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My God, what a piece of garbage
chasebaumgardner28 December 2015
A low budget disaster of epic proportions. My friend picked this up at Wal-Mart for $10 and we were a little excited for it because we love Krampus movies. This missed the mark on every single aspect imaginable. Don't waste your time. Go and see the Krampus in theaters. And the special effects in this movie are really bad. I would avoid this film at all costs. The costumes were questionable, the acting is sub-par, and the location of filming is not a good choice.The Krampus movie that was released in 2015 gave Krampus a look of creepy this movie just makes you seem So lost at what is happening. Not a good movie I do not recommend unless you want to be bored and lost. Go see the new one.
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Very Bad
CourtneyHaroldBarker13 October 2014
If you are looking for a terrible Christmas movie look no further. even for a budget of 200k is disappointing to say the least. if you want a GOOD horror Christmas movie to watch then i would recommend "Santa's Slay". side note! even the creators of this "movie" (if it can even be called one) knew it was bad! judging from all the bot accounts they created to rate this atrocity! they didn't even bother to shoot the movie with a descent cam! they used of all thing a VHS came! I mean really? you had at least 200k and didn't bother to buy what could be considered the most important thing to make the movie? please do us all a favor and never make another movie.
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Waste of your time!!
davannacarter9 December 2014
There are 3 types of movies: 1) movies good enough to watch from beginning to end without fast-forwarding; 2) terrible movies where you can't suppress your urge to fast-forward through them; 3) godawful movies where you realize even fast-forwarding through them would be a waste of time. mean Krampus the Christmas Devil is in the number 3 category. I started ff-ing 30 minutes in then by 68 minutes I just decided to turn it off. I just said, "Nah, I can't watch this piece of garbage. I have better things to do with my time, like watch water boil." This movie is the very definition of amateur. It looks like the director got an camera, went to his local roadside bar and said, "Hey guys, I have a camera. Wanna make a movie with me?" They asked, "What's in it for us?" He replied, "Free beer." Then they said, "I'm in." Seriously. I 100% believe that's how it happened.

Acting: homeless people off the street couldn't be worse.

Dialogue: cringeworthy (and that's being generous).

Suspense: none.

Scariness of the monster: looks like they bought it entirely from Walmart, including the mask. Even a junior high kid could make a better costume (and a better movie).

Quality of the kills: even the average Found Footage is more graphic.

This movie is so awful I actually asked IMDb if they could allow reviewers to give a negative or a 0-star rating. Still no reply. But I'm sure if they saw this movie they'd allow reviewers at least to make 0-stars.
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Christmas with the Kramps
dcarsonhagy1 December 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Seems several indie companies are trying to get ahead (or profit from) the release of the upcoming big-budgeted "Krampus," so they have managed to produce one bowel movement after another. The other review I read of this piece of garbage kinda' says it all: you'll have to go some distance to find ANY movie that's worse than this one.

It seems Krampus only comes around on Christmas Eve. He has until Midnight to do his dirty work, i.e. collecting all the BAD boys and girls who have misbehaved before Christmas. He then finds them, puts them in a gunny sack, and does various and sundry things to them. Why the naked girl with huge boobs was in his lair still has me scratching my head, but I digress.

Where on earth do people get funding for this garbage? If you want to do a movie about a demon who's (get this) Santa Clause's brother, can't you find an interesting plot line somewhere along the way? Could you at least have them at loggerheads over what one of them is doing? Not here. Santa Clause is shown ogling the naked woman with big boobs before he manages to cop a feel. What a wonderful message to any kid who might see this: Guess what, honey? Santa Clause is really a foul-mouthed pervert.

