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Very Bad

Author: CourtneyHaroldBarker from USA
13 October 2014

If you are looking for a terrible Christmas movie look no further. even for a budget of 200k is disappointing to say the least. if you want a GOOD horror Christmas movie to watch then i would recommend "Santa's Slay". side note! even the creators of this "movie" (if it can even be called one) knew it was bad! judging from all the bot accounts they created to rate this atrocity! they didn't even bother to shoot the movie with a descent cam! they used of all thing a VHS came! I mean really? you had at least 200k and didn't bother to buy what could be considered the most important thing to make the movie? please do us all a favor and never make another movie.

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Waste of your time!!

Author: davannacarter from United States
9 December 2014

There are 3 types of movies: 1) movies good enough to watch from beginning to end without fast-forwarding; 2) terrible movies where you can't suppress your urge to fast-forward through them; 3) godawful movies where you realize even fast-forwarding through them would be a waste of time. mean Krampus the Christmas Devil is in the number 3 category. I started ff-ing 30 minutes in then by 68 minutes I just decided to turn it off. I just said, "Nah, I can't watch this piece of garbage. I have better things to do with my time, like watch water boil." This movie is the very definition of amateur. It looks like the director got an camera, went to his local roadside bar and said, "Hey guys, I have a camera. Wanna make a movie with me?" They asked, "What's in it for us?" He replied, "Free beer." Then they said, "I'm in." Seriously. I 100% believe that's how it happened.

Acting: homeless people off the street couldn't be worse.

Dialogue: cringeworthy (and that's being generous).

Suspense: none.

Scariness of the monster: looks like they bought it entirely from Walmart, including the mask. Even a junior high kid could make a better costume (and a better movie).

Quality of the kills: even the average Found Footage is more graphic.

This movie is so awful I actually asked IMDb if they could allow reviewers to give a negative or a 0-star rating. Still no reply. But I'm sure if they saw this movie they'd allow reviewers at least to make 0-stars.

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Oh My God!

Author: dewittra2 from United States
6 December 2014

I stopped counting how many flaws I found in this movie. From the painfully obvious rubber gloves on Krampus, to the news reporter who was on channel 9 but said she was on channel 12 (could be wrong channels, I forget now, but NO WAY was I going back to confirm). The bar scene with an audio track depicting a large crowd, no one there. The gratuitous topless girl who was there for absolutely NO reason but the director felt a pair of tits would help ratings? Kudos to the girl, that even though her scene was unnecessary, she has very nice breasts. The only thing good in the movie but still not worth wading through the minutia of bad footage to see her. Blood changes color, makeup was horrid! The acting was abysmal! IMDb did not have a budget listed for this movie. I have a feeling the producers, director, actors, whoever had to pay IMDb to list this piece of crap. If ANYONE gives it more than the lowest rating of 1 star, they were part of the cast. This movie? was something right out of Jr. High theater at best. I give it a gawdawful. You want to see it? You've been warned.

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Another 82 minutes of my life never to be redeemed....

Author: Krellamp from United Kingdom
13 December 2014

Words can't describe how lame this movie is. The acting was beyond horrendous. I've watched more exciting episodes of paint drying than this. The only horror I experienced from this was the pain of watching it. Why does someone even go out of his way to make garbage like this ? Is he hard up for a bit of cash or what ? I've seen more exciting short horror clips on Youtube than this ! If you don't have a freshly painted wall to stare at, then go and find a wall to paint and stare at it for 82 minutes. It will certainly be more exciting than this super lame attempt at a horror movie ! If you can't find a wall to paint then go to your local dentist and have all your teeth removed without an anaesthetic. It will be a far less painful experience than watching this movie !

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Plain and simple: You must believe in Santa Claus to like this piece of trash!

Author: alshwenbear1 from United States
8 December 2014

1. You must live outside of civilization to like this movie.

2. You must be a true redneck to like this awfulness.

3. You must have seen Santa Claus in an episode of "Sons of Anarchy" "My Brother" LOL!!!

4. You must love the worst of acting and direction with your popcorn.

5. You must like garble sounds as pathetic soundtrack.

6. You must like to be on an open space with snow, and walk like an ape

7. You must write a fake review and try to pass it as legit.

8. You must snore and slap yourself to be awake all the way to the first half hour.

9. You must own an 8mm handy cam

10. You must be an idiot to like this piece of trash!

How easy to get ten lines, I just need to repeat "You must" as the "actors" and "director" repeat the awful patterns of dumbness for this movie.

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Better than ELVES ('89) and That's not being naughty !

Author: Chris Mackey (guestar57) from United States
7 October 2013

Stars : Bill Oberst,Jr. and Rich Goteri. Written & Directed by : Jason Hull. Have to digress abit,In the '90s critiqued a video ( VHS ) ELVES which starred Dan Haggerty as Santa vs Nazi Xmas Elves.Watched it every Christmas after till tape broke,KRAMPUS has given us a new viewing tradition for next annual ritual . So, We don't want to do spoilers and such, But,Santa is in Krampus along with the demon himself. Actually well told script has a cop who was on Naughty List and grew out of it. Lots of violence and cool deaths,Is that a oxymoron statement ? Winter equals snow and locale adds lots to look of film. This has all the makings of a cult film,Would build a better poster and maybe push the great soundtrack.

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Ahhh yes, Christmas; a time of good cheer and family gatherings, lots of laughter, presents and Christmas carols.

Author: Debi Blount from United States
12 September 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Now, we've all heard of Santa's "Naughty List", right? Well, we're not talking about getting a lump of coal in the old Christmas stocking; nope, no way…if you're on Santa's naughty list, it goes to Santa's brother, Krampus, and he's one helluva nasty dude. Oh, you didn't know Santa had a brother? Thought you already knew everything about Santa Claus? Well, you're in for a real treat; this delightfully nasty film will fill you in on some tidbits about Ole Saint Nick that you never dreamed of!

Jeremy Duffin, (who we first meet as a small boy) has been naughty, and well, needs to be punished. Only somehow he manages to survive the wrath of Krampus. Fast forward to adult Jeremy, who has become a cop and is now devoting his life and career to find out why children are going missing, especially at this usually bright and festive time of year. That along with nightmares from his own abduction, which continue to haunt him even now, spin this deliciously dark cautionary tale. I found it to be a very unique and wicked story-line; oh and somebody really did their research - turns out there is such a thing as Ole Krampus. I also LOVED the old artwork at the beginning, which is an excellent lead-in to this rather "evil" little film.

Wonderful directing, writing and awesome music along with great cinematography round out this nice holiday horror treasure, along with some great performances – A.J. Leslie does a fantastic job as our hero, portraying a wide range of troubled emotions throughout, and then there's Scream King Bill Oberst Jr. who does an outstanding job as a very, very nasty dude; Brian Hatt, who has just been released from prison and along with enjoying freshly baked cookies (got milk?), wants some payback. Trouble is, Krampus also wants some payback. Which one will win? Ah, but you'll need to see the film in order to find that one out.

Seems you're never too old to be on Santa's Naughty or Nice List; and if you happen to be on the Naughty one…well, there is indeed Hell to pay. I invite you all to stand in line for this dark holiday movie!

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