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8 Feb. 2013
Life & Death
It's almost graduation for a team from Special Ops forces, and Kenny and Bobby are worried when one trainee struggles with controlling his dog.
Blow Up
Vohne Liche Kennels welcomes a new group of T.E.D.D. handlers who need pairing up with dogs. This program trains K-9s to detect improvised explosive devices and trains the handlers to use the animals' skills to save the lives of their fellow soldiers.
Kenny has high hopes to become the exclusive dog provider for K9s4Cops, a charitable organization that buys police dogs for departments across the country that can't afford them.
Wade's World
Kenny is building an executive protection program, offering dogs to movie stars and politicians. He has brought in a new trainer to VLK, Wade, but the rest of the guys aren't sure he fits in. When Danny hands over a list of 28 dogs that the trainers think are untrainable, Kenny is seeing red; it costs more than a thousand dollars to ship a dog back to Europe. Kenny decides to test these dogs himself, and when he realizes that it's the trainers who aren't working hard enough, heads will roll.
Bad Call
A cell-phone-sniffing dog can keep inmates from conducting activity outside of the jail on a phone that isn't monitored.
Bite Me
The team at VLK has been working hard, and Kenny wants to take them "turtling" over the weekend as a reward; but they have a lot of work to get done before they can go.
Fear Factor
VLK is selling an executive protection dog to Latricia Duke, an acclaimed horse trainer. The problem is, Wade, the executive protection trainer, is scared of horses. Kenny is worried that this deal will go sour if he can't get the dog to perform around other animals.
Michigan Impossible
Wade is wants to save VLK some money by looking into purchasing dogs from the U.S. instead of Europe. He and Kenny head to Michigan to check out a sport club and see if there are dogs as good as the European ones.
Money Dog
The Hawaiian police department orders a dog they can use to search airports. Things get tense when they demand that the dogs be tested in an actual airport, where noise and crowds can throw off the dogs'focus.
K-9 Olympics
It's time for the thirteenth annual K-9 Olympics. Over 100 competitors are here for the event. Only one VLK pair, Yasmin and her dog Fanta, are entered so the pressure is on them to perform.
Rodney & Bullwinkle
A new client, Rodney, arrives from Afghanistan looking for a new cadaver dog, which can be used to find mass burial sites and body parts. Rodney is used to using strapping Belgian Malinois, but Bobby and Luther are convinced the right dog for the job is a cocker spaniel named Bullwinkle.
Got Drugs?
It's all about supply and demand on this week of Alpha Dogs. With 26 new cops coming in for training, the pressure is on VLK to deliver a batch of real drugs, which is the only way they train their dogs. Kenny will have to search around town to get the supplies he needs.
Call of Duty
It's an emotional time for the VLK team as they attend the funeral of two police dogs who have fallen in the line of duty. It's a reminder of the important role that their jobs play in saving lives. Back at the kennel, Kenny goes to work showing replacements to Matt, one of the officers who lost his dog. He puts two dogs to work showing their bite and courage skills, leaving Matt to decide which will be his new partner.
Sniff Test
There's a lot going on this week at VLK. The local high school wants narcotics dogs to come in and sweep the lockers, and the police need Kenny's help. It must be done in 45 minutes while students are in class and there are 500 lockers to check. Then, the guys head to the Cincinnati Bengals game to sweep the parking lot for explosives. They need a special type of dog to do this job -- one who can be social with fans and who won't scratch the cars.
Growing Pains
Kenny goes to check on his kennel in California. While out west, he meets with a breeder from Mexico. If his dogs meet Kenny's high standards, they will save on shipping from Europe. He devises a series of tests to see if the dogs have what it takes to join VLK.
No Man Left Behind
Kenny and the gang head out to Arizona this week to oversee the graduation of a new class of Tactical Explosion Detector Dogs (T.E.D.D.) soldiers and their K-9s. These dogs will be responsible for finding explosive devices in Afghanistan and Iraq.

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