This s*it stain of a movie is awful, and if IMDb had a "zero" star rating, this would certainly get one. Rated "R" and not recommended for children or pre-teens. This is trash, pure and simple.
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Oh My God!
dewittra26 December 2014
I stopped counting how many flaws I found in this movie. From the painfully obvious rubber gloves on Krampus, to the news reporter who was on channel 9 but said she was on channel 12 (could be wrong channels, I forget now, but NO WAY was I going back to confirm). The bar scene with an audio track depicting a large crowd, no one there. The gratuitous topless girl who was there for absolutely NO reason but the director felt a pair of tits would help ratings? Kudos to the girl, that even though her scene was unnecessary, she has very nice breasts. The only thing good in the movie but still not worth wading through the minutia of bad footage to see her. Blood changes color, makeup was horrid! The acting was abysmal! IMDb did not have a budget listed for this movie. I have a feeling the producers, director, actors, whoever had to pay IMDb to list this piece of crap. If ANYONE gives it more than the lowest rating of 1 star, they were part of the cast. This movie? was something right out of Jr. High theater at best. I give it a gawdawful. You want to see it? You've been warned.
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God Awful - Waste of Time
Jeremy Reid Flowers23 May 2016
This movie-- if you dare to even call it that, is HORRID. If you do consider watching this movie, be warned, it's an hour of your life you could be doing better, more enjoyable things... Like cleaning your toilet, I'm not even joking... I wish I was.

I will be taking note of the actors, and the producer and will NEVER watch anything they produce in the future. Considering the year of this movie, they have failed. The special effects are terrible, the story is drab and dull, almost as dull as trying to cut a watermelon with a dry slice of bread.

Seriously, if you're reading this review-- DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND JUST FIND SOMETHING ELSE, or go for a walk, maybe take up a new hobby, but for the love of god, do not waste your time like I did.
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"Proof that talent is no obstacle to opportunity."
kushpa31 December 2015
My first year student film in college was better than this turd, for which there isn't enough polish in the world to even give a glimmer.

An old college buddy of mine actually made a little spoof/mockumentary about asshats who get a camera and a budget and have NO idea what the hell they're doing. It's really funny if you're a filmmaker, lots of in jokes, free, and DEFINITELY better entertainment than this pile of manure:

1-10 Ratings: =========

Dialogue = 0 (lines don't even make sense sometimes, like when the two cops are talking to each other in the police station, it's like they just mined the cheesiest dialogue from the worst cop movies ever made)

Plot = 0 (I've seen 2 other Krampus movies, and I STILL don't know what the hell THIS story is about)

Acting = 0 (your grandmother can act better than any one of these talentless hacks)

Cinematography = 0 (non-existent, doubt the "filmmaker" even knows the meaning of the word)

Costumes = 0 (I think my 8 year old nephew could come up with a better costume than this on a budget of $10 at the Dollar Store)

OVERALL = 0 (staring at a bucket of water with a ruler in it to measure condensation would be more fun, I'd take 12 inches of evaporation over the torture of the 1 hour and 20 minutes I just endured)
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Not Even Bad Enough to Be Accidentally Funny
bournemouthbear9 October 2015
Krampus: The Christmas Devil (2013)

In the very same week that saw director Michael Dougherty's trailer for the Adam Scott/Toni Collette starrer Krampus (2015) take off on the internet I suddenly received this screener evidently being rush-released on retail in the UK to cash-in by the title character association. For those of you that didn't know Krampus is Santa Claus' evil brother according to ancient mythology. Whereas his chubby sibling takes to dishing out presents to the good boys and girls of the world, Krampus is about dishing out punishment to those children that have been naughty. In this, director Jason Hull's third film, Krampus takes the form of punishment to the more extreme, he doesn't just punish them he kills them too.

Back in 1983 one such child, Jeremy (Jared Sidun), manages to escape Krampus. Years later Jeremy is a police officer (now played by A.J. Leslie). Jeremy is tormented and hell-bent on killing the monster who fortunately happens to have concentrated his efforts in Jeremy's neck- of-the-woods again. If that wasn't enough to trouble for our hero, he soon learns that the beast has his eyes on Jeremy's daughter. There's also the niggling matter of a recently released felon Brian Hatt (Bill Oberst) that seeks vengeance for Jeremy having incarcerating him.

