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Girls One Man's Trash
dalydj-918-25517511 February 2013
Warning: Spoilers
We've always known Hannah is quite immature and this episode shows off her youth when she is matched up against an older man. The episode is a bottle episode because it is not connected to anything else in the series. Only one quick scene at the start introduces us to Joshua (Patrick Wilson) fighting with Ray about trash as Hannah watches. Hannah leaves the shop and goes after Joshua which starts the whole sequence of these two characters spending days together. Seeing Hannah sleep with this older man straight away seemed strange at first but it just adds even more to her problematic life. The relationship between Hannah and Joshua is quick but I quite enjoyed it because of Dunham's writing and chemistry with Wilson. Near the end of this affair we learn more about Hannah emotionally as she breaks down in front of Joshua because he has such a good life at his age while she seems to be stuck at her young age. Even though the episode takes place in this apartment it worked well because it felt more intimate. Dunham really got the chance to act in this episode especially when she got to cry in front of Wilson. Wilson was also good playing this older gentleman. Writing was strong and focusing on only this relationship was great to watch a big move showing this show truly is special.

EPISODE GRADE: A- (MVP: Lena Dunham)
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Woody Allen like
Chanel Arias26 February 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I really enjoyed living vicariously through Hannah in this episode. Lena Dunham used this episode as an opportunity to cast the hottest man that is Patrick Wilson.

This episode was odd.. so out of place with the series, unrealistic but thought provoking. (little SPOILER:) When Hannah walks away from his home at the end, all I could think was how similar this episode was to Woody Allen's style of writing.

A realistic fairytale that you relate to in a way that you can't quite put your finger on. Favorite episode thus far... might be because of Patrick Wilson.
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