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What The! (Spolier Alert)
Hadyn Nicholls27 January 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I have been watching Bones since its inception and it has proved to be a fantastic ongoing series, however this episode takes the cake at stupidity and being beyond reality. Pelant is back and with some superhuman abilities, for the writers, there is one comment - when a building is surrounded by swat teams, the car park would also be covered. Pelant can still drive after getting a bullet to the face, yeah right - This is the worst and most unbelievable episode I have seen so far and has put me off watching with the ridiculous story of Pelant continuing to survive. Agree with Cagey's review 100%, this is damaging to the usually excellent and interesting series. You could easily miss this episode and you would be better off as it ruins the program and the possible future.
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Writer should do some research
sitallik21 October 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I love the TV series, Bones. But I hated this episode. It was unbelievable to the point that I turned it off. There is no way, none whatsoever that a fortune like Hodgin's is drained in minutes through merely computer based transactions. It simply doesn't happen that way. If somebody would attempt to get into my bank account (and sadly there is no fortune to be had)for even 50 bucks my bank would call and verify the transaction or simply stop access to the account completely until I got in touch with them. Who ever wrote that nonsense should have done a little research, as little as call their account manager at the local bank branch and asked if something like that was possible.
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Bones has made its fateful shark jump
Jack Parker25 January 2013
This episode was one of the dumbest things I have seen in a long time. Bones has never been big on believability--I have always considered it to be a sci-fi show that doesn't bill itself as such--but it has really gone off the rails into Stupidville.

Seriously, with this most recent episode, the show couldn't have jumped the shark harder if they had been in orbit. The writer should never be allowed near a writing implement ever again--not even a cell phone that can text. If he so much as reaches for a pencil on the ground to give it back to the person who dropped it, he should be flogged.

I used to love this show, but it has run its course and it needs to end while it still has a shred of dignity.
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Yeah more Bones!
fdpugh29 January 2013
Uh. On second thought - No. This a second or third nail in the coffin for this show for me this season. I know it's fairly old - how many ways can you do twists on the same basic plot each week? I have really enjoyed this show up to this year, and I understand why it's turning into more of a drama. Perhaps its time to go ahead and commit to morphing it and trying to wrap it up instead of beating a dead horse into the ground again and again.

In this episode the villain is completely unbelievable. I give them full indulgence for fudging the realism because it is usually fun at least... Not this time. Bring back Zack for an episode and let him and this Pallant character have a super-duper nerd-duke-out with Zacks super power psycho brain matching Pallant on every move but from a more primal level since he's freshly broken out of jail, and the Jeffersonian funding is now close to defunct. Give us a super bloody dual at the end where Agent Flynn swoops in like Robocop with his newly installed modern bionic parts since the mini-gun incident, and saves the day.

I think that would be a great final dramatic moment for the climactic finale, and then we can watch the special extended last episode where everyone is having the "Memories of the Jeffersonian" gathering at Booth and Brennan's. We find out what each character is moving off to do with the rest of their lives, and each one recounts some of their favorite scene in a memory montage.

Then we can all smile and say so-long dear sweet show, and wait for the reunion or movies, or what have you.
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perhaps someone could hire new writers for this show
rholder-523 January 2013
I sat down last night to watch my favourite show on TV. I discovered that superman, batman, robin, the avengers and bugs bunny were all rolled into one character namely "Christoper Pelant" or should I say GODs right hand man. Now we the viewers all know that machine pistols do not have 3000 round magazines, and cars do not explode like a 50 gallon drum of napalm, but come one guys! Who the hell is writing this insipid crap?

It appears that they have kids doing the screen play and they are obsessed with the make believe. He can superimpose his name on a secure card for a building with military personnel, he not only owns a drone but he controls it via robot, he is now a new guy instead of Abdul yata yata, he can penetrate any security via the internet, and never do a search on the WWW because he is monitoring it all. And now he has been shot in the head and has fixed himself so I guess he is also a surgeon. I am not sure why this guys does not own the entire world as he appears to control it. Where the hell are the main actors in this? Why would they even think this is entertaining? But then who cares anymore. I have Castle to watch so good riddance Bones.