At its very best Krampus: The Christmas Devil is an ill-conceived mess that's not even so bad as to be funny. It's so bad it actually hurts you to watch it. There's awful oversights in plotting for the convenience of plotting. Also quite why no one has been able to locate our titular demon is rather astonishing given that he seems to move at a remarkably slow pace - the sort of pace that even someone with riddled with chronic arthritis through both legs would even manage to out walk - and he carries out most of his victim kidnapping in the plain sight of day in populated locations. And yet no one seems to know where he is. Just look out of your window. There he is. Seriously!

Surely there are naughty kids the world over for Krampus to put a grisly end to but alas no, he seems to be concentrated on this dull little place in the middle of nowhere rather than taking his efforts globally. Perhaps he's just lazy. And what constitutes being a naughty child? Well apparently having a hissy fit during a game of Monopoly is enough for a snot-nosed brat to labelled a naughty child and added to Krampus' hit list.

Krampus seems rather tame compared to his 'brother' Santa Claus who cusses and rages with an anger sadly lacking in our title character. But then everything in this flick is here for shock effect rather than reason undermining what passes for a plot and reducing the flick to a collection of barely amateur performances that pain you to sit through. And what's with Krampus' hands? As Krampus traces his fingers upon a victim they bend up, just like an ill-fitting glove bought from a bog standard fancy dress shop, because, yes, that's exactly what they are. Genre favourite Bill Oberst Jr. has a small role in the film but it's yet another appearance by an otherwise competent actor in a below standard flick that is chipping away at his former solid career track record.

Krampus The Christmas Devil is yet another title that has been afforded great reviews on-line that it doesn't merit effectively discrediting the purpose of effective criticism. If the reviews have been written by friends of the director then I will insist that they write his next flick for him as their writing is rather more effective than his own.

Check out more of my reviews at
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This ruined my Christmas
Jordan Forster27 December 2015
Warning: Spoilers
It's hard to say where to begin when telling you how bad this film is. I'm a fan of all sorts of horror, classic slasher movies, gore, clever...but not this. The acting is terrible and all involved just sound as if they're reading their lines from the page. Also appears to have been edited on Windows Movie Maker judging by the transitions. I'm all for a good budget horror, but this was almost unbearable. Storyline was pretty weak, with the addition of a separate storyline towards the end which seemed to have absolutely no relation to the film. Krampus wasn't mentioned for about 20 minutes then suddenly reappeared again. What? The only redeeming factor to this film is it's absolutely hilarious to watch Norris skipping across the snow in stealth mode, so if you were going to watch it turn it off after that. Merry Krampus, and don't waste your time watching this.
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dear lord
danpanik-795-39141826 December 2014
Jason Hull had something great going for him. He jumped in on the ground floor of the ever growing love of the Krampus legend. Then he took all the money he collected to make the film and spent it on hookers and PCP. I figured that this film was going to be a giant piece of crap but considering the supposed budget and hype of the film (being the first to tackle Krampus) I figured it would at least be an entertaining kind of bad. instead its a complete mess of detective drama/serial killer thriller/and horror film. Almost unwatchable even if you ignore how Jason completely ignores every bit of the krampus legend and instead turns this into a bad episode of Law and Order SVU. Ruined my Christmas. And my life
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Plain and simple: You must believe in Santa Claus to like this piece of trash!
alshwenbear18 December 2014
1. You must live outside of civilization to like this movie.

2. You must be a true redneck to like this awfulness.

3. You must have seen Santa Claus in an episode of "Sons of Anarchy" "My Brother" LOL!!!

4. You must love the worst of acting and direction with your popcorn.

5. You must like garble sounds as pathetic soundtrack.

6. You must like to be on an open space with snow, and walk like an ape

7. You must write a fake review and try to pass it as legit.

8. You must snore and slap yourself to be awake all the way to the first half hour.

9. You must own an 8mm handy cam

10. You must be an idiot to like this piece of trash!

How easy to get ten lines, I just need to repeat "You must" as the "actors" and "director" repeat the awful patterns of dumbness for this movie.
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Amateurish Garbage
Claudio Carvalho20 October 2015
I believe this is the first time that I have watched a movie that is practically unanimity in the IMDb User Rating. "Krampus: The Christmas Devil" is rated one star (awful) by eight (8) users (including me) out of 10 that have written a review in IMDb (meaning 80%).

