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"Warehouse 13" The Truth Hurts (2013)

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"Warehouse 13" - "The Truth Hurts" - July 8, 2013

Artie informs them that Paracelsus must be taken alive and bronzed in order to save Mrs. Frederic and keep her as the current caretaker. Paracelsus is so upsetting the nerve system by trying to overtake it that it's destroying Mrs. Frederic's mind. As future caretaker they hope Claudia can find a way to help.

Artie tells her that he's trying to find a way to sever Paracelsus' connection to the Warehouse.

Mrs. Frederic wants Abigail, the Keeper, to go somewhere safe with the secrets she keeps but she wants to stay close by.

They get a bead on Paracelsus in San Francisco and Pete and Myka head out there to nab their man.

Sutton tries to talk to Nick and console him over Charlotte, his mother's death. Sutton says Paracelsus should have killed him instead of Charlotte. Nick agrees and tells him basically that he was a terrible father and to leave him alone.

At the hospital where Paracelsus was spotted, the patients he interacted with were cancer-stricken but are now in remission. Pete wonders if it's part of Paracelsus' plan to cure people and sees the possibilities for Myka. She points out that they don't know his endgame and whether it's nefarious. A patient tells them that she saw a golden light in a cup before she was healed. They think it might be the Philosopher's Stone.

Artie has a special ribbon that he hopes will work to sever the connection between Paracelsus and the Warehouse. He intends to send it's power through the Farnsworth.

Pete and Myka follow Paracelsus to the next hospital where he worked his magic/evil. They think he may still be in the building so Pete and Myka seek him out in the basement. They find him-- or his disembodied voice anyway-- and he asks to be left alone. He notes he's healing people which isn't a crime. He says he's working on scientific progress. They ask him to explain what he's doing and how it can be good. He notes progress always requires sacrifice and they might be surprised at what he's willing to do for civilization. It turns out that Paracelsus is using an artifact to throw his voice. He warns them to stay away saying he doesn't want to hurt them but he will if he as to.

Nick grumps to Claudia about his dad and Claudia puts him in his place. She asks for him his help and he talks about being immortalized over 500 years ago. He notes that there was petrified wood in the lab at the time. They figure out the importance of that and realize he needs specific wood to work and that it's in San Fran in the Coit Tower. Artie explains when they catch up to him they're going to use the jury-rigged special ribbon-Tesla-Farnsworth method to take him down.

They catch up to him at the Tower but Sutton is there and he shoots at Paracelsus to avenge Charlotte and ruins the moment. Paracelsus puts the whammy on Sutton and Myka and then when Pete tries to shoot him with the special contraption, Paracelsus shoots it back at him. Paracelsus gets the wood he needs to finish his experiment with the Philosopher's stone. As he does, all of the cancer patients he worked on instantly die and Paracelsus is now immortal. Back at the Warehouse Mrs. F seems to have lost her memory and then collapses. Pete runs after Paracelsus and Myka checks on Sutton, who is baby now that he's a mortal.

Pete catches Paracelsus and cuffs him. They bring him back to the Warehouse for bronzing. He explains he was siphoning the life force of sick people but that the process can be refined and there can be fewer deaths, maybe none. They try to bronze him but it doesn't work. He created the bronzing process so knew which chemicals to circumvent the process. They put him in the suspension chamber and wait for the Regents.

Nick and Sutton make up and head out in the Regents-assisted witness protection program.

Myka tells Pete that her oncologist wants to do her surgery today, to biopsy the mass and see if it's spread. She spins it like a positive that it will tell her how bad it is and how she can start to fight it. He wants to go with her but she doesn't want him to come. He gets teary saying he doesn't want her to leave him and that he has a thing about that. She kisses him and reassures him that everything is going to be fine. Artie comes out to ask for their help and she notes that she has a "thing" to do and will be back.

Pete wants to "persuade" Paracelsus to tell him what he knows to help Mrs. Frederic. Paracelsus says he doesn't know how to save Mrs. F. He also tells him that Myka is dying, he can see it. Pete disagrees with him vehemently. Paracelsus says it has spread and the surgery can't help her. He says there are artifacts that can help her and Pete says they don't do that. Paracelsus can't believe that if he told Pete which artifacts to use that he would just let Myka die. He says he'll tell him which two artifacts to use if he will ask the Regents to erase his mind so that while he's bronzed for eternity he won't be tortured by his alertness. Pete knows which artifact to use to make this happen, the Janus coin. (It was used on H.G.) He must decide.

Pete calls the hospital and Myka is still in surgery. Paracelsus tries to explain to Pete how to use the artifacts. It's very complicated. Pete wants to make him mortal again first so he can hold a gun to his head while he does it. Of course, Paracelsus tricks him and when Pete uses the stuff to make him mortal again it sets off a crazy explosion of energy that spirals across the Warehouse and seems to imbue with super powers. He is now in complete control of the Warehouse and ties up Pete.

Jinks calls Artie out on a lie he told her earlier: Artie claimed he used Claudia's brother's DNA to help her when she was in the bronzer but Jinks knows her brother is out of the country. Artie says he's protecting her and she'll be fine. A bleary Mrs. F awakes and says Artie needs to tell Claudia the truth. Artie says he will tell her and as he does a spectre of Leena appears and reassures him that he'll be okay.

Artie tells Claudia that the DNA that slowed down the decomposition of the bronzing actually came from her sister. Her "dead" sister. Apparently, her sister is alive. Claudia is angry and wants to know when Artie knew. He knew before he met her and said he made an informed decision not to tell her. She is livid. Artie explains that it was to protect her because her sister is an incredibly dangerous person.

Artie and Claudia and Mrs. F and Jinks feel the explosion. Claudia realizes it's the end and ties the ribbon to herself and Mrs. F and disconnects Mrs. F from the Warehouse. Now Paracelsus is in charge but Mrs. F will not die. Paracelsus whips Pete's body against the wall by the office, conveniently reuniting him with Artie and the gang. As they try to escape, walls of artifacts are coming down around them.

As they reach the exit Claudia says she has to stay, the Warehouse needs her and she has to stay and fight Paracelsus. She thinks the Warehouse will protect her. She tells them to leave and fight him from the outside. Mrs. F agrees and hurries them out. Artie attempts to say he loves her and she says her too. She winks at Jinks. Pete apologizes. Claudia says she's counting on him to do what it takes to stop Paracelsus from the outside he says he will do whatever it takes. They leave. Claudia remains behind. Paracelsus puts a dome around the Warehouse just as they leave. Clauda approaches him inside. They stare each other down.

Myka is out of surgery, lying on a table with doctors around her.

And that's a wrap until next season.


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