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Edinburgh Film Festival Day 2 – Traffic Department, Struck By Lightning, Old Stock

You have to keep your ear pretty close to the ground at a Film Festival, and given the fact that I will only be consuming about a third of my usual Film Fest diet this year, I feel it’s necessary if I am to gain any sense of how successful this year has been. And the general feeling seems to be… mixed. Predictably mixed, really: I’m told of good documentaries (We Steal Secrets: The Story of WikiLeaks), intriguing genre oddities (Upstream Colour, from the director of Primer) and low-key dramas (This Is Martin Bonner).

Nothing about the selection of films I’ve seen so far this year has indicated that the Festival has particularly picked up from the mediocrity into which it has settled. I’ve said it before, but since the Festival moved from its slot in August (where it battled it out with all the other
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