The story and screenplay are dreadful mess. The direction is awful and the performances are amateurish. There are no scenarios and the cast seems to be using the houses and the bar of friends. The lighting is inexistent and the special effects are terrible. My vote is one (awful).

Title (Brazil): "Krampus: O Justiceiro do Mal" ("Krampus: The Evil Vigilante")
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Really bad.
mangoust819 November 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I don't normally review movies, I usually stick to restaurants and attractions/hotels....But when I do review a movie, it usually means that it was so bad it got me angry to the point that I felt the need to come online and whine about it. I wanted to stop watching this abomination after the first scene...But I couldn't. That's how bad it was. It was so bad that I kept watching so I could learn how not to make a movie. « Your husband is a piece of s*** you know. He said I raped a little girl....I did but you know.... » -_- Let's shove kids in bags and throw them in frozen ponds while they're still alive. Lets film a close-up scene of a naked woman to try and make this more interesting. My God, I don't even want to waste more time complaining about this movie. Do not do this to yourself. Don't watch this movie.
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Can somebody please give me my time back?
HeCameFromNowhere3 October 2016
I really like B series movies, even Z series. I love cheesy films, specially when it makes to horror and gore.

Yesterday, I was looking for some fun and I remembered that somebody told me about "Krampus" that it was "a funny and entertaining movie". So I found this out on Netflix and started to watch it. At the beginning, I couldn't understand how a film like that (like if it was made by a junkie going cold turkey) had distribution on Netflix when there are hidden gems without distribution everywhere... but normally I have the same taste as the guy who told me that it was a funny flick, so I waited for it to get better... and the moment never ever came.

1 and a half hours absolutely lost. No fun, no gore. Nothing special. Just a junkie with a new camera thinking that he can do a movie.

Do yourself a favor: keep on searching for something else to watch.
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shawnblackman1 October 2016
A low budget horror that is pretty damn bad. This one has Krampus taking orders from Santa as to who goes and who doesn't then before you know it a kid will be in a burlap bag headed for the frozen lake and he can only kill kids until midnight Christmas Eve. Krampus has a kid escape and decides to get him years later at the same time a psycho killer (Bill Oberst Jr.) gets out of jail hunting down the same guy for putting him in jail. You think this could be interesting well it just sucked. A different side of Krampus is shown as he keeps naked women chained in his lair to play with.

This one doesn't have anything going for it at all except for some scenes with Bill Oberst Jr. who always does a good job. Krampus never really comes off scary. In some scenes he was moving like the sped up Benny Hill. Santa looks like a drunk getting ready for a mall gig. Avoid this flick. Maybe just watch your toes wiggle instead.
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Don't waste your time
mygrtkdz11 February 2018
I made it all the way through. I thought it had to get better at some point but I was wrong. Quality suffers in every way: story line, acting, picture quality. I honestly wouldn't want my name associated with this project.
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More indie Krampus trash
Leofwine_draca28 December 2017
Warning: Spoilers
KRAMPUS: THE CHRISTMAS DEVIL is another slice of indie trash cashing in on the now-popular Krampus legend. The story is about a bald cop with a sinister past who investigates the recurrence of a number of missing children cases and soon finds that there might be a supernatural explanation. I had high hopes for this story's plot, but in the end it turns out to be another boring exercise in torture porn tedium, with bad acting throughout and below-par production values. Indie regular Bill Oberst Jr. is the best thing in this but has little to do.
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The worst Christmas movie...
Matthias Schwarz26 November 2017
...I have ever seen. and I wasn't expecting much from this movie, at all. I only expected a cheesy horror film, and horrible it was, but not in a scary way. This film is the worst kind of independent movie, and there is no reason to sugar coat it, it is a home made video film, the kind some teens would have made in the 80's with hand-held camcorders. Their visual effect are non existing and the most threatening the Krampus gets, is when they fast forward him to make him move faster. The acting, the camera-work, the script, it is all forgettable. The characters don't have anything interesting to say or do anything worth watching. The movie is missing a protagonist you can care for. This film is as bland as a piece of cardboard.
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What a colossal waste of time!
mygrtkdz5 November 2017
I'll keep this short. What a waste of time. Horrible movie, terrible acting, bad effects,awful story line. If I were an actor I would be embarrassed to have my name associated with this farce. Maybe the people behind the making of this garbage hate Christmas. Just sorry that I wasted my time.
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Avoid like the Plague
FJWWindsor17 August 2017
This movie is so pathetically bad that the only thing I could think of was that the film makers made it intentionally that way to vie for the title of Worst Movie Ever Made. Dialogue is wretched, the acting even worse. The costumes look like they were developed by grade school kids on a budget. The FX and CGI deplorable.

