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A number of parallels can be found within this episode to Buffy the Vampire Slayer. James Marsters and Anthony Stewart Head were both part of the BTVS main cast, with Marsters playing an evil immortal (until he regained his soul, that is) and Head playing the watchful father figure. In Warehouse, their roles are reversed. Another parallel is the banter between Pete and Claudia, which is reminiscent of the dynamic between Xander and Willow on BTVS. In addition, Pete and Claudia bear gross resemblances to Xander (tall with dark hair and a goofy sense of humor) and Willow (a redheaded computer whiz). The doctor in the hospital is named "Trachtenberg" - Michele Trachtenberg played Buffy's sister in the latter seasons of BTVS. Pete suggests that they chop up Paracelsus into little bits, which is how the Judge in BTVS was prevented from reanimating. He also suggests beheading or burning him alive, both of which are methods for dispensing with vampires. Much is also made of the problems with having two warehouse caretakers competing for the caretaker position, also reminiscent of the problems faced by Buffy when another Slayer (first Kendra, then Faith) is activated. Sutton (Marster's character) also ironically refers to "drawing breath" (which, as the vampire Spike, he could not do). Spike sacrificed himself to keep the world safe, and Sutton thanks Myka for working at the Warehouse to keep the world safe, noting that "not everyone would." The showdown between Claudia and Paracelsus resembles the one between Buffy and Glory. Not surprisingly, Jane Espenson, who co-wrote this episode of Warehouse 13, was also a producer on BTVS.

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