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Agent Pete Jughead-Stupidity rides again
lynnwengland4 March 2015
Warning: Spoilers
The Pete character proves yet again that somehow a gullible, childish and frankly stupid 12 year old hiding in an adult body could graduate from the Secret Service Academy and wind up on the Presidential detail. Are we to actually believe that Pete is so trusting of an arch villain that he would do his bidding which would lead to him being released and taking over the warehouse? Where are the famous "vibes"? The lack of reaction on the other character's part along with Claudia telling Pete it's not his fault is completely out of character and story line. How did Artie just let Pete go to "find out what he knows". Of course it's Pete's fault. If he hadn't so easily come under the influence of Paracelsus, the team would still have control of the warehouse. I think the writers just got tired and fed up at this point knowing they were canceled.
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