Do yourself a BIG favor and skip it.

(However, I must admit, I'm the idiot in this drama, as I kept seeing the Krampus trailer on other DVDs and was intrigued. Little did I know that there's something like seven of these films made, and I really wanted the 2015 version. Might give that one a chance).
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ms-shoegal3 May 2017
Within less than 30 seconds of turning this on I thought I'd accidentally put on an "adult film" because the lighting was exactly like that and the acting was even worse. Please don't waste your time if you're looking for a good scare or even a good laugh. I won't lie, we didn't watch it all the way thru but we did fast forward to see how it ends and we caught some mid and post credit scenes that made the acting in the movie look good!!
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Amateur Christmas hour
kosmasp16 February 2017
It's really tough to find anything good about this. I reckon if you like very low budget movies (amateur films would be more apt), you may find something to your liking here. But you really have to set a low bar. The editing, the framing, the acting and obviously the script are not really something to get excited about.

It's not for a lack of trying (with different color lighting sets and whatnot), but it's all low key if you are being nice about it. I guess it has some funny ideas too, but it's all overshadowed by that very damning dreadful feeling that surrounds the movie from the start. You should be able to tell, if you can and want to endure this for its whole running time ...
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Better than ELVES ('89) and That's not being naughty !
Chris Mackey (guestar57)7 October 2013
Stars : Bill Oberst,Jr. and Rich Goteri. Written & Directed by : Jason Hull. Have to digress abit,In the '90s critiqued a video ( VHS ) ELVES which starred Dan Haggerty as Santa vs Nazi Xmas Elves.Watched it every Christmas after till tape broke,KRAMPUS has given us a new viewing tradition for next annual ritual . So, We don't want to do spoilers and such, But,Santa is in Krampus along with the demon himself. Actually well told script has a cop who was on Naughty List and grew out of it. Lots of violence and cool deaths,Is that a oxymoron statement ? Winter equals snow and locale adds lots to look of film. This has all the makings of a cult film,Would build a better poster and maybe push the great soundtrack.
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Gruss Vom Krampus!
nicwa12 December 2016
'Love Actually' and 'Die Hard' literally scream 'Christmas', and It's time to start another tradition... Strap yourselves in for 'Krampus: The Christmas Devil'.

Look this is a bad film, but not a terrible one. Most of the major crimes are committed from behind the camera and in the editing suite, but the script and story arc are more sensible than an IMDb rating of 1.7 might suggest.

While sitting through all 88 minutes can be an exercise in frustration (so many of the film's issues could have easily been solved with a little more patience), the scene- sealers include some bewbs, a ranting Santa, and some strangely provocative flannelette Minnie Mouse pyjamas.

True, the dialogue occasionally feels like Sorkin ripped through Google Translate, and the soundtrack is influenced by Trent Reznor and out-of-tune radios, but there have been worse crimes committed in the name of cinematic art with much greater resources and certainly higher pretensions.

There are even outtakes during the closing credits - just to demonstrate the hilarity behind the process. If nothing else, it's clear DirectorJason Hull and the rest of the crew had fun making 'Krampus: The Christmas Devil'. Maybe you should just enjoy watching it.
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