touched my sanity and requires me to comment.

Having read all 14 reviews presently available, I am non the wiser what this movie is supposed to tell us. To me it is a totally muddled up movie, a mix between the present with flashbacks to the past. It started off well but soon lost its way.

We meet a number of characters throughout the movie without ever knowing them as good or bad and how they fit in the plot. We are not given a proper ending and have to use our imagination how it all ended. If this was supposed to heighten the mystique it failed miserably and left me and probably other viewers completely disillusioned.

A most dissatisfying movie which is best forgotten immediately.

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Kinda interesting movie

Author: jimme_29 from Australia
11 November 2016

My first ever review.

I only really decided to watch this movie because i'm a big Aaron Paul fan (Breaking Bad fan). The movie was a bit slow to start off with, but to be honest, I was really surprised with it as it reached the ending. The ending of the movie was pretty cool, it was predictable but at the same time unpredictable which made me want to keep watching. The acting from Aaron Paul as always is a 10/10 and Annabelle Wallis is very easy to watch with also a 10/10 for her acting. The plot line made sense to a certain extent, the flash backs were really interesting and at points confusing but all made sense as the movie went on. I must admit, i didn't think i would have enjoyed the movie, as previously stated only watched it because of Aaron Paul, but all in all, i actually ended up enjoying the movie very much. 7/10 for me.

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This Sleeper Keeps You Guessing!

Author: lavatch from Twin Cities, Minnesota
17 January 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This indie film was well-scripted and directed by Zach Whedon. The focus is on a romantic relationship of two nondescript characters...on the the surface. But on another level, Claire (Annabelle Wallis) and David (Aaron Paul) are in for the adventure of their lives! When Claire suddenly disappears from his life, David goes on a search that takes him from Los Angeles to Vancouver. His heroic search leads him into the murky waters of sophisticated crime syndicates and intelligence officials. But David never gives up! That's the most intriguing part of this film.

SPOILER ALERT: "Come and Find Me" has a big payoff when David is finally reunited with Claire. The plot gets muddied at the end, due to a complicated sequence of flashbacks interspersed with a shoot-out scene. There could have been a stronger ending.

Still, the film had an intriguing premise and kept up the interest and suspense throughout. A fine example of economical and suspenseful filmmaking!

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Good movie to watch.

Author: subxerogravity from United States
16 November 2016

Aaron Paul plays a man whose girlfriend disappears without a trace, and he becomes obsessed with finding her, and discovers a lot about her he never knew.

It's one of those double edge titles. As Paul goes on the journey to look for his girl we flash back and forth from past to present, taking a look at how these two met and fell in love, but you realize Aaron's character never really knew her, so he's doing more than just finding her physically, as it truly is a journey unraveling the complex world she refused to share with him.

Directed by Zack Whedon the brother of Joss Whedon (Guy who created Buffy, the Vampire Slayer), I feel certain simulates in their story telling. I don't want to get into it as it might spoil the movie, but if you are a fan of the type of stories Joss likes to tell than you'll enjoy Zack's story.

It's somewhat a crime drama leaning towards the drama part more often, with a focus on Aaron Paul that puts his leading man capabilities to the test. Plus it's very romantic not just in the story told but how it's implemented.

Very watchable

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