This sadly was my last time watching this garbage which used to be a wonderful show and very entertaining. I sincerely look forward to the day they return the writing to sane people and forget the damn soap opera projects. Personally I do not have time to be in front of my TV every week so I would like a show started and finished in the same segment.

Bye bye Bones !!!!
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Evil genius smarter than God has returned.
Austin Cartwright25 January 2013
Well, it was pretty gruesome as always. Christopher Pelant was back. Last we heard from him, he had managed to escape prosecution and had gone away. However, now he was back. He sent all kinds of clues and so forth to Bones and the crew, challenging them to figure out his evil scheme, just as he did last time.

I think Bones is the most reality-detached show on the planet. Last time all the evil stuff he did and all the stuff they did to counteract him was way beyond the realm of believability. This time was no different. Do you believe that this evil genius could track everything on the government's computers so that the FBI couldn't even run a search without his knowing it? Do you believe that he could direct a drone to fly into some country in the Middle East and drop a bomb? This bad guy is depicted as being more powerful than God. He's certainly more powerful than all the powers on Earth. Now how can that be????? You know what it's like? It's like bad science fiction. Good science fiction makes you think. It seems like the thing could be possible. It seems reasonable in some way. But in this case of bad science fiction, it's completely insane. It's like they think of something they want to have happen, and they give no thought whatsoever to whether that thing is remotely possible or remotely reasonable or even remotely credible. Here's the writers' motto: Just imagine it, and it will happen.

I think the adolescent taste for film that has been catered to for lo these many years has had the stakes raised over and over again to the point that they have to reach farther and farther out to satisfy it, and this is the result. Instead of writing for character and for realism and for stories that might actually happen, they are writing for the adolescent shoot-em-up, blow-em-up mentality. I'm a grownup, and I like to watch shows written for grownups.

I agree with everything the other reviewer said, except I think they said this used to be a great show. I don't know about that. I have always found myself not believing just about everything that they do. Their technology seems to me completely made up. None of those guys in the lab miss a beat. All of them know everything and think of everything and understanding everything the other person says. Now how is that possible? Besides everything else, Angela is supposed to be an artist, right? Yet her vocabulary is just as exotic as that of the scientists. She's also a computer expert, and so on. That's not believable either.

Bones is really and truly a big waste of time. And the gore really puts me off anyway. This last show was it for me. I'm turning off Bones, both the new shows and the older shows that I've been wasting my time watching.
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He is back!
Denniz Ohlsson24 November 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Lets face it guys, this is a TV-series not a reality show , doesn't mean that everything has to be realistic, I know that Pelant is too good to be true but his evil plans makes everything exciting, all those reviews of how bad this episode was and how unrealistic it was, is any of the bones episodes realistic? nope.

I think this was one exciting episode, I definitely wanna see more of Pelant!

Even if they want him dead, I kinda wish that he survives through this season so he can do another come-back. I cant wait too see what his next move is
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Bones is Back!
abbyrd887 February 2013
After a thus far mediocre season, I was beginning to lose faith in Bones. However, this episode reminded me why I watch and love this show: The writers have created characters that I love so much that I find myself completely terrified when they are in danger. The writers proved that they can still create a sense of jeopardy when they want to.

I loved watching Hodgins unravel, seeing Booth in his sniper/FBI mode again, and feeling the terror of a truly scary villain. Pelant is my 2nd favorite Bones villain, after only the Gravedigger of course.

I think that the other reviewers are being way too harsh. There were only a couple of things at the end of this episode that made me raise my eyebrows because they were slightly unbelievable, but come one people. At the end of the day, this is television. A little bit of unbelievability for the sake of the plot is perfectly acceptable.

I enjoyed every minute of this episode and despite what other viewers say, if you are a fan of this series and love the characters, I am sure you will enjoy it too.
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